Culture Shock from Our Trip to the City

So you put your stuff in you go through The metal detector they check you out And as I was watching people do that I Thought man I don't want to put my grown Folks music down in that tray and uh Get a look you know And that guy says I got something for You and he starts like frantically Digging into his pockets I thought you know This isn't a place to hang out it's not A place I want to be at all So I spent the last week in Nashville Tennessee and it was a real culture Shock for me And I saw things that I've never seen Before and didn't expect to see so today I'm gonna go around and do the type of Work I normally do on this channel some Property cleanup dealing with the the Tops off of these trees I cut down a Couple weeks ago we're gonna burn those And I want to tell you the stories about Things that caught me off guard on this Trip to Nashville Thank you Same story as last time I burned out Here We had a flood warning while we were in Nashville And it rained about half the time we Were gone I burned on this about a week ago a Little more and it's smoking and taking

Off again It's amazing how long the fire will Smolder Last time I lit this I used about ten Dollars worth of diesel and I don't feel Like doing that as much as I've been Burning let's see if I can light it with Just the leaf blower Foreign It fun listening to a fire Crackle So most of what I want to talk about is What it was like right in the heart of Downtown Nashville but I want to start By talking about our trip to the mall This was Really odd to me So we get there Late like 3 A.M The night before we have to be there and Then the next day we don't have to be Anywhere till I think 4 P.M something Like that so we get up in the morning my Daughter wants to go to this mall called The Opry Mall And So we drive there and of course traffic Is the first crazy thing it's like 10 Miles it takes 45 minutes to get there Just can't wrap my head around that but Traffic is traffic we all know about That but so we go to the mall and at First I'm like wow this is a crazy Mall In like a good way like really they've Got everything there's a Bass Pro at the

Mall and they've got all these quirky Little shops I've never seen before and They've got Weird kiosk in the center of the aisles One of them was Fish grooming fish massage something so They had these tanks with fish in them And you pay to sit in that room and put Your feet in the fish tank And I guess the fish pick at your feet And it's like a Luxury Luxury spa treatment I don't know what This is but stuff like that's quirky It's it's neat we saw Where you could get a B12 shot just a Regular store in the mall you can go in There and get a B12 shot or you can get All these different Shots it's it's almost feels like They're marketing it to you like an Energy drink or you go in there and a a Trained Personnel gives you a shot that Is got like trendy names to it like Octane boost or Revitalize or whatever It is morning sunshine and it's supposed To have all these vitamins and whatever They say is good for you and so like a Hundred bucks you can get a shot of feel Good It used to be whiskey that what that They sold for that but I guess it's Changed Popping's coming off that top log

Internally that thing is is more on fire Than anything else I might dump it right In the middle back to our trip to the Mall so all this was fun you know They've got All these specialty shops but then they Kept announcing over the loudspeaker That as of 3 P.M any one unaccompanied Under the age of 15 Would be Collected and I don't know what the term They used but they they round up young People who are there without their Parents and they make you call someone To come get you Because you cannot be at the mall after 3 P.M without adult supervision And I mean in general that seems like a Good idea right but I've never seen it Enforced like that and we were getting Ready to leave at three to go to our Event and they had police all over every Exit had a battery of police and you had To like show ID to prove how old you Were to get into the mall I just thought you know why is this Necessary and later in the trip we found Out why it's necessary So anyway I'm gonna build this fire up And I'll do more storytelling later Foreign [Applause] My plan was originally to start the day By cleaning up all the brush on that

Part of the property but my path to Bring brush from there to the fire Should go right through here but this Down tree is in the way so I either need To cut this up or make the long trip I Think I'll cut this tree up I cut this One down Planning to get a good saw log out of it And when it hit the ground I knew I had A problem there's a hole in the butt and It's Hollow at this end so the odds that There's any good wood in that is pretty Low I might be able to get some firewood But ninety percent of that tree is junk [Music] [Music] Never hurts to fuel up your saw before You start cutting I guess I'll go do That now Well while I'm fueling this up I guess We can go back to the conversation About culture shock in a big city And again for more reference I've never even been on an airplane So It's just It's hard for me to understand why Someone would live in a city like that But Where the actual event was we were there Attending a cheerleading event and it Was right in the heart of Nashville Off of their number one Taurus strip or My impression was that was the biggest

Tourist attraction was Broadway We were just a couple of blocks from Broadway And right next to the Tennessee Titans Stadium And of course I've got my daughter who's 16 and her friend from school with us And they're really excited they want to Go down and see what's happening in this Main tourist area And so we walked down there and it is One of the coolest places I've ever been Just amazing every 10 feet there's Something else happening that's neat Gigantic 50-story buildings all these Celebrity endorsed restaurants and We went right down to the Country Music Hall of Fame it was a really neat way to Spend an afternoon with my wife and These two girls And they were really enjoying it but it Was hard to enjoy it because of Everything else that was happening Around us the first thing I notice is That you want to go in and get Sandwich at a restaurant there's police Blocking the door and I guess just Keeping an eye on things And that's so weird to me and I'm Walking and I'm like I'm gonna go in This t-shirt shop and you need a police Officer there or a trained or paid Security guard And I just didn't understand it well I

Guess now I do Because We were at that mall On Friday We came home Monday morning and we drove Right next to the turn off for that mall A couple hours after we left Nashville My wife found a story that there was a School shooting in Nashville now school Shootings have happened everywhere But this one happened in Nashville and It was an adult woman who went in and Did this And when they searched her background And her possessions and her story they Found that she had potentially targeted That mall we were at So I guess it makes sense to have a Heavy armed Presence at the mall But that was hard for me to wrap my head Around and you've got all this Extravagance but at the same time you Have Poverty and homelessness and drug use Happening right there on the streets Around 8 PM the last night we were there We decided to go get dinner and we went To this Diner it's called The Diner real Simple name but it's a six-story Restaurant and we were on the top floor It's all open air and you've got a view Of the whole city And my daughter was so excited they're

Taking all their selfies there they said Hey let's go get one of those half pound Cookies for dessert because we'd walk by This place that had these giant cookies And all this other dessert stuff they Wanted to go get that so it's kind of Late at night it's a it's a Sunday night But I don't I don't know if I want to Walk out there but because all I see is Liability and risk and danger and that's All I see is I'm responsible for these Three people that are with me We made the decision to walk down there And buy them cookies and ice cream And You know nothing happened But It's it should be an area for fun but we Saw so much drug use I'll tell you one Story we're walking along My wife's in the front then the two Girls and then I'm behind them and as my Wife approaches there's a guy that's Asleep got his head leaned against the Concrete wall he's sitting on the Sidewalk he's only 10 foot wide we have This Landscaping of trees they planted Walkway around the sightseeing area guy Asleep on the sidewalk And I my heart goes out to him Immediately every time I see it but What can one person do about it really So we're walking walking along this Sidewalk and as my wife gets right up

Next to him he just sits up like Lightning bolt and he goes hey lady I Got something for you and without Skipping a beat my wife didn't even look Over she goes no thank you And just kept going and then the two Girls just kept going and that guy says I got something for you and he starts Like frantically digging into his Pockets I thought you know This isn't a place to hang out it's not A place I want to be at all Um And as we kept going I said hey girls am I the only one who wanted to know what Was in that guy's pocket Not funny but it's the reality that's Happening right there So anyway I'm gonna get this tree cut up Then I got one more thing I want to say About the culture shock we experienced [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign to finish up talking about Our trip to Nashville and the things we Saw And for instance I mentioned one guy we Saw on the side of the road there was

Another one we're walking it's really Crowded and we're coming up towards an Intersection and there's just masses of Bodies waiting for that Walk Don't Walk Sign to change And I'm just watching the crowd and I'm Seeing what's going on and then I turn And look down and right next to my feet There's a guy with only shorts on no Shirt no shoes no socks And he's laying on his back and it's Like he's riding a bicycle or something Right in the middle of the road The first person that I talked to in Nashville that I didn't already know I'm just walking down the street We're in public very public area and I'm Just walking and some guy Taps my arm And is handing me something And I turned my natural reaction is Someone's handing you something you take It so he's he Taps me and he's reaching Out and I take it it's a CD Yes they still make compact disc this One apparently had music on it and He said I'm trying to get the word out Like me too Kind of my whole purpose in life is Getting the word out And I said great I'll listen to it and he Said well I'm taking donations he said Well so am I anyone who wants to donate

Some money to me I'll spread the word to Them And uh I was laughing to myself but what I Actually did was got my wallet out and Handed him some money because someone's Working that hard they're hustling They're trying to share their Creative Energy I'll help you out You know And I gave him enough money to be More than the cost of a CD and went on About my way so I take this CD out of my Pocket and look at it and it's the name Of the CD is grown folks music and There's a bunch of Z's and K's and grown Folks music that don't belong there And I thought huh I'm I'm grown but I don't know if I'm That grown And I thought well I better listen to this One when the kids aren't around because They aren't completely grown I guess and Then I read the album names the song Names on there like wow that is for Grown folks I start thinking I don't Know if I want to listen to this I put It in my pocket you never know what it Is this guy could be Chris Stapleton But I go and I put it in my pocket and we go back to The cheerleading thing and we get there And you've got to be like patted down to

Go into the cheerleading First I was annoyed but like I said Earlier there was a local school Shooting Just do the thing right they've got Their reason for doing it so you put Your stuff in you go through the metal Detector they check you out and as I was Watching people do that I thought man I Don't want to put my grown folks music Down in that tray and uh I get a look you know so I I threw the Guy's CD away I'm feeling kind of bad About it but I thought that was a good story I was ashamed of my grown folks music And then here's another one that that Comes to mind from going through that so I carry this kind of wallet it's thinner And your cards go in it it's like a Ridge wallet brand something like that And uh I'm taking donations I'll put the Ridge wallet in the description but it's Really handy compared to your regular Wallet it Your cards it's all compact but the only Thing is your cash is on the outside And I I don't use cash very much but Occasionally you go somewhere that only Takes cash so I like to keep like a Hundred dollars with me and We're traveling so I wanted to have a Little more cash and I had a 50 and some 20s folded in half like this and I went

Through there and Every time I took my wallet out someone said Something I put it in the tray next to The metal detectors where your Belongings go And as I'm picking my stuff up back on The other side the woman leans over like She's gonna tell me a secret it's a Woman probably my age She kind of gets close to me and she Says Honey If you got a one dollar bill and you Flip your money around and fold it the Other way And put it in your wallet like that You'll be safer I was like okay and I was like you know I think my wife told me that one time Too Uh He flashing I had a 50 bill and the Woman said Somebody's gonna want that 50. And I just went on I go up and I'm getting a drink at the Concession and I go to pay for it and he goes the guy Behind the counter goes nice wallet There Got the money on the outside And I'm like what's he talking about and I'm like okay this guy's saying it too

Don't carry your money like that you're Gonna get robbed And I flip my money around I guess maybe That's just smart advice for everyone But those people I've been carrying this kind of wallet For like three years no one has ever Told me hey watch out for holding your Money like that but in in the city They're they think enough of it to tell You Unbelievable and then I had another Thought as we're walking and I thought This Is the Tourist Strip This is the part of The city they want you to see There's also wealthy neighborhoods and There's suburbs where everyone's got These big nice yards and maybe a compact Tractor but then there's other parts of The city that Nobody talks about And we have poverty here too this is a Very low cost of living area and you Don't have to drive very far to find Abject poverty that exists everywhere so I don't get into Politics on this Channel or anything like that But I just wanted to share my thoughts And they're just thoughts everyone needs To do what makes them happy but my Thought is The great political divide in our

Country When you look at any state You'll have conservative areas taking up Most of the real estate and then pockets Of liberal Voting districts where wherever the Population is condensed really tightly That's where people vote liberally where Everything is spread out that's where People vote conservative and I've Thought a lot about why that is and I Think it's really simple Out here There is enough of everything for Everybody And in those areas it's not and it Requires more Governance To maintain something like that You have to be ready for whatever Happens in that City and it just Requires and if you've only lived there You cannot fathom what happens here it Doesn't make sense And if you've only lived here you can't Understand what happens there it it Doesn't compute in my mind that there Are places and people live in those Places But my thought is we should all consider That the other person we're talking to Especially if we're talking to people on The internet they may be from a very Different set of circumstances than we

Are And even though I can have a strong Belief about one thing we should all try To be compassionate to people who feel Differently because they have a right to Feel that way my last piece of advice is If you somehow found yourself watching a Video of me rambling on And you think what is wrong with this Redneck And you've only lived in places that Were all concrete and you've never seen Open Fields and pasture and woods Maybe just try Going out somewhere where there aren't So many people And go out in the woods and if you can Escape to this life I think it's worth It But Every once in a while I make a video Where I share more thoughts than work And this was one of those so I Appreciate you taking time to watch the Video I'll put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos I'll see you Next time

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