Folks welcome back today we're going to Compare a dethatcher versus a landscape Rake two different tools sort of similar But there's some differences that are Critical I thought it was a pretty good Time of year we can take care of some Leaves in the lawn we can rake out a Gravel drive I just had some more gravel Dropped off and then we can take care of Some trail maintenance too show you what They're all about I'm a visual learner Myself so sometimes seeing this stuff in Action works better for YouTube now We've got a 60 inch dethatcher rake over Here versus a 72 inch landscape rake That's because I didn't feel like going To my shop and getting the 60 inch rake Over here so we had the 72 inch here Already so that's what we're working With if we had a 60 inch landscape rake To compare to the Thatcher it's about Double the price give or take somewhere In that ballpark weight difference this Is about 50 pounds ships in a cardboard Box UPS ground really great the Landscape rake oh 150 to 200 pounds Somewhere in there a little bit more if You get an even bigger rig too but Substantially more weight and that is Well Advantageous and disadvantageous Depending on what you're looking to do And I think some of what we're going Through today is going to show you that

Where less weight or more weight can can Be good or bad depending on if you're on Your lawn or on a gravel driveway or on A trail or somewhere else so these are Both good pieces of equipment they're Both versatile which is I think Something that is what everybody should Look for in a tool if you can only do One job with it that kind of stinks Because even the Thatcher is it's still A lot of money you know it's cheaper Than the rake but it's still a lot of Money so you want to use it in as many Ways as many applications as you Possibly can so we sell both of these Though so no matter what you're looking For if you're looking for the thatcher Rake the landscape break we can help you Out go to we sell And ship all over the country and I just Looked it up this morning 76 percent of Our views are from people that are not Subscribed so hit that subscribe button Down below to follow along all right a Few other points to mention about these Tools they are both going to be category One three point compatible you're going To see them mounted to Quick hitches but They don't need to be so they can just Go right to your your three point if you Want to do that there's there's no PTO Connections here nothing to worry about There if you want to hook it up to the Quick hitch take your pick you can see

The eye match we have bushings on the Landscape break because the image Requires bushings the red speaker does Not use bushings a direct pin fitment so That's pretty nice now with the detacher You can go forwards or backwards these Are spring tooth tines that are on there It'll allow for movement going both Directions depends on what you're doing If you're looking to scuff up your your Lawn to maybe scarify it and detach it Or put some seed down after that going Both ways with the rake is a good thing To do because it just gives extra passes On there a little bit more Earth Exposure which is helpful The Rake is Really only meant to go One Direction Now you can spin this around it does Pivot so you can push or pull but unlike The Thatcher you have to hop off your Tractor and spin this thing around or Angle it left or right or whatever you Want to do so you do have more Flexibility I suppose with that but it's A little bit different way that you go About it so we're showing you a few uses In this video but a lot of you guys Already have these tools as well using It for other applications too so let us Know down below [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Area is going to be on a lawn taking Care of leaves it's fall right now I Haven't actually touched the leaves at All and uh if you notice the trees Almost all the leaves are down so Pretty much maximum Leaf cover in Certain areas here I think the main difference that you're Going to see between these two is the Turf damage all right and probably the Second The biggest thing would be actually I Think the end results with the The Detacher Rake are better than the Landscape rake just I don't know why Maybe yeah no time spacing is pretty Similar I don't know what it is but it Just seemed to gather the leaves more Effectively with the dethatcher Rake Versus the landscape rake going forwards And backwards trying to show you that With both of these pieces of equipment At various times seem to be again be More effective with the depatcher rake

On there for me I specifically picked an Area that was further closer to the edge Of the yard for the landscape rake it's Actually a pretty decent Turf there in The summer but it I had a feeling it Would do some damage so we did another Area this summer kind of by the entrance With the landscape rake and the ground Was really hard and dry at that point Didn't Do nearly that kind of damage but Now lawn has a lot of moisture in it and So that Turf just kind of rips up and Tears pretty easily and I think that's Pretty evident in the in the Demonstration [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] So for the trail maintenance demo I just Picked one Trail in there and kind of Split it in half did one half with the The thatcher rake the other one with the Landscape rake and honestly I think it's

Splitting hairs they both did a Fantastic job Um the down pass the first pass got the Majority of it and kind of loosened up The stuff that maybe was stuck to the Ground and then the follow-up pass which I was able to drive backwards with the Detacher rake where I had to drive fours With the landscape rake that's again Kind of splitting hairs but did a really Really good job at getting all the Leaves off all the sticks whatever else Was on there I don't even know but it is Cleared it down to Fresh dirt and and For me this time of year hunting is on My mind and so those crunchy leaves give Away my presence right so I'm trying to Keep it nice and quiet but it'll be Nicer too and not as maybe sloppy of a Mess throughout the course of winter and Into spring too folks I want to take Just a second to tell you about our Channel sponsor rim guard they are a Liquid ballast solution they line up With exactly what we do here on Good Works which is talking about tractors And tractor safety we see it as simple As this if you own a tractor you need Rim guard in fact some attractors Include rim guard as standard out of the Factory liquid ballast is simply weight All right and this weight hides inside Your tires it stays there all the time It's a safety concern because tractors

Are almost always too light and too Tippy out of the factory the number one Attachment used by every tractor owner Is their front end loader so when you Pick up something heavy on the front end Your back end wants to pick up off the Ground rim guard liquid ballast helps Keep your back end planted to the ground But beyond safety is going to help Maintain traction because if those rear Tires those power driving tires are on The ground you have traction to go where You need to you're going to operate more Efficiently because if those rear tires Aren't on the ground you're not going to Pick up as much as you need to or take It where you need to go rim guard is all Natural that means it's safe it is the Heaviest per gallon all-natural product On the market it's not going to freeze It's not going to corrode and it's Available at over a thousand dealers Nationwide to find a dealer visit to make your Tractors safer today Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] All right so Gravel Drive maintenance is Something that you just have to deal With both of these tools serve a Different purpose and you're going to Notice a section of our Gravel drive That I just recently had two more loads Of stone brought in the pitch was really Steep off to the side and just wanted to Kind of build up one of those edges I Might have to end up bringing in Topsoil Because it's a pretty steep drop off There but I really wanted to level out That driveway a bit more instead of Instead of Leaning so hard to decide and So what I wanted to show you was an area Of installed driveway and then an area Of new driveway and see how the Dethatcher rake would do it did really Well on kind of scuffing up the existing Driveway and kind of refreshing it I Would say it's a good application in the Summertime maybe several times in the Summer if you kind of go through it it Kind of lightly skims it prevents the Weeds from taking root and taking hold And just kind of refreshes it makes it Look nice didn't really succeed that Well with the the new stone that was Dropped off and pushing that around very

Well it's just too light duty for that And it's not really intended to do so so Came back through with the landscape Rake and I've talked about this before They are a really good tool for Maintaining your driveway and I think it Shows in this video as well and it's Aggressive enough to take that new Material as well and really help smooth That out and evenly disperse it just Kind of just the natural design some of The stone can kind of fit in between the Individual rake tines that are on here Some spills along the edge but it just Doesn't really accumulate a whole lot Just enough to kind of move it where it Needs to go So last thing we were kind of running Out of steam a little bit but I had some Huge mole Mounds that are in the back of The yard and uh yeah maybe I should have Taken the Thatcher out there but I had I Was sitting on the tractor with the rake So drove that out there and kind of Gently backed up over those and spread Those out you know I I do think that a Thatcher would probably be a more Effective tool in that area again being On the lawn but I think after a few Passes most of that soil would kind of Disperse within the the grass itself and And pretty much kind of level itself out And disappear alrighty folks so I think That gives you a pretty good look the

Dethatcher rig versus the landscape rake You know these are a good multi-purpose Tool like we talked about this gives you A good visual demonstration of different Applications that maybe you have around Your own Homestead and of course these Aren't the only tasks that these can do You know we've shown this picking up Pine needles again you can scarify you Can dethatch a lot of other applications For it to try to justify the cost and There is a pretty big cost difference Over overall these are both relatively Cheap tractor tools when it comes down To it there's there's some that are a Lot more than this and one final thought I do want to mention I probably should Talk about durability and again this Being this whole thing is only 50 pounds Versus the 150 to 200 or whatever Somewhere right around there it's just a Lot more light duty all right and I was thinking about that when I was in The woods there doing the the trail if I Backed up into like a hidden stump I'm Probably going to bend this frame on Here whereas you know this is a lot more Stout right and worst case maybe I I Bend a tine on here but that's not Nearly as big of a deal as having to Replace the whole rail so you do want to Be a little bit more aware of your Surroundings with the thatcher rake Versus the landscape rake you're going

To be well it's going to be more Forgiving compared to that one now Regardless of which one you choose we'd Love to help you out we sell them both Go to and we'll Ship it right to you and again we do Want you to tag along so hit that Subscribe button right down below it's Completely free we just did a giveaway Recently we're probably going to do more Of those sprinkling in the future too Because they're a lot of fun I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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