Finally, A Real Tractor Forestry Mulcher | Baumalight MP348

This is going to be a fun video this is Something that I have wanted to try and Use for years so we have worked with Mama light and I passed the implement we Use the the Obama light FMP 260 flail Mower that thing’s a beast to love it And They have something else for tractors And I’ll give you a sneak peek in just a Second All right All right let me show you what we’ve got And this is just a little sneak peek If you can see in there I don’t know if you can or not Can you see in there Look at that I gotta put my knife away Four cup fingers off The next time you see this we’re going To be taking it out of the crate and Putting it to work We’re loading our toys up Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] ’s excited we have wanted a mulcher for A long time and we are excited to run This thing through a full demo we’re Going to just give it all all it can Handle and the next thing we got to do We’ve got it on I’m not going to really

Go over Um How to set it up on the three-point Hitch it’s just not necessary it’s no Different than any other three-point Hitch Implement nothing special about That at all however I am going to talk a Little bit about cutting the PTO shaft I Have a full video on how to cut the PTO Shaft but there are some things you need To think about with this one especially If you’re using a hydraulic top link When we put a shaft on is a common Mistake is to measure while the Implement is in this in its neutral Position which is right here what Happens is when you raise your your Three-point hitch up it actually the Implement actually comes closer to the Tractor so you want to take your Measurement in the up position So when we take our measurement now it’s Going to actually be shorter but here’s Another thing to think about that’s Probably overlooked a lot is if you have A hydraulic Top Lane See the the when I pull this hydraulic Top Link in it’s shortened even more so I would tossing you to pull it in Obviously we’re probably not going to Run it like this but we’ll go ahead and Cut it this will be our shortest length And then we’ll look at our longest Length to make sure that we have enough

Coverage in the in the PTO shaft All right and through the magic of video The shaft’s been cut it’s been installed It’s been greased I’m uh I’m so far I’m Impressed with how it looks how it’s Built it’s it’s really heavy made each One of these teeth are are round and but They’re three-sided so there’s little Notches in them so you as you wear one Side of the teeth out you loosen the nut Up but you rotate it around to the next Flat spot and it it rotates the next Sharp edge around so you get three sets Of cuts off of these one one set of Teeth so that’s pretty impressive too we Don’t have rocks here so I think we’re Going to have a really good good Longevity on these teeth Gizmo is supervising the installation of This Mulcher this is the first day that I’ve had to wear a long sleeve shirt It’s October October the 8th yeah long pants and long Shirt it’s going to get we’re going to Actually have a frost tonight I’m Excited So I overlooked the manual I call myself Scheming it I guess is what you call it I kept thinking about me I said there’s Got to be a grease fitting here so sure Enough there is a grease feeding up on Here so and I’m sure there’s going to be One on the other side too that I’m going

To take the cover off and double check Good quality grease good to go So we removed this boat and found out There’s actually a maintenance door here It was a big fancy Kevlar belt and belt Tensioner there kind of reminds me of Something you might see on a blower on a Thousand horsepower core Yeah that’s pretty awesome there’s Another grease fitting right here I feel Pretty good about everything oil Shake Agrees the shaft we went ahead and Grease the other two bearings which I’m Sure were greased from the factory they Look like they were uh It’s really not that complicated so what I’m going to do after reading the manual Kind of looking over some other notes And some videos I’ve seen It’s important The Mulcher sets level So we have a hydraulic top link so what I’m going to do right now is set it Level on a fairly level surface and Use the hydraulic top link to level this Out all right we’re going to start out a Little slower work our way up to a Confidence level in this Mulcher so we Have some small trees here this is a Small Poplar it’s probably three four Inches at the base poplar’s very popular Is very soft wood so I’m not really Worried about this I feel like this is

Going to be a really uh good test for it And uh Yeah this is going to be a picnic area Right here so Tanya wanted this all Cleared out so I think this is going to Be a good test Let’s do it I’m excited here it goes Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you When just that quick we cleared this Area out It’s obviously going to take a little Bit of learning curve it’s a few little Things I got to learn but obviously We’re not going to do no more of this Until it rains we hadn’t had but one Rain in about 90 days it is so dry here That uh it’s just unreasonable to try to Do this in the woods there’s not enough Wind blowing and I’m choking to death And y’all can’t see anything anyway but I will say this just looking at it it Does a good job and I know it would do a Lot better job if I could actually see What I was doing But it is just one of those years we are Having an extremely dry year I just

Can’t wait to get back here and do this Some more but we’re not expecting Another rain for like two weeks I can tell already this thing is Bad to The Bone and I can’t wait to do some More videos on it but for now just Through safety and the fact that I don’t Want to have a severe sinus infection I’m going to call it quits today And that’s so hard because this is like The perfect toy that I’ve been waiting For forever and I can’t use it now Because it’s two day gum dry that’s Under how how crazy is that listen I look forward to showing you some more Of this Subscribe to our Channel if you want to See more of this leave some comments and Tell me what you think I know I should Have wore a mask so go ahead and tell me I should have wore a mask that’s great Uh God bless have a great day

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