Curtis Cab Long Term Review and Winterizing Equipment

Foreign Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And this is a video I probably should Have made a month ago or more but I'm Out here today just going around trying To see what I can winterize And What needs winterized little things Like rolling up garden hoses and Like my power washer has been kept Outside and I'm gonna move it into the Garage drain all the fuel out of my weed Eaters and chainsaws and and let them Run all the way out winterize my fuel Tanks And um get some Diesel anti-gel and just Little things like that and I was Thinking What do I need to do to winterize a Tractor and so I watched some videos I Looked at the owner's manual I did some Google searches and tried to Find anything I should be doing to Winterize my tractor I didn't come up With a whole lot but There's obviously you need to be Winterizing your fuel the diesel pumps Around here have a sticker on them that Say during the winter months we use Winter diesel And so that helps but I still put Um some kind of a fuel treatment in it Or an anti-gel I've actually got the Bottle right here I'm not particularly Loyal to this brand or anything it's

Just one I picked up house Diesel treat Diesel anti-gel and fuel Lubricator Bottle of this doesn't cost very much I Figure it's it's worth it for a little Bit of Peace of Mind an additional part Of winterizing for me is setting the cab Up for winter use you can see I've Already got the doors on and a vinyl Back glass on but I've done some damage To my cab in a couple spots I'm going to Go over that in this video also and do a Long-term review on this Curtis Advantage cab and get it fixed back up And ready for Harsh weather so while I'm Going through all this I want you guys to tell me anything in The comments that I might have missed About winterizing equipment That can be any kind of equipment or Specifically a tractor so if you're Watching this video read through the Comments there's probably a lot of smart People in there leaving tips and advice So I'm gonna go ahead and get the Tractor started we'll pull around to the Shop and check out the state of this cab After 600 Hours of Hard use Thank you Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign

So I filmed my intro for this video in The morning and then it started raining And I decided I was just gonna go run a Bunch of errands get everything else Done film the rest of this in the shop And that gave me all day to think about What I wanted to say And the more I think about it the more I Would say This Curtis cab is the best thing I have Done since I bought my tractor and I've Made a ton of really nice upgrades I Think to this tractor as far as the 2038 I think I've maximized what you can Really do with it in a lot of ways but This cab has been fantastic for me and a Lot of people kind of criticize some of The downsides to it so I want to go Through all of that and basically give a Two-year review but first I need to put The new back glass on So you guys might know I got three door Options with it there's the Advantage cab which is what you see here Which is steel door with glass window And then there's the plus cab That is a vinyl it's a steel frame but It's a vinyl wrap so it looks like when You look at it it looks like a full Glass door but it's actually vinyl it's Really actually pretty nice looking and Then there's a full vinyl door and most Of the time I run it with the advantage Cab doors on and the solid back glass

But Few months ago my back glass someone Else Set my back glass in a bad place it fell Over and shattered there are three Things that have went wrong with this Cab that I want to show you but the back Glass was not at all in the the fault of The cab that was just user error so I'm Gonna get the new back glass installed We'll take a look at the other two Problems I want to talk about why I'd be Leaking Ballast and fluid out of my tires anyway Enough talking let's get started So if you buy this with a base cab it Rolls up like this and then velcros Right here And then when you want to put it down You just undo the velcro and it rolls Down But they've got a third option for the Plus cab that is a steel frame with a Vinyl wrap on it and I didn't get that option so I haven't Actually seen it Okay So This should just slide right on The only other things I had to do for This install was put the windshield Wiper motor on and a piece of velcro to Seal up the bottom As far as the review on the cab

I've had this cab for almost two years I think January will make two years so Pretty close and in that time I've put 500 500 to 550 hours somewhere in that Range on the tractor with the cab And if you've watched my videos at all You know that I do not baby this machine I'm not careful with I'm if anything I'm Almost Reckless with how I operate And Some pretty doggone good shape so let me Show you the actual issue I did have See right here this is wavy Actually ran it into a building so it Wasn't even a case of me trying to drive Under something that was too low I was trying to turn and it was a little Bit muddy and I just got closer than I Meant to and I hit the corner of it Right here and it bent that down but it Hasn't caused a leak or anything else And I can straighten this back out it did Really Crease the metal enough the the paint is Not cracked up here Just needs straightened out and I Haven't actually done it but once again That's 100 operator error okay I had one Other issue with the cab One day I came out here and this handle Was loose and uh there was a single Screw inside the door that had fallen Out I had to replace that screw the last

Problem I had isn't even part of the cab It's this electrical wiring that you see Right there We had that run across the top of the Rocks worst place to put it I need to Relocate that and it snagged and pulled Out and now These four lights right here don't work But I still have a bunch of extra lights So I haven't taken the time to fix that Yet But Those are the only problems I've had and Really It's three things that were just Completely user error and one screw fell Out so that's on you Curtis that screw Was I'm putting that on you I I guess if that's the worst thing that Happens we'll be all right so bigger Picture I kind of made a strong Statement saying that this was the Biggest upgrade I've done on my tractor When I've added third function Hydraulics to the front for a grapple I got the self-leveling loader I traded My loader in and had to put quite a bit Of cash in to get that self leveling I put extra hard lines down my loader I've got the top and tilt kit I did Wheel spacers I did fluid in the tires I did these extendable draft arms I've Really done a lot of work on this Tractor and

None of it tops the cab for me And that may surprise you because it's Not an air-conditioned cab But four months out of the year it's Cold and being able to stay warm in that Cab is fantastic So just for winter would offset it even If I hated it in the summer it might be Worth it just for how nice it is That's just my nature I like to be warm I don't mind 100 degrees I hate being Cold so for me if you're doing snow Plowing That's a game changer and we don't get a Lot of snow but Fantastic for the winter and what about The summer well My take on it during the summer Is it's definitely not hotter than an Open station because you have shade so Compare that to a canopy That gives you shade And I've got a spot back here that I can Mount fans on I've actually got two fans Mounted there so I'm in the shade with a Fan blowing on me so for summer use you Stay cooler than you would with an open Station But it's by no means air conditioning I'm not making that case at all and the Damn there's one major downside to this And it's you cannot use the doors to Shield yourself from dust in the summer You might have three hours in the

Morning if you start at Sunrise where You can have those doors on in the Spring fall and summer before it gets Too hot and you have to take them off so The next question that people bring up Is how does it affect your visibility Doesn't bother me at all I said I put like 500 hours on this Tractor with the cab I've ran other open Station tractors since I've run other Cab tractors since and it doesn't I Never think to myself man I wish I could See out this back corner better even Though you know you have a an area right Here Where you can't see That's at a 45 to you I can always any Implement I've ever had on here whether It's the flail mower with the offset or Anything else I can clearly see my Implement And You know you lose you're going to lose a Little bit of visibility Right at the side of your tractor but You can see it As it crosses the front wheel And so it just in a practical manner it Doesn't really hurt anything so let me Throw a couple things out there about Features on the cab mirrors If I don't remember if the mirrors are a Feature you pay extra for but I would Not pay extra for the mirrors because I

Don't use them you have to get them Aimed just right and it seems like I'm Always bumping them and then they're not Aimed right just reality I never take Time to adjust those mirrors so if I was Ordering this cab I would order it Without them I think the heater is Standard equipment Definitely nice to have the heater Although about half the time I don't Even turn it on it's got to be really Cold before you need it you're in a Small enclosed box And you if it's cold outside you're Going to come outside already dressed For winter and then you get in this Small cab And then you've got the engine heat Still comes to you a little bit you Almost don't need the heater but when It's really cold it it does work it can Cook you out so last year we had a full Week where it was negative temperatures Which is rare around here and I was able To sit in there for hours if I wanted to Another common question I get can you Still fold the Rocks yes There is a bracket that attaches to the Cab and goes through and connects to Your rops the same rops pen that you had Before goes through this flange right Here and then it's still in there the Same way so it is not a problem Whatsoever to lower your Ops so this cab

Is not as nice as a factory cab but John Deere does not have a factory cab For the 2038r and Curtis makes premium Cabs you can get a premium cab from Curtis but Your premium air conditioned cabs are Really expensive I think if you're Looking at buying a cab tractor from John Deere you're going to add ten Thousand dollars to the price to get it With a cab And this cab if you get the vinyl doors And install it yourself you can get it For Believe twenty two hundred dollars Something like that there's probably Gonna be some shipping and things like That and then you've got the three door Options and you can pay 3 500 if you get The glass the metal doors with the glass Windows and there's different price Points in between there about optional Features and all different things But I think that's a pretty darn good value Because the previously the only cab you Could get cheaper than the premium cabs Was the full vinyl cab from the original Tractor cab And I don't have any interest in that Product if I'm going to have something Around me I want it to feel When I sit in this especially with the Doors on it feels like any other cab

Tractor to me it feels like it provides Protection I've taken it through the Woods never damaged anything so Curtis Makes cabs for a lot of different Tractor models I showed the premium air Conditioned cab for lawn mowers They have a lot of models of tractors That you can get this on now only some Of those will be this type of cab some Of them will only be available in a Premium cab One of the viewers was interested in Getting one for his older John Deere I Think it was like a 4300 And for that the cab would have been Like 5 800 because it was a premium cab So Go on their website if you're interested And see what's available the last thing I want to do before we take a look at These tires is show you the view from Inside the cab As I do this quick walk around I thought I would mention that this is not Any kind of a paid endorsement I don't Get any money from Curtis or have any Kind of affiliate links So this is just my honest opinion after Two years of ownership So there is no restriction at all Climbing in and out of the cab feels Just like getting in an open station Doors are easy to close Easy to open

Okay you can pop the front windshield Open here I have a fuse panel here or Some kind of a circuit box controls the Front the front lights The dome light rear wiper rear lights And the stickers come off here I forgot for a second but this first Switch controls my two fans So there's the wiper control Okay and there's a heater So from here I can see my front tire Right there On this side not as much because the Heater blocks that No problem seeing the Implement so the Visibility I lose right here to gain That back You do this So you really do have a lot of room here It's spacious Pretty happy with this cab All right so this might be hard to see If you look right here this is wet And I've been noticing this Being wet a lot And I've had fluid-filled tires for two Years now never noticed it before And I think I've seen it on pretty much All the tires So I'm wondering if my bead is not Sealed tight And that could happen if the air Pressure is low Because these you know it's not like

They look flat as soon as they're a Little bit low especially if the air Pressure is up here So Let me know what you guys think this Might be I'm going to roll this to where The The valve is up and then see if I can Check the air pressure see where we're At Thank you Okay let's see what we got So I'm only showing 25 pounds And I'm getting a Fluid sound Fluid really shouldn't be up this high It definitely sounds like it's Hollow up Here so I think my fluid is maybe right At the level of that valve stem but I Think my my air pressure may be low but It doesn't make as big a difference with The fluid in there so max inflation is 30 pounds on this whereas I think the Front ones are like 50. so comments I'd Love to hear on this video now that I Know my air pressure is not low Why do you think I would see that Moisture At the bottom of the rim Sure seems like a fluid leak but I don't know let me know what you think Also do you do anything to winterize Your tractor now I know there's a Difference if you use it in the winter

Or you're parking it for the winter but If you use your tractor in the winter do You do anything else to winterize it Anyway I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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