Folks I am proud to announce we have now Released the imatch hitchhanger we're Going to show you more about these later In the video so stick around alrighty Folks so we are going to compare A spico quick hitch to a John Deere eye Match today Uh Gotta get this installed still don't Have all my tools out here but I gotta Loosen up And loosen up this fitting [Music] I hate these turnbuckles it's just gonna Mount a quick hitch doesn't matter if It's a red speaker or a gender eye match Or whatever else you get Um they're all going to mount the same Way now so I bought this IMAX brand new I did not have one handy So I got one now you can save some money On an eye match on anything else John Deere if you go to [Music] Enter code GWT during your checkout You're going to save some money on Anything you order Could be Oil change kits could be an eye match LED lights that they have all sorts of Stuff 24 7 Now even with those savings You're normally still paying a bit of a Premium for that uh that John Deere

Green paint But to each their own Speak oehitch over there is available Only in red [Music] Honestly never struggled with a linchpin As much As I have with this one that's on here I Don't know what the deal is with that Just the design of it this is a linchpin That whatever I've never seen this Before so I'm sure it's got a name but This is the one that came with that eye Match I I'm just I guess I'm just an idiot I don't know How to I don't know how to operate that thing I'm used to these right you just flip Them closed and Open them back up but anyway that's What's come that's what comes with the Eye match right there Come on it's out There we go they're both out there It works but See look at that there we go now both Sides did it lots of times it's just the One side that does it you can't pull it Out You can wiggle it if you have enough Room yeah it's all right I like the old Style better get this other one on there [Music]

[Applause] Come on buddy There we go [Applause] Okay [Music] It's not an easy operation I'll tell you Somebody with our throat just kind of a Pain in the butt I don't have arthritis Pain in the butt okay come on I like The concept I don't like the execution Of it The cow We're gonna lengthen that out a second Here Go It doesn't want to lock back into place Come on You know this is an appropriate time to Mention that I am still looking for a Good hydraulic top and side link partner So anybody out there watching if you've Got a good lead a good source let me Know because I'd love to have a good Partner I got this link made locally From a local supply shop but they're Just not They're not the right partner to make These in high production so got this one Custom made it's not going to be the the Right solution so let me know all right Folks so we are going to compare today a John Deere eye match versus a spico e Hitch these are both category one quick

Hitches for the back of your tractor you Saw how this one went on they go on just Like any other attachment does and That's that's kind of well That's kind of what the quick hitch is All about is solving that that pain of Of putting something on each uh Individual arm there you can do all Three arms at one point you want to have An attachment that's compatible so the Pins on your attachment line up with all Three of these points okay and so it Doesn't matter I could put this quick Hitch on this tractor this quick hitch On this tractor you can have a John Deere a summit a Kubota coyote Massey Ferguson whatever as long as this Category one but I'm excited today we're Going to show you a new hitchhanger Product that fits the John Deere eye Match my fabricator I sent him my eye Match and and I figured I'd buy a brand New one so I got that one here it's all Nice and shiny we're going to slap those Hitch hangers on here too I'm going to Tell you more about that a little bit Later on okay so these are really the Two kind of the top dogs that are on the Market out there the land Prides a Pretty popular one as well but not quite In the same category as these two so First thing both of these are going to Weigh in at about 70 pounds I think the Weight is important on a quick hitch

There's some others that are out there Actually quite a few others that are Going to be down in the anywhere from The 40 to the 60 pound range when you're Talking a pretty simple hunk of Steel Weight matters and so if you're able to Cut out 10 20 30 of the weight out of One of these attachments that's a lot And in my mind that's a lot in the wrong Direction you want to have a substantial Beefy piece of equipment that's going to Stand the test of time not something That's going to be prone to torquing Tweaking or just shearing breaking thin Metal all right next thing up just Visually looking at these units just Take a look at the steel you can see the Thickness here of the tube steel Compared to the tube steel over here on The on the spico substantial difference There just a thicker square tubing Versus more of a thinner rectangular Tubing Um perhaps this is a heavier gauge given The fact that the weight is still about The same but an interesting observation Nonetheless next point of Interest I Think on here take a look at the Gusseting or almost lack of gusseting Over here in the John Deere eye match Um really small you got a little bit of Just a tiny little wedge that's kind of In each corner now we do have have these Guys covered up right now by the hitch

Hangers that are on here but you can see The hitchhanger follows the line of the Gusset all the way up it's a lot more Substantial a lot beefier and really Giving it more rigidity all the way Across and then you really can't see the Last major difference by looking at it Well unless you want to talk about paint Color you can paint that speaker any Color you want I promise you but I think A hundred dollar or so up charge just to Get John Deere Green is a little bit Much want to speako And spico red will do just the same Thing now perhaps one of the most Significant cost differences between These two besides just the cost of the Units themselves are going to be the Requirement of bushings all right and You'll notice in these lower hooks a Dimensional difference and we've done Videos all about this I don't really Want to dwell in this video we'll link To other videos But every attachment that you want to Hook up to your John Deere eye match and For most other quickitches out there for That matter are going to require a set Of these bushings a lot of the bushings Are going to have a long kind of collar On them as well and it depends on your Style of attachment you either get Either get this kind right here that is Kind of made to fit in a clevis hook

Where you have two pieces of Steel you Can put it on there or you have the long Style with the collar that goes like on On just the end of a a long pin but the Point being that depending on what style You need you could end up paying 40 Bucks or more for a set of bushings it Just kind of makes it have a tight snug Fit inside of this lower hook and now This thing won't even fit over here on The speaker Okay the reason is this Hook Is designed to fit directly to a Category one pin so there's no bushings That are required there's no other kind Of extra hidden cost that you have to Get for every attachment once you have The quick hitch you're done with the eye Match and most others out there you got To count on getting bushings and adding Up those additional costs for every Attachment that you have now and plan to Get in the future now as far as Everything else goes these are really The same thing okay so the spacing from Left to right is going to be the same The spacing from bottom to top is going To be the same this guy here and this Guy are both going to have adjustable Placements for the top hook because even Though there's a standard specification That controls dimensions for the Quickest and compatible attachments They're still it allows for some Variation here on that top link that

That spacing requirement there so it's Nice to have that there are old eye Matches actually and some really cheap Ones that have a welded top hook so you Lose that flexibility in my mind you Want to avoid getting one of those even If it's a really good deal the top hooks Actually on both of these units are both Oversized all right like you could put a Bushing on there if you want to but a Bushing is not included in the set that You get from John Deere you just don't Really need one for that top hook it's Nice to have some additional flexibility In play to help get things hooked up Nicely the spring-loaded handles you Know both operate the same way same Exact thing right there on both so at The end of the day it's really the same Thing they're both going to be a quality Piece of equipment I'm not putting this Down that it's not a quality piece of Equipment there are some some Differences in its design for sure cost And bushings being the most significant Detractors to why I would not want an Imatch and probably matching green paint I guess being the protractor Is that right protractor you've seen Have you seen that little uh thing I'm Protractor and it's a protractor with a We're going to go with protractor anyway So you get where I'm going with this all Now a couple good things about these we

Lost one We had a whole set on here before but You can get these quick change pins you Can see these bolts okay on both of These that's what they come with nothing Really quick change about that but if You go to bolt on I don't I Don't have a an affiliate partnership With them but they make these quick Change pins really nice to swap out and Adjust your top link they also have Extended top hooks okay for kind of both The the import side and the John Deere Imatch side of things so check them out Ken's a great guy over there a lot of Cool products besides just these couple Of things I mentioned bolt on Alrighty now I'm looking around for the Hitchhanger they got them some around Here but we're gonna put those on now Folks we are proud to be sponsored by Rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's

Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at all right these Bad boys installed One for the left one for the right now We kind of designed these to be Installed with this this extra portion Hanging towards the back have seen a few Folks install them the other way so like This one over on this side I guess it doesn't really matter as long As it doesn't interfere with anything That's on your Um you know on your three-point or on Your quickitch I should say but we're Going to go ahead and get this uh take These bolts off of here for these nuts I Should say Washer Take our little retainer Rack It Off That up so I don't lose it [Music] There we go Kind of work that up [Music] You can see you'll see a difference in The steel design all right because we Kind of matched this one to the radius And and diameter and all that whatever Else stuff That the eye match has and you can see Well let me show you here how it kind of

Falls back a little bit so that's what This this piece of Steel here holding it In place is going to do have the lock Nuts on there and everything else and You can see the weld that's on the seam This is our Wide Point all right and There's a little bit of variation there In the amount of weld that you have and So we tried to make it just a hair Wider than that just to account for it So some might be a little bit more Snuggly fit than others there's very Little play in it really either way I'm gonna take my gloves off for this Part Alrighty folks so this feels pretty good We got them on there we've actually Already sold a few sets some folks just Didn't want to wait we didn't have the Listing up but they'd emailed and we Just made it work so anyways you can fit Three 70 pound or 41 pound suitcase Weights on either this rail on both Rails I should say so you can get six Total weights on here six times seventy Four hundred twenty pounds plus these Weigh 30 pounds all right so up to 450 Pounds of additional ballast weight Additional counterweight you know so of Course the bigger the tractor that you Go the more ballast weight that you need A lot of the manuals will tell you the Minimum balance weight that's required Even on a small tractor like a 1025r the

Manual is going to say you need a Thousand and fifty pounds of ballast Weight on the back side of your machine All right and that is a lot of Counterweight you can't get that just in One form you have to have additional Forms more than more than one thing so You know rim guard their Channel sponsor For good reason we're all about safety Here goes right inside the tires makes a Big difference but that alone is not Enough you know you want to have Something on your three-point hitch get Wheel weights if you can perhaps and so The hitch hangers are a great way to get Additional ballast weight without using Up the three-point hitch you can put a Tool on there and use it for something Else that's why Rim guard's so good Because it's just kind of inside the Tires and hidden away there you don't Have to think about it it's not doing Anything same thing with wheel weights Right so you put something on your Three-point hitch like a ballast box you Know we actually also offer the Versa Bracket you can put on here and hang Suitcase weights it becomes a trailer Mover as well has a little platform you Can put a chainsaw in there you can put A toolbox on there it has chain hooks All sorts of other things as well and so While the primary function would be Additional counterweight or ballast

Weight for your tractor another great Function of the hitch hanger is say you Want to get more down pressure on Attachment on a landscape rake on a box Plate whatever it is you can have this Additional weight kind of pushing down And pushing down into the ground with That attachment to get better scraping Power say even a rear blade if you're Scraping your driveway scraping snow and Ice off and that kind of thing in the Winter time some more ballast weight Back here not only helps stabilize the Tractor and keep traction going but Gives you more down pressure and Scraping ability so both versions of These hitchhangers are made right in the USA American Steel American labor They're my fabricator that I use this is Patent pending really excited about it You know it's a great compliment to the Versa bracket that we have again it's a Good combination especially the larger Tractors you have you want to consider Both of these to have adequate ballast Weight just look at your manual it Hopefully will tell you but again that Point of reference even on a small Subcompact tractor needing a thousand And fifty pounds minimum of ballast Weight means the bigger you go Substantially more weight is needed if You already have suitcase weights we Sell these just as a pair you can get

Same thing with the Versa bracket but if You are looking for a complete setup we Have bundles okay so for the hitchhanger Bundles or the Versa bracket bundles or Both you get your weights you get your Your brackets there too and we ship it Right to you and while we were showing Green weights in the video we used to Carry green weights but because of the Whole that whole pandemic thing we went Through it just became too challenging We switched over to only black weights Which I mean look even on the John Deere Tractor the arms everything most of the Back of this tractor is black all right So I mean come on black goes just fine With this so makes it easy and Streamline black hangers Black versus Bracket black weights alrighty folks Well if you're interested in getting Some of these products we'd love to help You out check out goodworks We sell and ship attachments all over The country every day of the week so we Mentioned quite a few ways to get Ballast weight in this video but there's More than what we said so if you have Something else that you use for ballast Leave a comment down below I hope you Enjoyed today's video and we'd love to Have you stick around so hit that Subscribe button right down below I want To thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay

Safe we'll see you soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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