Firewood stand theft. Will this stop it, or must I shut down?

My self serve firewood stand has been a blessing. I have made a lot of money from people picking up bundles and leaving cash behind. Unfortunately people are stealing the bundles again. So much that I had decided to shut down. I later decided to do some loss prevention by putting up both visible and hidden cameras. The visible camera will hopefully deter theft when it is seen. All the cameras are there to record what is happening. I recently purchased two more trail cameras off of Amazon. This time I bought the Hapimp trail camera 24 mp. @FlanaganHomestead

Hello Rob here from the Flanigan Homestead I got getting some tools to go Down to my firewood stand and mount uh Some more game cameras for surveillance Uh it's been another frustrating time With theft and uh so uh for those of you That've been watching my channel you Know that I had someone try to rob my Entire cash box steal everything rip it Out of the ground and that person went To prison for 9 years not because of the Firewood theft particularly but because All the uh video I got of it and he is Doing it in a stolen truck so the Combination got him 9 years in prison But uh and I'll put a link uh I'll put a Thumbnail at the end of the video for That I my short of that got three and a Half million views in the longer version Uh many people enjoyed you got to watch It it's kind of incredible this guy Trying to doing what he did in broad Daylight but um anyway after he was Caught I sold firewood for months last Year I did really well I kind of kept I Kept track for a while how many bundles I put out how much I was bringing in and For every $100 I should have had for the Bundles gone I had 90 plus dollars there Was usually a few dollars missing but For the most part it was really uh People paid for it and was really honest And so U I did a video just a little While ago uh in the late summer sales

Were way down and that you know because It been a dry Summer and the burn band Was on reasonably so but we've been Getting rain rain rain the last couple Weeks the burn band is off uh hunting Season starts tomorrow people are going To need campire firewood uh and so I Wanted to get geared back up but I Started putting wood in a few weeks ago And I was like I feel like I wasn't Keeping track anymore cuz I'd done well Uh as far as not having theft and then I Was like I sense that more bundles are Going out than I'm getting paid for so I Started keeping an accurate count again And so I put a bunch of bundles out and Counted the bundles that were gone one Day and there should have been $60 in my Cash box and there was 20 so uh 2/3 of The wood was stolen only a third of it Was paid for and then I put some more Out there and kept track of it and I Should have had the next time there was Only a few bundles gone but I should Have had $20 and I only had $6 and so it's really coming up short And when I'm losing getting less than Half the pay I I just can't afford to do It anymore and so I was like I got other Things to do I'm done uh for for about a Week I like I'm done I can't do the Firewood stand anymore but then I was Like you know I don't want to let people Take this away from me it's it not only

Does it make some money but it's kind of A hobby for me uh you know as many of You know I'm a school teacher and this Come home split some firewood make some Bundles put it out there make a few Bucks it's relaxing it's therapeutic and So I was like I don't want to let and Plus I've have several cords waiting to Be put in that firewood stand and uh I Was like I don't want people to take This away from me so I am going to put Up the game camera again one where I Caught the last thief and another one More visible uh I don't want to just Capture the video I would rather have Them not Ste so I'm going to put I have A 1inch pipe right here that's probably 12T tall I'm going to put that on the uh Edge of the firewood stand stand it up Have the camera on top people won't be Able to reach it but it when they come Up it'll be and look up it'll be very Visible that it's right there and then I'll have others that are hidden uh cuz My guess is someone's going to try to Get this camera and then if I have other Cameras capturing that action it'll be Interesting but Um I don't want to give up this is Should be a big time of the year for Firewood sales uh deer season elk season Cominging up up the road is uh Snowboarding uh not snowboarding but Snowmobiling and like guys like to build

A fire have it back at their camp and Come and warmup so I I want to keep this Going so we're going to give it one more Try right I was working on my mount for My game camera I wasn't recording it at The time but I drilled a 1 and A2 in Hole right here at an angle so that It'll fit on top of the pipe and it will Still stay angled up so it'll shoot out Just out in front of the woodst stand I I do on the pipe that I'm actually Putting this on I put a stop here so That it can't slide down and it'll just Sit up here like so I do have wedges Here wedging the camera so it tips Slightly forward as Well [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I forgot to turn the camera on before I Put it up there bring it back [Applause] Down I do have a couple signs that say smile For the camera or cameras U I do have Another camera other cameras that I'm Hiding out there I'm not going to show Where that is cuz I want those hidden to Capture anything else that's going on But uh I put on here theft hurts uh just Trying to remind people to be thoughtful There's a lot of people that uh aren't Really back people but I've seen people

Take stuff and not really even thinking About how they're affecting other people So uh maybe the fact that just putting It on there and saying it hurts and I Took a lot of time and wood to put these Bundles together please pay type of Thing and uh who knows maybe that'll Make a difference so anyway we've this Fall was off to a lot of theft the start Of the Fall hopefully it gets better not Sure if I made this clear earlier but I Don't really want to catch a crook I'm Just hoping that they see the camera and It deters them from stealing and but if They do steal I'd like to find out who They Are uh and by the way you got to watch I'll have thumbnails here at the end of The video uh at least watch the one Minute uh short of the firewood stft at 3 and a half million people have already Watched uh you'd be amazed at what People did in broad daylight on this Street trying to rob this but thanks for Joining me on the Flanigan Homestead Where Christmas trees are my business Teaching including horiculture is my job And outdoor projects like this firewood Stand are my passion I hope that the Theft stops and I can continue doing This be blessed Everyone

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