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I heard about this cat and mouse on the Same day they died and went to heaven After a few weeks Peter saw the mouse And asked him how he liked it he said oh It's great but it's so big I wish I Could get a pair of roller skates Peter Said no problem and went and got him Some roller skates a few weeks after That Peter saw the cat and asked him how He liked it he said oh it's fantastic And just when I thought it couldn't get Any better I discovered the Meals on Wheels You're welcome [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] I'm just there [Music] Yeah thank you Yours fits better look at how much Better yours fits That's gonna be warm you happy with that Pillow Yeah just like that can you pull that Side or can you reach in there Very good

Yep not yet though When it's time sure And then grab that end Right there okay now you want to fold This over grab your end Just right there beautiful and then [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign Foreign As you can see the sun's just about to Peak around this corner here where it's Going to come in and face right on this Deck so I like to take advantage of it And get the blueberry charged up that's Just inside the wall if you saw me plug It in

Right there inside the wall I set that Up I don't know a month ago or so so we Could just have the blue Eddie sitting Right there I'll show you in a sec and Then just come out and throw the panels Out in the deck where we want to take Advantage of the sign naming on it and Charge it up so it's kind of a cool Little setup those panels are pv350s 350 Watt a piece 700 together and we do that So we got 700 Watts charge in that AC 200p on the other side the blue Eddy Unit so pretty sweet if you can take Advantage of that when we can that unit In there also showing a sec but it can Charge also off like a 12 volt cigarette Lighter in your car and then also like On a normal wall 110 120 whatever so That's pretty cool too those panels There you want to check out the specs of Those that's the gist of it the 700 Watts together 350 piece but I'll put All the links below so you could like Totally get all the details on them too So they're pretty cool portable Saw me carrying them around and all that Too easy to set up and you can check the Angle if you notice I when I set them up You can actually check the angle To set it like different levels of how The sun's coming in so that's a pretty Cool thing about those [Music] All right so here's the blue 80 ac200p

That assamboat you see right there I Just got the cord coming through there We set it up Yeah but I might have to go to computer And then just plugs in here to charge it In the other porch I was talking about So you can charge it too they'll connect Through there too The side here So it's 2 000 Watt hours that's pretty Crazy got a big surge you can take You know lots of different DC outputs 12 Volts different all kinds of different Ones there's like a regular iPhone one 60 watt PD A bunch of USBS a bunch of 110 120 volt Here so that's pretty cool so you saw me Shut off the that's a little kerosene Blower we'll throw that on sometimes Just to warm the place up It doesn't take too long with that thing But it takes a bit of power but this Thing here runs it no problem so that's Pretty cool we just turn that on to get It warmed up while we get the fire going If we've been gone that'll warm it right Up and get her going so then once the Fire is going we just shut her down and Then the fire will just keep it warm so Instead of waiting on the fire to warm The whole place up we just let that Blast for a bit and this thing Powers it So pretty cool you've been using this to Power our chop saw a lot big slider you

Saw us use that a bunch of times and I Mean that's pretty cool that it can Actually power that thing that thing Sucks a lot of there's a lot of power That needed to run that slider chops off The wall so so that's pretty cool that It can do that and you know one of the Biggest things that we found personally And would have been really cool to have This four years ago when we were doing The other for our first cabin was we Were running gas generators all the time Here We haven't had to I think we fired it up Once before I realized that this would Run the chop saw I fired up a gas Generator outside for a day or something And then I was like man why don't I just Test that out and test it out and Wham No problem I think I tested it on a Smaller one and forgot To try it on this bigger one and then When I did it's been good ever since so Here we haven't had to listen to a gas Generator haven't had to get gas it's Been quiet and well with the price of Gas it we used quite a bit the last Place here uh with this thing it's been All good haven't had to listen to that We could do all our work build the whole Place without having to use a gas Generator so That's pretty cool in the long run it Really saved us we're going to just keep

This powered up and keep uh us powered Up working so it's pretty cool anyways I Want to bring it to your attention Because they're doing a sale right now New Year sale if you're interested it Really is worth something like this they Have these here the 200p right now with Those uh panels they have sales in those Right now and it's 500 bucks off For that right now and also there's a Whole bunch of other units like maybe You don't need one this big or there's Even bigger ones with that or like There's even expandable packs so you can Add batteries to these and they have a Whole wide range of stuff so anyway just Say all going on right now we're just Going to put the links down below so you Can check out what suits you personally Your needs so the links are below to Check specs different items the panels All that stuff and then the sale that's Going on up to the 25th of January so You can check that out I'm also charging Like batteries for my cordless stuff and Everything so anything we're charging Too like you know using this to charge Other batteries and stuff we don't have To listen to a generator so it keeps the Quiet about here nice and quiet we don't Have to listen to on the background Noise or anything like that so that's Like that in itself is a is a huge bonus So you know you're out here to kind of

Get away from All those sounds everything too then you Can still just listen to Nature and Enjoy your day and work away so it's Pretty cool anyways check it out links Below all that thanks everybody for Watching the video we are front that's The master bedroom there we're in front Of Sam's bedroom Two We're gonna go in here and drywall The rest of it so if you saw us in the Last video what we were doing is we were Throwing drywall I mean we still have Some exposed here but we were getting Drywall over the exposed uh insulation Inside the room so you're not sleeping In where the exposed stuff is so that's What we were doing that's why we went From one room to the next seemed a Little backwards but that was why but Now we're working entirely on this room Here and we're going to do the drywall Then we'll move on to these boards so They're a shiplap knotty pie and they're Gonna go on the ceiling and so we'll get While the ceiling the wall is done and Then we'll trim it out and we'll buy Some flooring probably just like a Laminate and uh flooring and we'll put That down and that room will be Completely finished yeah and then we'll Move on to the next one yeah so you're Gonna like

I mean as you know ours aren't like I Have two videos anyway yeah but the Drywall we're gonna be putting it like How it's going to make sense for us so We're throwing the drywall on and then We're going to be We're Not Gonna Be Mudding that whole thing we're going to Basically be mudding over the screw Holes but the seams are going to put Like a border trim on it and then the Corners are going to put a border so It's going to be like a totally cabin Vibe yeah but if you wanted to paint Which we will paint the walls but you Could paint like the top different to The bottom if you wanted and change Things anyways it's going to be it might Probably be white with the board wood Trim for now yeah and then it'll go with The wood wall or ceiling on top yeah and Then like the the wood look I guess Laying on the floor but it'll make sense In so like we're going to leave like Bigger gaps in normal times like if if If I come to a place that I don't know like I don't necessarily Need to cut a two inch piece if I want Unless and then we'll just work with it As we go later yeah so if you see that Like it'll all make sense there's a Rhyme during reason kind of thing yeah And so might look weird at first but but In the end it'll all come together yeah So keep that in mind I guess while we do

That yeah we like the White and the wood Look together so I think it'll look Really sharp when it's done yeah I Really like the wood ceilings too and Then we like wood trim it so it'll just Give that rustic Vibe be cool all right Let's get at it yeah 95 and a quarter I Guess what do you think six feet oh yeah That was [Music] [Music] This is [Music] [Music] Where are you yeah that looks pretty Lined up [Applause] Foreign Yeah right I'm just waiting for you to do anything How's your side look I'm good there [Music] That's cool [Music] It didn't work Let's just Jam all in it here I should Do it It's good there yeah [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign

[Music] [Music] Yeah but We'll have trim Not your typical drywall job Then we'll trim it before we mud it Right oh there's That corner but that white stuff we're Using might be fine too eh yeah Yeah oh yeah good we're doing it so Different than the typical drywall job Kind of like uh it all makes sense in The end that's typical recipe It'll all make sense in the end yeah Definitely I'll make something oh we could have Used some well you can always shove that Out there later yeah this top needs Insulation okay 12 and a half by 15. Oh it's bright enough perfect Well let's try that Make a glove [Music] Yeah and if we finally have to throw a Piece very well but I'm pretty sure They're trim idea Designer manual to see if or if we even Have to build out little pieces yeah Yeah so it all like is the same I'm Pretty sure it'll make It [Music] All right there's uh the drywall's up

Like we said It probably looks a little random some Of some of it but that's because the Extent start in case you didn't listen Okay But for real we're gonna put the trim Around the edges so anywhere there's a Seam We're probably going to trim it so you Could have trimmed we'll see yeah right But that's right it's going to be it'll Just be like it'll look cool I like it I've seen it in other places like in Old Pubs and stuff they do stuff like this The things that looks cool so It'll look good in the end yeah right so That's uh but it looks cool it's already Coming together and yeah I'm excited for Sure so now we're all ready to do the Pine that I showed you at the beginning We'll be doing that on the ceiling so Coming together real nice and then after That the floor and then we'll trim it Out I guess yeah yeah so yeah really Trying to stick with one room at a time Unless like something arises like we did Where we're covering up insulation or Yeah maybe for you know a day comes at a Certain I shower back out or right Something like that but other than that Just Should be here then and there and Yeah that makes sense yeah yeah so it's Coming together we'll see you I guess

Next time and we'll get on those boards There yep all right see you in the next One later Foreign [Music]

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