Counter Weight REALLY Matters

Adding the counter weight kit to my Baumalight 620d mini skid steer. I tipped my mini skid steer over. mini skid steer lift capacity

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All right guys if you couldn't tell from The thumbnail I actually flipped my Machine over today but the way it Happened I learned something that might Not be obvious that I want to make sure To share with you guys to prevent the Same thing from happening to you hey It's Brock here with Rockhill farms and Today we're going to add a Counterbalance kit to This bomal Light Mini skid steer and see how much Difference it really makes in our Ability to lift near Max lift capacity On this machine big part of my plan in Getting this machine here is to use it As a firewood machine and people have Been kind of questioning why that's my Plan it'll all make sense before long But for today we're going to see how Much difference this makes this is a Third of a cord to get a third of a Chord you have to slightly overstack These smaller totes and this is my Tractor struggles to move these but I Can move them had the same result with The mini skid I could just barely get it Off the ground but it was trying to tip On me I'll demonstrate that real quick Then we'll get our weight kit put [Music] [Music] On [Music] [Music]

So what did we demonstrate there we Demonstrated that the machine can pick These up and carry them but we also Demonstrated that it's kind of at the Limit so if I'm taking it uphill or Downhill I'm going to have to be really Cautious about what I'm doing because We're right at the lift capacity it's Harder on the machine let's see if it Makes any difference I'm going to leave The tote in the same place try to test It exactly the same way with that Counterbalance and for those of you Saying that all that extra Halloween Candy made me the perfect counterbalance You got a point I think if I was a 150 Instead of 250 that would have tipped a Lot sooner this machine is not rated to Lift nearly as much as those totes which Is why the day after I got the machine I Put out a video explaining how lift Capacity and operating capacity work the Rated operating capacity of a machine Has nothing to do with what it can pick Up they're telling you what they feel it Is safe for you to travel with and They're being very conservative on that And you have to use your own experience In judgment what we have here is is 1 2 3 4 12 weighted steel plates that are Made to bolt onto the back of the Machine so on these 12 plates obviously Six go on one side six on the other and Then they have marks that designate how

They are to be stacked this plate has One Mark here and one Mark [Music] Here next plate also has one Mark there But two here you use those one Mark and Two marks to designate the stacking Order with the bottom plate having the Most marks and working up to the plate With only one Mark also those marks are Probably irrelevant that's how they tell You to identify them but the Plate's Just the smallest one goes on top so Just a second ago I was trying to be the Smart guy and simplify the way these Weights work I'll say the smallest one Goes on top but that's not how it works They have custom made the size of each Of these plates for what will fit the The first few can't go back further than This plate and then the next one can but As we come up they have to get shorter This way or they'll hit the tracks so These plates are all different sizes and Shapes to fit the most weight they can Right Here now it's just a matter of getting The uh bolts started in the holes which Might be a hassle but it's it should Definitely be doable okay we've got it On there as you can see here there's not Much clearance on this side half an inch Or so I'm going to put the other side on And then we'll go see how much Difference it makes on lifting these

[Music] Totes [Music] [Music] So as you can see it's not having any Problem with the Hydraulics lifting that Amount of weight which is really Impressive if you think about it but I Stopped right here because I could feel That it was starting to lean just Slightly Forward but it was holding at this point Until I made the decision to come down I Would actually say that once I got this High with that much weight it was pretty Much already flipped because from here Any movement would cause it to flip Forward what actually happened is I Decided to start lowering it but I Lowered it just a little bit too fast And when it started to lower it gave it Momentum and there was nothing I could Do at that point these loaders work like Most skid steers that they self-level on The way up but not on the way down so That also affects your ability to bring It down slowly and under control so now Let's watch it come down in real [Music] Time It would be tempting for me not to show Flipping that over but it's what Happened and I've seen people in other Videos roll one of these forward and I I

Knew what what happens when when you do That and I knew what my reaction would Be and I'm just showing you I found what It can and can't do so what's my Takeaway from this I got this thing up Chest high and it rolled over So I can't do that now I know But with the weight kit it did make a Difference and I feel comfortable Driving these around just don't take Them very high and so the idea of Loading them on a trailer with this Machine is questionable it would have to Be a lower setting trailer or another Factor is I had that stacked above the Top of the tote if I lowered that weight Level down and didn't have so much Weight up high out in the front maybe it Would have done it but you know this is What I do on this channel is try to show What happens show what a machine can do What it can't do just do real world Testing I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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