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Hey welcome back to the channel today We're going to reach for the skies Hershey Birds I'm trying to record here These crows what's up with this they she Pushed the record button and they went Nuts So what we're going to do today is There's a limb that goes above the new Greenhouse and we were going to take Down the the tree and and Tanya's Decided that she would rather keep it so This one Leon leans pretty heavily Towards the greenhouse and it makes the Tree pretty unshapely it's like one big Limb going out by itself the rest of the Tree is pretty pretty nice maybe two Little limbs we need to cut off anyway The mini clip if you guys not seen that Before in other videos we have a mini Clip that will reach up with my tractor About 16 feet in the air and you can Snip off a limb that's seven seven Inches in diameter well this is just Out Of Reach there's no way we can reach it So I got a pole saw and this is a new Pole saw and the reason we have a new Pulse all because I ran over my other Pole saw about two years ago with the Tractor and I've never replaced it so I Picked this one up and now we're going To try this out it seems to be pretty Pretty good These are chainsaws so be careful this One kind of kind of neat kind of kind of

Neat it's kind of kind of neat I can't Talk What a shocker Anyway so this is a kind of a neat Little rig it's two parts you can break This part down and just you just remove The like this it's where the battery Hooks up and you can make a little Chainsaw They've come a long way with these Things guys this is pretty pretty Amazing the only thing this one is not An automatic Oiler every once in a while You have to push your thumb on this Little uh nipple here to press all into It so it will charge obviously that's Not gonna work now because they don't Have a battery battery is on the stick So you can move the battery to here and For here there anyway Let's don't talk about this no more and Let's go cut some limbs down I will say that the man basket has been One of the most useful tools if you're Developing a homestead and you've got a Tractor and a set of forks this is a Pretty substantial man basket they make Smaller ones but this has been the most Helpful thing we use it to build the Greenhouse we use it to build the pole Barn we've used it for about everything That we've done pretty simple but it Seems to work All right go down here now what I'm

Going to do is like instead of having One big piece fall off I'm going to like Take little pieces along the way This is I'll be there Gizmo looked at me like whoa Whoa Thank you Foreign That's pretty good All right I'm gonna take a little bit This big one down I mean the wind is perfect I couldn't Plan this no better to throw the sawdust Back in my face Foreign Tweet So another thing you got to do with this One though is every once in a while you Got to come up here Push the little Primer button up here to push oil into It because I said it's it's not an Automatic Oiler why did we put you down Because we need to come at this angle so I can get that one but I need to be away From it I'm going to cut it off even Probably come from the other side okay Okay All right here we go All right let's see I'm gonna try to cut These off so that other one will fall Straight down Thank you

Foreign Is a very hard tree And this little saw running on a 20 volt 21 boat that says battery It's doing pretty good Oh perfect that's what I wanted to Happen I want to just kind of hinge down And I hit my fence That was always my worry This one may hit but it's quite a bit Lighter huh No I should go straight down See how that I start and let it hinge Foreign I was puckered for a quick second All right here comes a test I'm going to Start chopping this big one off Icer no I don't want to be closer I just gotta let it sit here and let it Grind I guess It's probably a good chance I'm not pushing down at all I'm just Letting us all cut it at its own pace It's got like an eight inch bar on it Probably 10 I don't know eight I think Eight probably should read the Directions on this stuff Foreign I don't know if I can cut that off the Other one off of this That is only eight inch But it That's probably A good six inches around right there

Okay Um I think what you do is just go Forward and swing around to the left Where I can get behind this one and cut That other one off right there I'm gonna go ahead and I hadn't pumped that oil primer for a Little bit that was pretty good tree I Just cut off like I said they almost Tough Foreign Slim Right There Okay Um I think what I need you to do is set me Down And then take the tractor around So this uh saw is called a Mdum live never heard of it but it's Amazon fine and if for me If we had to pay somebody come out here And do this it would cost a whole lot More than buying this little thing Obviously you got to have a tractor in a Man basket but we already have those Things so if you have those things Not a bad little gig here Foreign Here we go This is asking a whole lot from this off Okay my angle is not right and I Remember that you can adjust the angle a Little bit It's cutting now

I don't surprise I'm not surprised when It shuts off you just have to let it Reset and You know cool off a second and For me like I said it's worth it for for Doing this Hold them on with the battery and see Battery's still got two bars Looks it is not meant to do this this is Way Overkill but like I said if I burn This up it's well worth the money Because few hours to pay somebody come Out and cut this off it's probably cost You know I bet it cost two thousand Dollars somebody come out here in one of Those little man lift Yeah it's the blaze not long enough Foreign It's not probably the healthiest thing To do For that limb but I don't like this tree Anyway She wants to keep it Well if you want to see more stuff like This check out the video right here hey Welcome back to the channel today we're Going to Reach for the skies

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