Extreme Tractor Mulcher – Steep Hills – Lessons Learned

This was another fun day clearing land in front of the cabin. Lesson Learned with the Baumalight MP348 mulcher. The TYM T474 keeps on Rocking

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[Music] Woo hey welcome back to the channel we Are building our cabin here and we've Got some day some some daylight where we Can work but we got we're waai on some Material so we can't work on the cabin So what we're going to do we have the Muler and the t474 again and what we're Going to do is work down in front of This hill it's a big giant mess and we Want to have a view down the hill at Some point so let me show You so this is down the hill in front of Our cabin and it is steep this drops off Almost 100 ft at an angle I don't know What the angle is but it's pretty steep And we're going to come in here and and Try to clean up as much as we can with The Trasher obviously some of the stuff The the grinder or the Moler is not Going to grind it up we would have to Have a a chainsaw back here but that's Not the goal today our goal is just to Push clear everything towards the bottom Of the hill leaving only the Big Trees So we can have some view in between the Trees but yet still beef in the woods Make Sense I got the thumbs up behind the Camera all right let's get to It All right when you start doing something Like this especially in an area that's New we've worked on this area back here

A lot we've we've cleared dead trees Down but when you come into an area like This your head needs to be on a swivel You need to be looking up you need to be Looking for dead limbs because you can Bump up against a tree that has dead Limbs in top of it those fall out on Your head and kill you so it's something To think about uh not trying to scare You but it's just something you really Have to think about come on go to Mama A [Music] Oh All Oh [Music] [Music] Oh It Happens Oh I got a dead tree with some vines in It be B gentle and push it Over good topple back on Me we got to be really Careful You don't want to hit It [Music] Woo That stump's high that's a little bit Too big for this but we got

It Couple of Stomps down there didn't see It Some of those trees are like Cables [Music] [Music] Go [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] What I No W [Music] [Music] For W What do you think Buddy what do you Think Tanya like it she likes it it Opens it up this is some hanky stuff I'm Doing here this is steep steep very Steep and I've got thousands of hours on Tractors and equipment and I Easily know I'm just saying that anybody Can make mistakes I had one time that The a stunk got under my uh grapple and Caused the back of the wheel to want to Come up and that was a a little bit uh Scary but what you do in those Situations when you see it happen it's All implements down so that's that's

Your loader down and your three-pointer Hitch down as fast as you can get it and Most times that will level it out and in This case it did you got it back on the Ground and uh when you're dealing with Pushing downhill you have a lot of push Downhill because the weight of the Tractor is going downhill as well you Can also get downhill and not get back Up um there's a case over here where I Got behind the stump and I was able to Lock my rear axles in and and get back Up uh also I heard the brakes creaking On the tractor a little bit and that Means the brakes are getting hot and What has happened is is a a limb had Pushed up on the tractor and actually um There's a rod that pulls the brake and Had bent it a little bit and it's Keeping the brakes is barely engage so I Went back under there and bent it back Out by hand uh when you do stuff like This in the woods there's definitely the Opportunity for stuff like that to Happen I've often thought about taking The 474 and putting some sort of plate Up under it uh to cuz we're always in The woods and we use it like a skitter And just a few like a one a steel plate Mounted onto the loader suspension or The loader loader frame would really Protect the underside of the tractor it Doesn't have a lot of stuff hanging out Anyway and we've never really had a

Serious issue but so when you're doing This kind of stuff I really you know I Want to reiterate Keep Your Head on a Swivel look up you're always looking for Dead Limbs and trees CU you can swing Around and bump a tree and a limb fall Out from 50 ft in the air and stab you There's been many of people killed that Way uh it's better to have a hard cover Over you but uh in this case it also Keeps you from seeing up so that's it's Kind of a you'd always need a almost Like a steel cage to go over and that's Something to think about too but we've Made a lot of progress a lot of progress And I'd say we've we've cleared off a What eighth of an acre or so maybe a Little over an eighth of an acre just in This is very harsh very harsh Eventually this is going to go down if You you can see where it goes down and Then goes back up the other side this is Where we're going to put a levy across And there's going to be a small Lake Down here not really decid if it's going To be a big pond or a small Lake I want To do8 acres and she wants to do maybe Two or three acres so you guys tell me What you think God bless have a great Day what are we seeing Buddy [Music]

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