Easy Wire Pulling through Conduit: Vacuum Cleaner Method! ????????

Hey welcome back to the channel today We're going to show you how to pull wire Through conduit you guys come on So let me walk you through what we're Going to be doing this little building Is going to house all of our solar Stuff we'll just call it that and as you Can see we're putting in our solar Panels and we put underground conduit From the this building and this is the Wire that's going to be running uh the Solar power into this little building so It goes underground here this is a one Inch conduit it goes along And it comes back up to this junction Box now this junction box has an inlet And an outlet so again it's going to Come down and loop over to the next Panel there's going to be two of these Panel systems so let's show you how to Do it and I'm going to take you step by Step and we'll show you what mistakes we Make and we've done it before so I think We've got a good handle on this you have To be able to put a vacuum hose from Your vacuum cleaner on one end in this Case it's gonna be kind of hard to get Into this end the other end is going to Be a lot easier to get it into so we're Going to use we're going to pull the Vacuum through from this side so the bag Will actually be sucked through All you have to do is just tie a little Knot

So it doesn't pull the bag off So I have to do is tie that little knot To keep the Where the string can't pull off and then Tie a knot in the bag so that the knot Can't pull over the bag so the bag's Pretty slick that's the whole purpose Then all you're going to do is take the Bag and gently try to push it into the Hole without causing any damage You don't want to stuff it in there so Hard that it's hard to get through And then the next portion is is you're Going to have to have enough string Let loose So that it can pull its way across So that's roughly The same distance here's the ticket Sometimes grass Little clods of dirt can cause this to Hang up so do your best to make sure That there's nothing going to hang this Up So this is a little vacuum cleaner we Got from Harbor Freight and if this Works this is a game changer because It's battery powered and uh It's got some pretty good suction so I Think it's going to work I think I I think I closed the uh I Stuffed the plastic bag in there too I Think you're gonna have to hold it Yeah that's pretty tight You're just gonna have to pull back on

It and let it help it help it through It's a two-person process I mean this thing is very small bag Cleaner too it don't have enough But don't don't take it off leave that On I need to make a yeah you'll have to Make it smaller just like This one you have to cut that off No no no not making too much or not Because it's a That's way smaller than the hole is no I Mean this is too much You're gonna have enough that it fluffs The Best one is hanging All right The big shop vac has a lot of a lot of Vacuum pressure All right remember they got a C2 so Don't don't get in the way Oh we got it right So that definitely works once we got it Right Apparently there was dirt in the holes Too Where I was working there's a little bit Of I'm gonna go ahead and Run the vacuum on this other one before We start A little bit of mud in there Forgot to uh All right so now we've got our first Piece through I'm happy with that that

Worked really well Once we got the bugs worked out Well the next thing we're going to do is Just cut off the excess string and then Extend it now it's ready we're ready to Feed Wire Yeah All right so this is a contraption that I'm making I got my my saw horses here And they've got these little slots that Are perfect for setting two by fours in To make like little temporary work Tables what also works is a really good Cable feed so all we're going to do is Put our cable in So it rotates pretty easily And then we'll pull all of our cable at One time that's the goal This is an eight gauge Copper 10 coated Copper wire that we're using to pull our Solar This is Big enough that if we ever decide to Upgrade in the future it should meet all Of our needs So it's really important that you get Your your wire rolls the right direction You're going to take the so when the Wire rolls over it's pulling off at the Same the same way If you don't it could cause you some Heartache So what I'm going to do here is just tie

A knot Around the base of this and then we'll Tape it because the Knot's not going to Hold it but it will keep the wire Together it make it easier to tape Your thing's hotter in the Sun and Stickier So what I've found in the past is to Stagger the wire so I got one wire a Little bit longer Then the next one and then the next one And that way it's not one big giant end Coming at the hole The next thing is to tape this but you Don't want to make wads of tape and I Hate to you know we're doing this for People that's never done it before if You make a big wad of tape it's going to Actually hang up so you want to make Your tape smooth And keep it as narrow Let it that way it goes through the The tube or the conduit a lot easier Just work my way down I wish I had uh come up with it the Vacuum cleaner ideal that's not mine It's something I've seen done before and I just copied it but I still thought It'd make a good video for somebody That's never done it before and I can Break it down to A new person doing it because I'm a new person All right so there we go

Yep go ahead Antonia's going to pull the String on the other end and I'll get it Started She's going to keep pulling just a Little bit at a time we're going to work It work it through This is what I'm talking about you got To have the cables now I got my cables On top of one another Hang on Oh that sucked There it goes Pull a little bit Keep on Keep pulling You know this was not this will seem Like a great deal at the time but My little conduit roll If I had to do over again I would I Would have wound all this up on this Conduit So now all I've got is just a big giant Mess All my professional electricians out There are laughing at me but these are Things we do when you're new I've done them I pulled wire before but You know not enough to be a pro at it So hopefully somebody can learn from This Right a little more But it's going through and that's what Really matters Yeah I probably should have just pulled

This all out and laid it on the ground Would have been a lot easier Okay can we pull All right hold on This was on spools it would have done Fine right pull All right Paul The last time that I done this little Trick I had the wire on spools and That's why it done so well Never even dreamed about this big mess I Just made It's coming and it's still way better Than trying to do it any other way All right go ahead and pull a little bit More That should be more than enough there Okay Yeah it's just gonna be easier to pull It out like this Big old Tangled mess All right so I need to have enough for My To go in the building To work with So note here if you're going to do this If you have spools of wired you can use My little trick if you don't have spools Of wire then definitely don't do that Because Made it pretty pretty bad so I picked This wiring kit up this is made Specifically for solar installation Crimping the solar the solar ends but

It's got nice wire cutters I'm going to Leave a link to this if you're Interested in this just got it off Amazon but uh It's really nice to have this kind of Stuff handy It's got a wire stripper crimper the Tools to take off the solar connectors And then a wire set of wire cutters All right I'm going to go ahead and I'm Giving myself ample wire Good set of wire cutters it's got the Little lock clamps it back down all Right we're going to take these wires I've got ample wire left over if you're Interested in this build and we're going To do a complete build or video on the Build of the solar but the red wire and The bite wire those are the solar wires That's where the high voltage DC comes In from the solar panels and this is a 12 volt wire that's going to control the Automatic it's going to provide Power For the automatic tracking system So I'm gonna go ahead and stab all this Through into the building Nice and clean Take this in here where the Where our tape is I'm just going to snip This off Instead of trying to untape all this With eight gauge wire and these things Just right through it so we made a Mistake with our wire before I'm gonna

See if I can correct that on this one to See if it's a little bit easier and we Guys we'll show you what we do on this One as well Don't last don't make fun There you go Done All right what's that one little cartoon Melt yeah I like belt what was that Cruz Cruz Last good cartoon I ever seen All right so again we're going to take Our string And tie a knot around it back here Just to hold them together I staggered The wires again One wire at a time basically we're Trying to get through there Can't really work and talk at the same Time I don't think my computer's got Enough computing power When again don't make the tape really Thick big knots because it will Hang up the in the pipe Again my computer just quit right in the Middle of talking All right you got this one Tony if you Will just use I think you'll see this One is a lot easier because we're not Worrying about the wire Now this is uh we should put the wire Out straight so it should help I mean this should go really quick She's pushing in a little bit as I

Pull the string on this end a little bit More help Make that turn there All right we got it out on this end So we got this dramatic moment where we Pull the wire out this dun dun dun dun Dun dun dun dun oh no Okay there we go we still got to get Some more pool Wolf or die I'm having a lot of excess I bought a Lot of excess wire I believe that should be more More than it that's good That's more than enough That took us about 30 minutes to run the Wire through this one which will be less Time if I had laid the wire out a Learning curve I just learned something Don't don't put loose wire on a stick We run all the way through here Down again to the second one and we got Our wire hanging out here now we're Ready to move forward I hope this helped You with the running wire through Conduit we've done this with four inch Conduit all the way down to one inch Conduit listen God bless All right

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