Firewood stand: How well do bundles sell in the winter?

Foreign Here from the Flanigan Homestead my Sales have been really good during the Winter much better than I thought they Would be and I I'm wondering why so Let's go through a couple things but I'm Restocking my firewood stand I found and I mentioned in a previous video if I Have five bundles and somebody wants Four they won't stop and buy them but if I have 10 bundles in there they seem to Stop more often even though I have not Run out of bundles in the firewood stand The Sails are a lot lower if there's Only a few bundles in here so I'm trying To get a bunch more in here but I got a Call last night that someone bought all 16 bundles that I had in here at five Dollars a piece so that is really Expensive for firewood I mean my bundles Are the cheapest in the area but if You're buying that much wood buying them In bundles that's pretty expensive and If I knew who it was if he's trying to Heat a home or whatever I would happily Sell them some that are unbundled and Get them to them at a better price but So the firewood sales have been really Good and so this guy and all the other People that are buying my firewood are They trying to heat homes are they just Having picnics outside even though it's Winter time but like today it's a nice Sunny day and you'd enjoy it outside and

Going up this road is the main road to The marble Mountain snow park and people With snowmobiles go up there and Snowmobile and it's my guess that that's Part of it you know people like to start A fire back at camp and go ride the Snowmobiles take turns come back eat Something have a fire going so I'm Thinking that's what it is but I I Honestly hope it's not people that are Trying to heat their homes because They're paying too much for bundles if They want to buy that type of quantity And like I said I'd like to sell it to Them a little bit cheaper but uh to give You an example of how much firewood I'm Selling during the Summers and this is a Major camping area going up the river Here I typically sell a little more than 100 a week in bundles uh firewood so Which is pretty good Um in the winter I expected that to drop Off significantly but I'm going to give You some statistics that I've been Taking and I've been doing quite well And uh not quite as good as the camping Season of The Summer but I am doing well And uh maybe you Can give me some ideas of why you think People are still buying really good in The summer obviously there's heating the Homes but like I said you should be Buying cords of wood to do that not Bundles

All right the sun isn't going to do this Video any uh favors but uh you'll get The idea the shadows and everything so I Have some statistics that I have written Down right here on the stats guy I try To keep track of things Um so November 21st that's the week of Thanksgiving but just before Thanksgiving I collected 45 dollars the 23rd I collected 20 27th right after Thanksgiving I collected 35 uh the 29th I collected 20 more dollars December 1st 20 December 6th 40 dollars uh December 10th 25 more dollars December 13th 15 And December 16th which is today I Collected 80 more dollars so from the 21st of November till the 16th of December which is today I have collected 300 out of my firewood stands so uh that Is less than a month and 300 and I Thought during the camping season uh in The summer when I was doing a hundred Dollars a week or a little over a Hundred dollars a week I was doing Really well but obviously something's Driving people to buy uh and again I Hope it's not trying to heat their home I can sell you a cord if you want to do That don't don't be buying bundles for That Also I've been raiding my own firewood Shed up by the house I normally try to Keep two years worth of firewood in There so I have plenty to spare I have a

Ton of firewood right here that's uh Curing and I haven't put a moisture Meter on it's real close to being dry Enough to sell but I haven't tested it But I've been just emptying out my Firewood shed so this year's worth of Firewood is almost gone for my house and Then I'm going to start at next year's But uh I'm gonna quit doing that soon Because I want to make sure comes uh you Know February and March I still have Firewood to burn and here we are in December so I'm going to go test the Moisture level of the firewood up here But one way or another I'm going to have To stop using all the firewood that's in My shed to keep my house warm but as Always thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees Are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion hope to see you Again soon everyone be blessed

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