Emergency Tree Removal From House Roof Damage, Hurricane Force Winds

Hey good morning we're going to the farm Today we got the trailer on uh we had Horrific storms yesterday here we had 65 Mile an hour winds and uh some say uh Tropical storm winds for sure but There's also some reports of hurricane One Forest winds in the middle of Tennessee that's pretty pretty unusual Lots of trees down power still out to a Lot of people Our farm it's it's intact Coley so the Fast 2K for all the stuff we put down It's all great but some of our neighbors Have trees on their house and we're Going to go help with that today All right All right Our farm fared very very well we got a Little Rufus tied down on the trailer Now we're going to our next friend's House see if this is perfect for this Stuff Wow Oh In this video it looks like we just Pulled up and started working but I want You to know that we did do some planning Here and we looked at leverage and Physics and a lot of different things to Uh the weight of this tree this is a Tulip poplar tree so it's not a very Heavy tree uh but still there was a lot Of painting that went on before we just Walked in and started cutting

So at this point I wasn't trying to cut This tree in two I it would have Possibly fell down and hit the house if We already cut it in two I was just Trying to make a hinge point and keep Some of the heaviness of the tree off of The house while we were cutting the Heavy end off of the tree Even though tulip poplar is not a very Heavy tree this size tree at this point Was still a little too much for the 474 And the mini clip to pick up by itself So I put this a small tractor with a Grapple up just to make sure that it Didn't shift one way or the other So I had the mini clip clamped at the Top and I had the grapple clamped at the Bottom I felt like I had the necessary Forces in place if you will to make sure The tree didn't jump but as you can see I I was really staying away from that uh I was afraid that it could possibly Shift backwards on me and like a Plunge At my leg so I was definitely you know Paying attention to this and I I just Took little bites and little bites and And we got it right it I was right in my Uh the way I figured it in my head Because it did this I had a little bit Of lift on it from the uh from the Tractor and when I made the final cut The end of the log just kind of popped You know popped up just a little bit I've got a lot of experience with tulip

Popper I understand the weight and it Looks like a pretty good sized tree but It was fairly Dead uh which makes it Even lighter and then on top of that the Uh you know I picked up much bigger logs Of tulip poplar with that little tractor You can see here where I get on the Tractor and then I uh what I'm doing is I'm lifting this up just a little bit of Putting a little bit more up pressure on The log or the actual tree because when I did cut that I didn't want it to just Slam down I wanted to stay in control of The log So you're seeing me do this in real time And I really wanted to show that because You can what I'm doing is I'm I'm making Moves and I'm re-evaluating uh what kind Of risk and then I'm back at it again And then all the way through this Process I'm constantly reevaluating what Could go wrong because that's you know You really need to think about what Could go wrong this tree could spring up And you know hit me it could do more to Fall in and do more damage onto the uh Or to the house I would definitely Constantly reevaluating the risk So when that popped up that was pretty Much exactly the way I had it figured in My head and then now I'm just taking the Big pieces off taking the excess weight Off of the log and I'm just going to Work my way up more and more and then

Took it to the point where the 474 can Just lift the rest of the log off of the House The goal of this was to keep from Causing more damage to the roof she had Already lost some shingles due to the High winds but we didn't want to damage Any more of the outer edge than already Was damaged and we Um just watch I was pretty pleased with How it all went and you know it Obviously could have went totally Different and I'm sure there's going to Be some people saying that I know that I Forgot my chainsaw Chaps at the house Got that too but we it was a very uh you Know quick he went out the door to help People everybody here that we're helping Doesn't have power to their house yet And we need to back up a little bit You ain't got to ask me please So it's hard to see this in the video But the mini clip is rated at about Seven inches to the max cut and right Here in this tree it's about 10 inches So it's over the Max and I'm trying to Like uh clamp it release it clamp it Release it clamp it release it but it's Just not uh I just don't have enough Pressure to cut through a 10 inch log It's not made to do 10 inches but this Is kind of an emergency situation so we Tried All the while doing this I also was

Keeping the tree off of the weight of The tree off of the roof This is where it gets a little sketchy I Had to back out and you know kind of Feel my way through I wanted to cut a Little bit more weight off it was still Just a little bit too heavy uh for me to Uh lift it with a 474. so I knew if I Could just cut a little bit more off I'll be able to lift it and move it off Of the uh You know off of the house so You know this is a little sketchy Cutting this High over your head I don't Really like doing that but again Um this was a You know kind of an emergency After looking at the cutter blade I Realized that I had cut almost all the Way through so I thought this might be The place I knew if I cut it right here That the tree would not fall on the House it was far enough away for the House the main part of the log wouldn't Fall away and I had the little tractor There with the ground pool to kind of Keep it off of really the little tractor Didn't need to be there at all but it Definitely didn't hurt anything so that Was nice that it snapped it and just Kind of set right there I was able just to clamp down and back Away pulling everything away from the House

So this is another point where he gets Really sketchy I have to let go of the Limbs so that I can uh get a different Bite on it now since that the long Portion is on top of the roof so I had To set it down so gently and you know do My very very best not to damage the roof Anymore which I succeeded I didn't Damage the roof anymore and then come Back and get a different bite Now this is the point where the job Actually starts being fun because we've Managed to get it off the roof without Causing any more damage and now this Just needs to go away so I just started Taking the mini clip and just chopping Everything up into little little bitty Piece pieces so that I didn't have to Run the chainsaw through it as much and Then you know just clean up the mess The next time I have my stump grinder on I'll run down here with a tractor and Knock this uh the stump down for her This is really a great Community to be In because Neighbors come out of the Woodwork to help even though they may Have limbs down they realize that she She had a much worse situation than they Did nobody had power here for about five Days I believe that it was about five Days that they were without power so Everybody you know shared generators to Keep deep deep freezes deep freezers and Refrigerators from spoiling you know the

Community really came together Well this was not a one-off I mean Everywhere we looked everywhere Everybody everywhere we drove by there Was you know people helping other people Just to let you know this video is not Over we leave here and go to another Home where we uh help clean up a tree That fell across an air conditioner And through the backyard it's there's Trees down everywhere Thousand Years So we were leaving uh the first house And going to another friend's house to Help them remove a tree that had fell Over onto their their AC heater unit and Um it was pretty cool because when we Got there another neighbor had already Come over and cut this uh this tree Completely up This tree was uh I think the official Name is the Juniper but we always call It red cedar and by the time we left we Had removed all of the trees and burnt It down to uh just you know a small pile Of when we left there was only a small Pile of burning brush we used the Tractor to push it all back up and get It burnt so that's a good thing about Juniper you can actually burn it you Know really quickly uh right after it Comes down If you want to see a good fire don't Don't leave the video just yet

Those chickens were not a big fan of the Tractor being in their in their backyard Foreign Young lady hi there Hi Oh you look mad aren't you Notice in the background the metal bench The how the legs are buried in the Ground the tree fell directly across That bench and it did not bend it for Some reason we didn't get the video of It getting pulled out but I used the Grapple and just hung it and pulled it Directly out of the ground Now this stop here it was a it was Already ripped out we moved it uh you Know we ripped out of the ground so we Were absolutely able to move it around With this was a little bit too much for The T25 that thing had a lot of dirt on It I did turn it up on its side and try To you know uh scuff some of the dirt Off and I had hoped to put it in the Fire but it was just too much to get Through the gate and it was just too Much for the tractor I couldn't pick it Up over the I couldn't pick it up over The fence so we just knocked there you Know slid it back over into the hole and Eventually I'll bring the big tractor Over and then we can uh grab it then Okay Now we're on to the next location

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