Dying trees that have been falling into used area must be removed. One Barber chaired, Yikes!

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead one of my projects I need to Get done is taking care of these Alder Trees you could probably see a lot of The Alders down here with no top on them This is not winter storm damage like a Lot of stuff you've been seeing lately It's a disease that it kind of kills the Alders and Pockets my neighbors had it Done to him a Forester came out and said You need to take them down and get them Out of there so I have a bunch of these That are starting to rot they need to Come down and I have a few more over Here that are still alive but you Probably can't see it on camera or not Alive but they're that you can see the Park Bark peeling off and they're Getting compromised and they're they're Going to fall sooner than later so I Need to get them out of here before they Fall on someone or something so that's Going to be a project today I don't know If I want to get into it today where I Have a lot of other things to do but it Might be one uh but I do have a lot That's going to be going on in this area Right here so I do need to take care of This if you can see here this is my pond That I have trout in there and people Visiting they can swim and boat and then There's going to be another RV pad or Campsite going right over here and if I Leave these trees that are ready to fall

Right here it makes for a bad situation Both physically and financially Actually I need to take my excavator up That little road right behind the pond Over there and this one that's right on The side of the road due to its lack of Health I'll bet as I go by I could just Hit that with the bucket of the Excavator and I won't need a chainsaw or Anything it'll probably be coming down I'm going to need to move uh my dad's Canoe out of here I don't want to land The tree on the canoe but other than That Everything else should be able to handle It fine if the tree falls this way [Music] You can see that the first tree I pushed Down went with very little resistance Because of the poor health it was in This tree that snapped off also is not Going to give much resistance I just Don't have much of an angle on it But it goes over easily and then this Next tree I'm going to try to push is Obviously in much better condition than The other ones I gave it a couple good Hits And it was a lot stronger and the bark On it the Barkley stripped off exposed Some pretty healthy wood so I decided to Leave it [Music] Foreign

It would be significantly easier to grab These logs and pull them out if I had my Digging bucket on in the teeth but uh I'm just moving this one log today I Didn't want to change buckets just to Grab this so I'll just hook up a cable To it Yank it out of the pond and then we'll Go get on to the rest of our projects [Music] [Music] So I've already pushed over the tree That was here pushed it into the pond And pulled it out I still have all these Trees up here that need to go Um actually one or two of them might be Healthy enough to stay I'll look at that As I go I'm gonna have to cut those down With a chainsaw my excavator is not Getting across the creek bed there just Yet and then these trees over here that Are broke off halfway through obviously Have to come down and they still have Enough height that they could easily you Know hit this picnic area and what's Going to be an RV pad so and affect People that were around the pond so with The chainsaw these are definitely going Down And probably all these today I'll just Get them all down the unfortunate thing Is I don't want to be cutting down all my Trees I like to have forests but if

They're all going to die and fall Especially making a hazardous place we Need to cut it but I do have a hundred Cedars ordered and a hundred uh Doug for Ordered that I'm going to be planting Next month so uh I'm going to be filling This back in with the tree that's Probably going to survive a little bit Better I must confess I was not a good example Of safety in the woods here you can see By the lean on this tree there's going To be a lot of tension along the Green In my haste I didn't want to make the Proper wedge cut in front also I knew I Had that road space to step away and I Knew which way it was going to pop if The Barber's here but I must admit it Barbara shared higher than I expected And this is a poor example I won't be Doing it like that again [Music] Um Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] Before we go any farther let's take a Look at the wood this is uh from the Tree that had already snapped off you Can tell it's really rotten I'm going to

Try to split all these in a second see How crisp they'll pop I'm thinking this Won't do it very good I'm not even sure I'm willing to make these into firewood This is the tree that was had the Disease and was dying but was still the Full tree so obviously it wasn't far Along this wood is definitely firm Enough to make good firewood almost Lumber And here's one that I cut down that was Leaning over the pond That was in really Good shape And you can see that's good solid wood If this is any bigger You could cut this up into Lumber Dimensional Lumber but this one's going To be firewood Okay I've got the excavator out to clean Up I'm gonna go put the smaller bucket On I have the muck bucket on right now But you can see how rotten Some of these logs were it hit they hit The ground and they just flat blew up Not very long long chunks The ones that were full height Teams seem to well they didn't break off So that means they were a little bit Stronger and they seem to have more Solid wood in them and so there's still One piece I chose to leave those three for now Yeah a little bit

Rotten but not really pretty solid wood Right here Foreign [Music] This darker area This darker area here is pretty solid Wood a lot of this is will be good Enough for firewood when I dry it out Some on the outside here I wouldn't want To sold out to anyone But I think I will get at least some Firewood Out of this Can't quite reach this log that I fell Into the pond with my excavator I'm Going to try to run up there I've got a Bunch of this pull tape that we use when We put the electrical conduit down and Pulled the main power in this is Supposed to be able to hold a couple Pounds pressure this is a lot lighter Than the cable to run around I mean it's Simply a rough Bank tie this around the Tree bring it back to the bucket of my Excavator and then hopefully give it a Tug it's downhill and it's not a big Tree this should be plenty strong enough To pull that out Foreign Foreign All right the hazard trees are down and They're stacked up here ready to cut for Firewood easy where I I can get my dump Trailer to load these logs up and take

Them to my wood processing area uh not a Bad day's work my day is not done you Can see the sun's getting a little bit Low because I got the sun on the side of My face here but I still got a couple Hours I'm gonna go up the trail clear Some Trails up there with the excavator And clean out some of the debris that's In the pond behind the camera there and Other than that it was a good day thanks For joining me on the Flanagan Homestead Where Christmas trees are my business Teaching food Horticulture is my job and Outdoor projects are my passion hope to See you again soon be blessed everyone

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