Firewood stand sales have stalled but I expect a turnaround.

Despite the current sluggish sales of firewood stands, I remain optimistic that a turnaround is on the horizon. As winter approaches and people begin to think about staying warm indoors, there is bound to be a renewed interest in stocking up on firewood and the stands to hold it. In this post, we’ll explore the reasons behind the stagnant sales and examine why I believe the future of firewood stands is promising.

Firewood stand sales have stalled but I expect a turnaround


Winter marks the season of fireplaces and stoves. This season means high sales for the self-serve firewood stand and its owner, who makes bundles of firewood to meet the demand. However, sales have fallen in the last month, making the owner worry. Despite this, the owner is making more bundles despite low sales. The owner expects more sales during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Thursdays and Saturdays are the highest sales days, and the owner is eagerly awaiting rock deliveries for other projects on his property. The Flanagan Homestead involves horticulture, Christmas trees, and outdoor projects. In this article, we will discuss why sales have stalled and how the owner expects a turnaround.

What led to reduced sales?

  • Seasonal fluctuation: The self-serve firewood stand had high sales from March to April, but sales fell off in November and October.
  • The impact of weather: This winter season has been mild in some regions, causing the demand for firewood to diminish.
  • Competing suppliers: While the self-serve firewood stand has a notable customer base, it faces competition from other suppliers offering the same product.

The Owner’s Response

  • Making more bundles despite low sales: The owner is responding to low sales by making more firewood bundles.
  • Waiting on rock deliveries: The owner of the Flanagan Homestead has other projects on the property. He’s waiting for rock deliveries, which will also be displayed and sold.

Expected Increase in Sales

  • Memorial Day Weekend: Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and many people plan cookouts and camping trips. The owner predicts increased sales since firewood is always in demand during camping trips and cookouts.
  • Thursdays and Saturdays: Due to the workweek, most people purchase firewood during Thursdays and Saturdays. The owner prepares for the high sales days by stocking up with more bundles of firewood.


While the self-serve firewood stand faced a slump in sales in the last month, the owner’s timely and strategic decisions are expected to reverse the trend. The upcoming Memorial Day weekend and high sales days on Thursdays and Saturdays offer promising prospects for the business. The owner’s dedication and willingness to make more bundles despite low sales will go a long way in keeping regular customers satisfied and attracting new ones.


  1. What is the Flanagan Homestead?
    The Flanagan Homestead is a property that is involved in horticulture, Christmas trees and outdoor projects.

  2. Why have sales fallen at the self-serve firewood stand?
    Sales have fallen due to seasonal fluctuation, mild weather, and competing suppliers.

  3. How is the owner responding to low sales?
    The owner is responding to low sales by making more firewood bundles and waiting on rock deliveries.

  4. What is the expected increase in sales?
    Memorial Day weekend and Thursdays and Saturdays are expected to increase sales.

  5. What is the most popular day for purchasing firewood?
    Thursdays and Saturdays are the highest sales days.

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