Foreign Foreign Foreign foreign Foreign Folks if you enjoyed today's video then Please hit that subscribe button down Below and follow along 75 of you viewers That are watching don't subscribe let's Get that number up and if you're looking For tractor attachments you want to see How they work in action another good Reason to watch the channel because We show you how to use the tools that we Sell or maybe how not to use them and Then you can go on over to we sell and ship Attachments all over the country Folks it's the first time plowing the Brand new driver that I've got out here And uh if only Somebody would put out some tips on like What to do to prepare for snow season That would be awesome but um found Myself not having my driveway marked and Not knowing all the curves and the Twists and everything else so it was a Tough time staying on the driveway and Not blowing some mud out into the yard As well there's some tight turns here in A couple areas and I'm gonna have to put Some rock I think down kind of to kind Of give a little apron there on those Tight turns but trying to figure out the Best place to push the snow to blow the

Snow you know every driveway every Setup's different if I did everything Out here including all the Barns and the Other driveway and the connecting pass It's about two-thirds of a mile what We're doing today is about a quarter Mile in total length of Drive Circle Drive and the long paved drive and the Concrete apron and everything else now Fortunately or unfortunately We got not as much snow as uh some Places like Buffalo New York I heard They got over six foot in this November Snowstorm Um shooting my brother he got what'd you Say 22 20 inches 22 inches close to two Feet I mean we ended up with if you look On top of the the trash cans there 14 Inches somewhere in that ballpark but That's the challenge when you're trying To make a video and you're trying to Time this stuff when your cameraman Doesn't live where you live well all of Our driveway snow had been driven over And packed down and kind of clumped up And was it's frozen you know from being Driven over and melted down a little bit And It was just kind of a mess and was not The best thing to handle if you can get Out and Tackle your driveway before Everybody drives all over it that's a Way better option so I'm using a snow Pusher on the front it does have a Back

Drag you'll see me using that up by the Garage door to pull that snow away Absolutely love that a lot of you guys Do too got a pull type snow blower on The back 54 inch on a 1025r really Depends on the type of snow that I found For for how far that's going to shoot That out and same thing goes for a front Mount blower but The wet heavy stuff like what we were Dealing with today it doesn't blow it All that far maybe it was like 25 feet Would you say somewhere around 25 feet Or so give or take the lighter stuff Will go a lot further Weren't far enough for us I mean that's A nice thing about a blower is it just Spreads it out it doesn't pile it up Anywhere and so that's what a lot of you Guys like about it as well but on a big Square pad you know you can only blow it So far and so you sometimes find Yourself blowing that same snow over and Over again to get it out of the way Not the end of the world but you know a Pusher can do a good job there too if You if you you'll well I guess I'll say You see me push that snow as far back as I can and and I think We're supposed to be in the 40s for a Decent chunk of time so most of the snow Is going to melt down and melt away but Early in the season push that snow Way Way Back it seems like it's annoying to

Almost go so far with it but do it Because once it's frozen up and melted Down there's no there's no pushing it Back at that point you're kind of stuck With it And you don't want to run out of room You know so one of the reasons I do like A pusher so much and and somewhere near The end of push and maybe the last I don't know five ten minutes after Something like that Either the blower clogged up real bad And wasn't blowing or I I busted a sheer Bolt I'm not even sure I just finished Up with the snow Pusher and got the job Done but that's where the Simplicity of A snow Pusher comes into play you don't Have those moving parts to worry about There's nothing that's going to clog up Or or break on you you just kind of hook Up a hunk of Steel and you get to work And get it done And and to that effect too it doesn't Matter if it's the the slushy heavy Stuff or the light fluffy stuff or a Couple inches or a foot and a half or Whatever six foot is a different story That's going to be a tough thing for for Anybody and that's when you got to Really stay on top of it you know go out Every foot that it drops if you can I Mean most likely if you're getting six Foot of snow most are either working From home or you know or everything's

Closed so you have you have time to go Out and blow the snow and take care of It and stay on top of it and so again For us not a ton of snow we'll get a Whole bunch of snow there there was Again about a foot out in the yard that I was blowing uh yesterday but we didn't Get any of that footage today but they Don't have a problem going through the Snow driving over at first and then Blowing it no no issue with the tire Tracks or anything else but I really Like that combination of Pusher on the Front blower on the back it just seems To be a really good setup so this could Be maybe the only time that we're taking Care of snow for a couple of weeks I Don't know it's it's again supposed to Warm up but I hope to have a lot more Snow videos this winter the Farmer's Almanac said it's going to be a really Bad winter so if this is an indication Well then we're looking forward to it so If you're looking for snow removal Equipment or anything else for your Tractor we'd love to help you out we Sell and ship tractor attachments all Over the country and if you enjoyed Today's video we'd love to have you tag Along hit that subscribe button right Down below completely free I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon

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