Egg prices should come down this summer. Here’s why.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead let's talk about eggs and What's going on with eggs and the Egg Prices uh you know it's not uh news to Anyone right now that the egg prices are Up and they're up quite a bit and you Know there's quite a buzz on social Media about it and uh so I just want you To to assure you are I believe that the Egg prices are going to come back down Uh significantly in the not too distant Future although they're not coming all The way down and uh here's a couple Different factors that are playing into It right now and but it hopefully can Change soon one factor is you know There's just inflation in general and Feed Supply uh costs and everything are Up so the The Producers have to replace That cost so naturally the price needs To go up the supply chain issues that We've all been hearing about have from The previous year are still affecting uh Us a little bit so that's an issue and Then another very big there's two other Very big issues that uh are hopefully Going to change quite soon but you know We were fighting the avian flu and if Chickens go get that is if they get in a Flock of chickens they were supposed to Euthanize put down all the chickens in There and so I was reading reports that Just recently over 50 million chickens Had to be put down and so if you're put

Down 50 million chickens that are Producing eggs you're going to have a Lot less eggs Also uh this time of year we're coming Out of the winter we're in January now Or we're in the middle of winter it's Just natural for birds to produce a lot Less eggs at this point in time so Between the winter the avian flu supply Chain whatnot it things are really Expensive the the highest I've heard of In rear force and this is the highest This is not normal is uh 12 almost 12 Dollars for an 18 count and that is That's a lot of money for eggs so those Of us that are on the homesteads you Know the chickens are the most common Things I believe for animal for us to be Raising So I'm happy to be getting my own eggs And normally I'm selling eggs but Coyotes took care of a lot of my Chickens recently and so I'm I'm Battling back against them But I don't have enough eggs to sell I Just have enough for my family right now But I do believe prices are going to be Coming back down also another thing that Factors in is it's interesting that uh Americans are eating about 15 to 20 Percent more eggs adding more to their Diets and and that's interesting I don't Know the Two I've I've taught health for 30 years

Now and one of my favorite topics to Talk about is eggs and having a Discussion about that because there's Probably not a more polarizing food than Eggs there are some people myself Included that believe eggs are almost a Superfood the amount of proteins and Nutrients packed into it that you can Get an egg is amazing and it produces a Lot for your body and then there's a lot Of people on the other side you can find Research that shows it that says uh you Know the cholesterol and eggs are bad And every time you eat an egg you're Taking off time off your life and so There's two extreme opposites and the Truth may be somewhere in the middle but Uh the pendulum might be swinging more Towards eggs being really good for you Or what I think is probably more common Is the price of beef went up so much Recently that people are like I got to Get protein somewhere else and so they Started looking to eggs as a good source Of protein and that's why egg Consumption has been up over the last Couple years but anyway the nice thing Is prices should start coming down Because you know it what does it take Less than a month to for a fertilized Egg to be incubated and grow and hatch And then from the time a chicken hatches To point of production is usually about Six months so you you got to know that

These egg producers that have lost with Other chickens and there's such a demand Right now you got to believe that we're Hatching out chicks and they're trying To raise them but they're just not ready To lay eggs yet but I'm hoping and I'm Believing by sometime this summer we're Going to have significa significantly More eggs and we won't have to be Praying paying such a high price for it Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects are my Passion hope to see you again soon be Blessed everyone

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