Every Hardworking Man Needs a Pair of These

Hey it's Barack here from Rock Hill Farms and today I'm going to make a Video about Workwear now that's a topic I didn't think I would ever cover Because I don't have much interest in it Honestly because I don't really care About How I look my wife gives me a hard time Because I've got all these videos and She said you know hundreds of thousands Of people have watched you in that video With those stained shirts and the jacket With a rip in it Said I don't care I'm for me it's all About the task or whatever I'm doing and I don't even think about that but This product I've had for like three Years and I'm so impressed with it as I Was picking a pair of these up today To go out to work I just stopped and Thought about it for a minute and I said This is a great product to recommend on A video So like today I cut up a tree hauled off Some brush I was walking through a lot Of thorn bushes and just out working Trying to clean up Backfield here on the property and That's the kind of stuff I do every day I've been self-employed for a few years And I actually bought these Which let's go ahead and show you what They are these are caterpillar

Caterpillar brand Work pants And I bought three pairs of these about Three years ago because I bought a Rental house and it needed a roof It needed all the floors replaced ripped Out all the wool all the sheetrock out Of the half the house part of it we Salvaged and repaired the sheetrock but We replaced all the wiring I crawled Under it into the crawl space and put All new pecs in place of all the old Plumbing that was in there completely Redid this rental house And as I was starting on that I thought Man I need some good work pants and I Don't like carrying I don't like wearing A nail apron that much but it's really Handy when you're working like that That's what's so great about these it's A pair of pants right but It's got Built-in removable knee pads And Nail bags or tool pouches Now I've I wear these like every day I've got three pairs of them if you look At these I've been working in these for Three years they look new there's no Stains on these and I'm the kind of guy If I'm greasing a machine I got some Grease on my hand I wipe it on my pants That's why everything I have looks so

Bad Well I do that with these and like maybe There's a little bit of something Stained on it right there But these are water resistant so They've got like a strong repellent on Them and there's no stains on these I regularly crawl around on my hands and Knees crawling under equipment or Whatever it is And these still look new there's no Tears in any of the three pairs Okay so hit the grape the lighter gray Part is the knee It's got Velcro on it and you slide These knee pads in And if you've ever worn knee pads you Know that the straps on knee pads suck Well this is knee pads Without straps So when you put that in there Velcro closed it doesn't slide around Because it doesn't have room to slide Around And you've got built-in knee pads then You've got a whole bunch of pockets on These you've got a ring right here you Can hang a carabiner from You've got three buttons on it You undo these three buttons And then You attach those three buttons Or snaps You've got three snaps on it and you

Just snap it onto the pant So now you can put a utility knife and a Carpenter's pencil and whatever it is That you carry with you you know you've Got these little pockets here you got Three here and a bigger one here for Nails or something like that The other thing about these I'm not as Thin as I used to be these have A stretch material in the waistband and This is really grippy right here So it's got three rows of this grip Material and then this this yellow stuff Is kind of tacky So these do not slide down so if I wear Any type of blue jeans even if they fit Me I have to wear a belt I don't wear a Belt with these pants and they just stay Up So I don't know what else you can say about It so this is not a sponsored product Okay I'm definitely not if I was Sponsored by caterpillar you would know It I bought these with my own money Before I had a YouTube channel I was Just marveling today that they aren't Worn out in any way they're the most Comfortable pants I own They have tool storage And knee pads So if you're in the trades I would Absolutely Get some of these this is just a really

High quality product they are kind of Expensive the exact set I have here I Believe is like 88 dollars so not cheap But after three years I'd say they were Worth it so don't expect a bunch of Clothing reviews from me coming up in The future but I think these are a great Investment I appreciate you taking time To watch the video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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