Firewood stand sales improve with higher stacks?

Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead uh Before I get into today's topic on Bundles Um many of you have been asking about The thief if you haven't seen the really Dramatic video of a guy trying to rob my Firewood stand and yanking the post out Of the ground I'll put a link in the Description you can see that but anyway I was they arrested him I was asked to Testify and then I got no communication From the courts or whatever it sounds Like he jumped bail and disappeared but I just got information today from Someone that lived nearby him that the Police caught up with him he's been Arrested again for several felonies Including the stolen truck that he used To rob my firewood stand anyway so uh When I hear more I'll let you know Because a lot of people are asking for Updates on the firewood Thief second Homestead I have a thought about what May improve my firewood sales and I Wanted to see in the uh your comments on What you think so I am not a marketing Expert but um Uh you know I need the big sign that Stands out they could see easily from The road and I have the wood up where You can see it and you know I have those Different things that make it easy to Buy but it's been my perception and I've Noticed over the years that when I have

A lot of firewood in the firewood stand I sell a lot more than if I have just a Small amount and I'm not talking about Where I run out and there's no sales Because I run out there's still bundles There but if I have Six seven eight bundles in there and Then they'll sit there for it seems for Quite a while but if I have a lot of Bundles it seems like eight bundles Disappear one day and then ten another Day and the people are buying them at a Much rapid more rapid rate and like I Said it's not because there's nothing There there are actually bundles there So I I brought some more bundles down This morning on the way to work so that I can make it look better so I I've I Get the feeling I don't know if it's From the road that they could just it's Much more visible but I want to have a Stack that stands up here a little bit So that people can see it and I don't Know if they feel they're going to get a Better selection I don't uh firewood Bundles I don't think there's that's Much of a thing but uh it is my Perception that I sell more when I have More in here for instance earlier this Summer I ran out of cured firewood so I Bought from a friend that has a firewood Business and he was putting 50 to 60 Bundles in here uh stacking them up to This roof here and then filling in the

Box down below and the bundles were just Moving now obviously that was more of a Prime time selling but uh like I said When he filled that up and there was Just a huge amount of bundles there they Were just bundles going Non-Stop and I was selling them really Fast and then even that during that same Time of year when there's a lot less a Lot less cells so does that make a Difference I don't know you tell me what You think and is it just coincidence now Things are a little bit slower right now Because we're not in the Prime season But I think sales will probably pick up As I put a larger stack of bundles here And once again thanks for joining me on The Flanagan Homestead where Christmas Trees are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects like this firewood stand are my Passion hope to see you again soon be Blessed everyone And it's often on to work now my other Job

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