Firewood stand bundles keep selling, I need to be more efficient.

Hello Rob here from Flanagan Homestead Uh today is the day I've been waiting For uh if you've been following the Channel I have a firewood stand you can See it down on the road down there that Uh has been doing quite well on sales But uh you know I've done firewood for Many many years but I've never done Bundles because I didn't have a place Like the stand to do it and uh so uh I've been getting more efficient on my Firewood bundles so I've been stealing Wood from my shed at home taking them Into the garage making bundles putting It in the truck and bringing them down Here but I finally got to the point now Since I've had the stand for a few years That I have this uh Section of firewood split for bundle Size it's already stacked it's got It's Finally got cured and then I've got my Little uh box here that tells me the Size of bundle I want and a place to run My rope under it if you haven't seen how I do uh bundles with two cents a twine And a stick I have a video on that also And so I'm just pulling wood out of many Many cords of wood that I got right here Bundling it up right here in the pickup And just taking it a few feet down there To the firewood stand can we see that Stand here There it is right there [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you Well I didn't get as many bundles as I Wanted to get done today I'm going to do More in just a minute but it's coming Down pretty hard here part rain part Snow and the bundles that I'm setting in The back of my pickup are getting wet And since it's just a short drive I'm Going to get those 10 bundles out put Them in the firewood stand and then I Can go back and do more bundles but uh You know I finally got my firewood dry I Don't want to get into getting all wet Thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees on my Business teaching to you Horticulture is My job an outdoor projects and my Passion hope to see you again soon God Bless Thank you [Applause]

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