Firewood shed build in reverse order.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead today is uh one of those Projects I enjoy building but this is Going to be a little bit of a pain the Way I have to do this so behind me you See I uh this is a row of 12 feet long Firewood I have 12 rows of firewood here Uh I cut and stacked this wood here Because I was given some logs during the Summer and I needed to get it done and I Just leveled off a spot and just started Splitting cutting and splitting firewood And I’ve just got a ton of firewood here Right now the unfortunate thing is uh It’s not cured so I can’t burn it this Winter I need to store it but uh I I Don’t I don’t want to tarp it tarps Don’t do the best because it kind of Holds the moisture insole this wood Needs to sit here until next year then I’ll sell it off and so what I’m going To do today is I’m going to build a roof To put over it I’m actually going to Take two by sixes and some metal roofing And I’m going to put the framing right On top of the logs right now it’ll have Some air space underneath it but it’ll It’ll sit on top of it and then next Year as I sell off the wood I am going To go ahead and get them out of the way And I’m going to put some posts in the Ground and put some beams up to hold it Up and then I’m going to actually lift This roof which is going to be 18 by 16

Feet I’m going to put it on top and actually Make a good storage structure but this Is one of those things where you You create more work for yourself Sometimes by I got the wood and I just Started splitting it and stacking it and Letting it cure because logs rot Firewood cures and lumber dries and so I Wanted to cut it and split it so it Would cure and so I’m going to have a Lot of firewood for the next coming Years of my firewood stand and my house But I cut all this and now this is a Good place that I would like to have a Permanently roof structured so again I’m Going to build the roof set it on top of This it’s going to be about five feet High approximately or a little a little Over four feet high it’s going to slope Off that way and then next year I’m Going to turn it a 40 degree turn I’m Going to put an angle on the end boards For a 412 or a 512 pitch so then I will Put that up the back side will be eight Feet high the front will be what 13 feet High something like that and it’ll come Out 16 feet by 18 feet and I’ll have a Good place to park a vehicle underneath It a boat an excavator uh I’ll probably Continue to store firewood here as well So I’ll probably process firewood and Stack it and because the height of the Roof I’ll be able to stack it much

Higher so not use as much space but this Is going to be quite the project all Right behind me here you can see some of The two by sixes that are 20 feet long I’ll actually have to cut those down to About 18 to be the right length I’ve got Some metal roofing here that I cut to I Ordered to match some other stuff that I Have so I don’t have any waste I’ll have To go pick those up and we’re just going To create the roof so it is going to Like I said there’s no flat space to Work here I don’t have powers but I do Have my powder my battery operated saw So I’ll be making that and I’ll just be Pounding galvanized 16s into the wood I’m going to build it right on top of The wood pile I’m actually going to make The cut set the boards there set them on Top pound them there and then try to get The hard part is going to be sitting on Top a wood pile to get everything square And flush and then laying out well so Then that I can put my metal roofing on And screw it down hold it tight and then When I go to put it on An engineered beams and and trusses next Year or not trusses but beams just to Support the roof up and it’ll be nice And square that I won’t have a lot of Shifting in the roof I need to get it Flat and square This year which while laying on top of The wood pile and so that I can shift it

On top of the roof later First Step cutting the 412 pitch on each End this is not For today this is for in the future when I put the roof up and have it sloped out Of 412 this way uh both the front and Back will be straight vertical As I was measuring layout for the Rafters I was already being frustrated With this unlevel surface uh trying to Get these boards to sit side by side Flat so I can Mark where I’m going to Nail on both ends it it’s frustrating It’ll be interesting I hope I hope I’m not going to frustrate myself Trying to build on this unlevel wood Pile it’s not like when you’re building A house and you build the first floor of Wood deck and then you’ve got the floor Deck right there and you can just build Off of that this this is going to be a It might be frustrating I hope not All right next thing I need to do all of My two by sixes need I have 20 Footers I’m cutting them down to 17 feet 6 Inches I have metal roofing to go cover 18 feet I’m going to have The joists on the outside there adding Three inches I want to hang the roofing To overhang a little bit so I’m going Six inches short of 18 feet which my Roofing will do so we’ve got that marked Here Foreign

[Music] [Applause] That should be all the cutting I have to Do for the whole project now we’re going To take these two by sixes we’re going This way across the pile uh I didn’t Mention I’m doing these four feet apart Instead of two feet apart I don’t think We’re gonna have that much snow load Plus uh if I add those extra two by Sixes in every two feet it might be Extra hard to lift next year when we Build the structure so um I think this Will be strong enough to make it work This year [Applause] [Applause] Assistant [Applause] Foreign This last corner Since I’m out into space I had I just Tied some bailing twine to hold this up Generally in this right area Nailed down that end got it up there Then I held this back up and went Proceed to nail it because it was still Kind of out in space and loose and Bouncing I actually put a screw in here First because that screw would go in There grab the board pull it back and Then I put my 16 galvanized 16s in there This next part is where it’s going to Get extra frustrating doing this by

Myself I need to shift this up to into the Place that I want and then I need to Square it up and if I had a partner here You know they’d lift on the opposite Side and then we could adjust so you Could stay there but I’m going to have To lift on one side probably go to the Other side back and forth until I get it Also squaring it up if I was building on A floor deck I just put a nail in there So it didn’t shift and then I could push The other end and you get two different Tapes and put them diagonally across and When they measure the same two diagonal Corners then you know you got it square But I’m not going to have the ability to Do that so this part might get it extra Frustrating so I wish I had one of my Boys here to help me they’re good Workers but you know they got lives of Their own and uh right now they’re I got Some good young ladies in their life That they’re pursuing and uh you know And we’re not just chasing ladies but I Mean they found some good Christian Young ladies that uh they looked they Think they’re going to end up marrying And there’s No greater impact on the future Happiness than finding a good spouse you Could have a good job or whatever but if You’re married to a good spouse uh That’s probably going to create future

Happiness so uh my boys are out doing a Good thing and I’m not saying that your Emotions and your Joys should be Contingent on another person but if you Find a good spouse and you work together As partners and life Partners into Chase And pursue dreams there’s nothing better And I’ve been blessed with the life that I have it makes a big difference Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Foreign This is where I’m going to call it quits For the day I’ve got it framed I’ve got The metal on basically squared but it’s Not perfectly Square I’ll show you the Edges here How it doesn’t quite square up Completely but uh anyway I’ve got it This far When if if it starts to rain right now We’ve got the slope we’ve got the metal Layer overlapped it’s not going to get In there it’s going to keep it dry I’m Not even going to screw it down right Now because it’s not perfectly Square I Don’t want to put some screws in and Then have to shift them later and leave Some holes there so I’m going to get Someone down here later to help me out

We’ll square this up a little bit and Then we’ll put the screws in and it’ll Be fine a huge wind could come and lift This metal off right now since it’s not Screwed down but it would take a big Wind I don’t think that’s going to Happen right now or not for anytime soon So we’re going to leave it like this Until I get some help to square it up And screw it down and then then but this Is where it’s going to sit for the Winter all I got left for today is a Little bit of cleanup Again this roof is going to just sit on The wood pile for this winter as I sell Off the wood next summer and clear out The space we’ll put some holes in put Some posts in and do a pose beam Construction type thing where and then The height of the roof in the back will Be eight feet and the front will be About 15 feet no 13 feet and it’ll be 16 17 feet wide so we’ll have plenty of Storage we can stack wood higher I’ll Probably stack wood on one side and Store equipment on the other side and This will probably continue to be my Wood processing area I’ll bring logs and Drop them off here in front of this I’ll Leave space so I can have my excavator And my splitter out in front and then Just Chuck stuff inside Foreign Once again thanks for joining me on the

Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees Are my business teaching and cleaning Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects like this are my passion hope To see you again soon everyone be Blessed

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