DIY Chicken Coop BUILD From Start To Finish – Part 2

I heard about this Protestant who moved Into a largely Catholic neighborhood one Friday night he was out on his backyard Grilling a nice juicy steak meanwhile All the rest of his neighbors were Inside eating some sort of fish the same Thing went on every Friday during the Month of Lent on the last Friday of Lent All the neighborhood guys got together And decided they needed to do something About their neighbor John who's Constantly grilling steak on his Barbecue every Friday night so they went Over and talked to him and by the end They were so excited that he finally Decided to join all his neighbors and Become Catholic they took him to church And the priests sprinkled water on him And told him you were born a Baptist you Were raised a Baptist but now you're a Catholic the men of the neighborhood Were so relieved now their biggest Temptation of Lent was finally over with The next year lent rolled around again The first Friday of Lent all the good Catholic neighbors were sitting in their House getting ready for for their fish Dinner when they smelt that smell Of grilling on the barbecue again The neighborhood men could not believe Their nostrils what's going on they all Thought so they called a meeting and They all decided to head over to their Neighbor's house maybe he had forgotten

That it was lent just as they arrived They seen him in the backyard sprinkling Holy water over his meat saying you were Born a cow you were raised a cow but Today you become a fish You're welcome All right so beautiful touch screen love It tells you all the input for the power Coming in turn on your AC DC all that This is the blue Eddie 200 Max yeah so We got a couple of cool things to talk About today before we get into the Chicken coop but it's going to be well Worth it so you stick around yeah to Find out yeah so first of all these are Just cool units anyway blue Eddie's been Sponsors for a while and we only share Stuff that makes sense and this stuff Definitely makes it super cool so this Is the 200 Max Odio well it's been a While since we showed you this one I Think but it's got charge in here so you Can do wireless with your cell phones Origin DC plugins here there's more DC 10 amp that's like an iPhone on the USBC Newer iPhone plug-in those are regular USB Outlets there 110 four of them and Then this super cool that's a 30 amp and You can put plug an RV in it stuff A lot Of times you go to campgrounds it'll be Like a 30 amp and then a 50 amp one blue Eddie does have a 50 amp on the 500. We're not talking about that one today But that's pretty crazy yeah but this

One here has the 30 amp and that's Pretty sweet so this is 2048 Watt hours But with that you can double it to 4096. And then you can actually put another One and make it over 6 100 watt hours That you could have together all Combined it's so cool that's a lot of Power so that's pretty cool like that's A pretty sweet setup all right give you A little real world turn on the AC for This thing So that's actually just a like a battery Charger right here We drive an old 92 Ford hey that truck Works pretty good but we also have a Side by side but uh and I've actually Killed the battery in both leaving Keys Turn stuff like that having a power unit On us we actually drag the unit around Different fluid units with us and we can Actually use this To charge up the battery that unit right Here actually has the car start on it so You could actually start the truck back Up or the bike or whatever so that's Pretty cool I won't put those together But she's powered up all right if you Can see here this is where these are Plugged in right there's another one the Exact same thing good plug in here if You had another one of these and then The 200 Max has gear adapter there for Charging it and then this one here like If you got solar coming in down here

Same thing if you want to charge this There's adapter there for it you there's A couple of outlets you can use too USBC That's like that iPhone One USB a that's A regular USB one and then a 12 volt Outlet there so a couple of outlets on It too which is kind of cool just as is So and then the indicator there is how Much power is in this one so you can Easily use this as like a home backup Power no problem especially if you had a Couple of these I mean over 6 000 Watt Hours is quite a bit and you could run Quite a bit of stuff on these you could Probably run an off-grid home like we're Building just off the stuff it's pretty Cool what you'd be surprised when you Get power like life would be pretty Normal just something like this we lose Power quite a bit because we're in Canada and there's a lot of snowstorms And stuff so having this on hand has Been super cool because we don't Actually lose power when we're at the Off-grid place yeah so that's nice yeah But even having backup power for a Regular thing or RV or something be Pretty sweet oh this thing here too you Can run it off the blue Eddie app you Want to check the specs out it's all Down below check out the specs on this And all their other products they got Man a lot of cool stuff another thing Links below you can save up to 30 off on

You know various products there's an Easter sale there's going to be a link Down below for that also so you probably Should check that out so that's pretty Cool all right so now that we've showed You all the really cool features of this Unit and the expandable battery we're Gonna get something even more fun so we Are doing a giveaway again compliments Of blue Eddie and us we're giving away The AC 200p this is also a couple Thousand Watts a power lots of Watt Hours same thing we ran our chop saw and Everything off of this unit while Building the cabin so it was so Convenient this 2048 Watt hours 2000 Watts all the specs for this are going To be available down below a lot of the Same stuff except it has six of the 120 Outlets here instead of having that 30 Amp one yeah but uh all the same kind of Power All that cool stuff that's a really Sweet unit so we're gonna give one away Yay you guys have until April 16th to Comment on this video and as long as Your comment includes the word blue Eddie you'll be automatically enter Ed Into a draw to win a brand new one of These which will be shipped directly to Your home free of charge yeah free of Charge so just make sure we say that Because sometimes when we do these Giveaways there may be some spam

Accounts going on down through the right Comments saying to get a hold of my WhatsApp telling you who knows we're not Going to do that this is always ship Free we never charge money we'll never Ask you for your credit card information There'll be none of that information Ever the only thing we'll do is Your comment and then we'll announce the Winner either in our community demo or Whatever but we'll know who it is and We'll find them yeah and we'll either Comment under your thing and tell you to Email us or send us a Facebook message Or send us an Instagram message but It'll just be the message and we'll get Your address and stuff there'll be no Credit cards none of that kind of stuff Yeah there was some scammers around so Just letting you know so we're telling You right now that happens yeah don't Don't follow it and we will have the Verified check mark by our name maybe Maybe above good verified check if you Don't get it from that it ain't us yeah Just to be clear yeah to see nobody gets Scammed because that's stupid the people Do that yeah for sure but anyway sweet Unit to get in on uh for Easter you know So that's pretty cool yeah comment below And we'll see who the winner is yeah Good luck to everybody Now let's go sort that Coop out [Music]

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] So I got this run all set up today Huey Is coming the boy the rooster So he's just gonna go in this and we are Going to continue to get the coop ready And then we're gonna cut a hole through The fence right back here right where The mesh is we'll just cut a hole out And we'll staple it to the coop so that They can come in and out of the coop and Go into the run and we'll leave him in Here probably at least for a few days Without even letting him out just Because we'd want him to know that this Is his new home this is his safe place And uh yeah so it looks all right I mean It is what it is right it's just a run For them for when we're not able to Actually watch them and while they get Used to being here so right now I'm Gonna go around I'm gonna cut see these Little twist ties I'm just going to cut All the ends of them make it look a Little nicer and then we're gonna I'm Gonna collect some hay bring it into the Coop here we'll get that done here now [Music]

[Music] Thank you Foreign Looking pretty cozy in here 's our boy Hi baby baby You got number one in here yay Who's a nice boy I got his food and water set up there And I've been going around cutting these Little tags I have quite a few more to do there's Lots but oh well we'll get there hey bud He's so pretty oh he is Nice looking boy we built him a little Perch there see if he likes that [Music] [Music] Yeah what are they saying between these Two That'd be good you just do ish yeah [Music] I don't think it's coming out anyways Honestly no Probably weighs like a pound What what we're trying to work That looks like a good spot right there Yeah nobody's here You can look at the window [Music] See if there's something no I don't Think so We'll just need another piece we can add To it eh yeah

All right so what we did is we just Added some mesh wire up here because we Have a lot more stuff that we want to do Obviously on the coop but the rooster's Here now and he's kind of you know a Little antsy because he just left his Families in a brand new place so because He is a little bit nervous we just Wanted to make sure that he didn't try And jump out in any way we are going to Close up the ends whether we have some Molts off it laying around or whatever We use I don't know yet but for now this Mesh will work and like we added the Plastic which is kind of like a window For them so now we're just going to Bring the run up to the door here we're Gonna attach it and then he'll be good To be in his Coop and be out there so It's awesome we're so excited to have Him and can't wait till the girls get Here [Music] So we'll bring that corner into there Yeah we're near the back roof Whatever you have to do Pretty pretty easy We'll just tie it back to here I'll cut From here and then tie it here yeah and Then staple it to the bottom there too Yes you can just jump up yeah over here Okay good you can't go any further Because the metal I know baby you want In there let me go in and look yeah you

Should go in and look he's like I like That I want to be in that thing What do you mean in that Barn Oh I do he definitely does he Yeah so I'm gonna make sure you could probably Staple this yeah Okay tell me what to do pull it And then I'll cut around it Just go wide here to here just wherever You You gotta line it right up or it'll go Through them Aren't you cutting through that or no What not cutting through okay none of That I guess If I knees and then I'll cut it Might I think that's enough now then You'll cut it snip that yeah just check Right I think that's enough because it's gonna Be I think once you cut it it'll be Easier yeah He's coming in for you that's going in I'm going in there okay just a sec so Did you cut in the middle why don't you Because then we could just use any extra Foreign And they're locked in and safe for the Night it's just something for now we'll Fix it up a little better here as we do The exterior but for now it works good And to hold the door open right now we Just got these little uh like this twist

Tie here so we're gonna put a proper Latch maybe with rope or something but For now this just works to keep it open So just like that and it'll hold it open During the day for him here's the setup What's he doing hopeless cute boy What's him doing hi It's got some hay in here and his food And his little perch his window See you later See ya have a good day I'm gonna get you Some girlfriends Yep so I was able to find four laying Hens online and I'm going to pick them Up today because the six layers that we Had pre-ordered weren't ready until the Middle of this month and we just don't Want them to be alone for two more weeks We feel like I don't know sad for him so I'm gonna go pick up four girls for him Right now and then in two weeks when our Original girls are ready we'll have them As well so we're gonna have ten hens and A rooster which is kind of cool because Then we'll have lots of eggs I'm always Doing stuff with eggs anyway and if There's any extra after we can sell them Or I can give some away we'll see Whatever depends how many extra we have So this is a good start I've seen some Ducks for sale and some guinea fowl and I thought that'd be kind of cool to try But I think we'll just see how these Guys all go together first and then

We'll uh maybe kind of experiment into Some other animals as well so it's Pretty fun this is the beginning Probably the beginning to something Really cool so last time we had laying Hands what we did is use these plastic Bins as nesting boxes so I'm Gonna Fill A couple with okay right now and then What we do is you just cut a spot right Here For them to go in and out of and you put It inside the coop and they love nesting In these we built it up so we built up Like I don't know maybe a foot and we Set them on top of it and we're going to Do that but for now just because they're Coming today I'm going to have these Right on the bottom on the floor of the Coop but we will build something to have It up that way they can Nest under it And they can nest in it I'm also going To transport them in one of these so I'll just cut little air holes in one And then I'll cut a whole middle section Out of the other and put it straight in The coop so they're both ready What do you want mister What do you want okay So just like that just fill it with a Bit of hay just so they can get in there Get snuggly and lice mags Oh look look down what do you think Bud Hey Like that one

It's the one that's had her wings Clipped so you can feel it kind of She's little G right on her instantly Yeah look Dad I'm holding here Oh it's cute Anyway [Music] Yeah this hooky she is funny yeah She doesn't care being held She likes being healthy she didn't do Anything what's the white one is that a Leg Horn looks like it doesn't it He didn't specify they look like the Astrolo black astronauts George Water some food Bertha By a kitty we lost Now we got a black chicken soft dad you should feel it Dad Feel it she's really soft Cheese all right so now George has a Couple of lady friends to keep him Occupied and in a couple weeks we're Gonna pick up six more so we'll have a Total of ten hens it's gonna be really Awesome they are gonna free range most Of the time but for now we're just gonna Leave them in here for probably a week Until they're comfortable enough to know That this is their home so that way if We let them free range they always come Back so we'll give them about a week or

So and then when the new girls come We'll lock them all in together for Another week get comfortable with each Other and then they'll be free ranging Whenever they want so now we just gotta Finish a couple more things on the Outside of the coop but for today we're Gonna call it a day [Music] Thank you

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