Folks which is better a box blade or a Lamp plane what are you going to choose Well no longer do you need to struggle With this decision because now there's a Product called The Box plane this gate Right here is the secret to all this Magic and it goes from a lamp plane Hence the name box plane okay you got The land plane and the box blade kind of Combined into one and you can drop this Gate down Pull large amounts of material If you want to that's more like what a Box blade does or you can push you got a Rear blade here too or lift the skate up And to be honest I was actually shocked At how well it worked for a couple of Reasons number one this is 60 inches Wide on the 25 horsepower Summit tx25 And I kind of thought it was going to be Too big for it to be perfectly honest With you but this worked really good You're actually going to see a few holes On either side where there's a position To put another blade in here and this Works really well with just the one Blade you put a second blade in here That really kind of helps keep things Shuffling along and not building up as Much and that could improve things even More this is going to be available again At

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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