Demand for it has me creating a new RV spot.

Due to the increasing demand, I am excited to announce the creation of a new RV spot. Our latest addition provides the ultimate experience for travelers who seek adventure on the road without sacrificing comfort. Whether you are a seasoned RV enthusiast or a first-time traveler, our latest spot caters to all your needs. Join us on this exciting journey and explore the greatness of the great outdoors in style!

Demand for it has me creating a new RV spot

As the owner of Spring Hill Campground, I’m excited to announce that we’re expanding our offerings to meet the high demand for our RV spots. We currently have one RV spot available for monthly rent, and due to an overwhelming response, we’re constructing a second spot in a separate area to maintain the peaceful, country setting that our guests love.

The Construction Process

The construction process for the new RV spot has been underway for a few weeks now. We had to remove a large cottonwood tree to make space for the new spot, which was a challenging endeavor given the tree’s size. At around 150 feet tall, it had to be carefully taken down to prevent any damage to the surrounding area.

Once the tree was removed, we had to prepare the area for the RV spot. Trenching and leveling for water, power, and septic lines have been completed, and we’re now ready to install them.

During the construction process, we’re also building a hobbit house and trusses for it. The hobbit house will be a unique feature of Spring Hill Campground, and we’re excited to offer it as an option for our guests in the near future.

Generating Income

While the expansion is exciting, we’re also aware that we need to generate income. That’s why we’re renting out the RV spots to guests until the rest of the campground is developed. We believe it’s a great opportunity for RV enthusiasts who are looking for a serene place to stay and enjoy nature.


  1. How can I rent an RV spot at Spring Hill Campground?
  2. Will the new RV spot be similar to the first one in terms of amenities provided?
  3. Can I bring my pets to the campground?
  4. Is there any planned date for the hobbit house to be available for rent?
  5. What types of activities are available at the campground besides RV camping?


The demand for RV spots at Spring Hill Campground has been overwhelming, and we’re thrilled to be expanding our offerings to meet it. The addition of a new, separate RV spot, which still maintains our beautiful country setting, will make our guests’ stay even more memorable. With the construction process in full swing and the hobbit house on the way, we hope to continue providing unique experiences to our guests.

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