[Music] Foreign Hey hey I didn't know we were shooting already Don't give away our secrets man Are We Wrong Guys how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors Sponsored by rim guard Start your day off right with a little Room guard ballast up we got snow to Push and uh we're gonna get to it Delicious folks how we doing we are Gonna go blow some snow blizzard warning They said the first time in 10 years for Our area That just tells you the lack of snow That we get around here these days in Southwest Michigan but I don't know how Much snow we got there has been a ton of Wind out there and there are some areas In the driveway that um barely are Covered in snow just because the wind's Blowing it and drifting around but I Would say around nine inches give or Take they were calling for like 15 to 20 At one point and I guess there's Lake Effect bands we get hit by that kind of Thing too but anyway we got to clear it Nonetheless this is going to be the First time clearing snow with the summit Tx25 tractor Got the snow Pusher up front got the Snow blower out back we're going to

Knock this out today but stick around For the other videos too we're going to Try a couple other tools a rear blade And a landscape rake we're going to see How those do on the gravel driveways so Make sure you hit that subscribe button To be notified when those videos come Out give this video a thumbs up if you Do end up enjoying it and if you need Something for your tractor we sell and Ship tractor attachments all over the Country every day of the week check out Goodworks [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] All right [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Come on [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Well folks so first test with the summit Tractor got the pull type snow blower on There and I know you guys always well Some of you a question why would you Drive over your snow and so pay Attention to this video a large stretch Of the driveway has already been driven Over I gave it all of yesterday didn't Didn't clear any snow yesterday and it Was a blizzard warning all day so the Snow had been driven over a lot there But then kind of near the Circle Drive Area nobody drove on that so you can get A really good look to see for yourself Is is this struggling with with blowing Snow that's been driven over and I think The answer is no you can decide that for Yourself but really do like this setup a Lot With the pull type blower not having to Put or remove your loader off of your Tractor and put a front mount blower on And I know that's a really nice setup to

Have but then you don't have your loader All winter long and a lot of us need our Loaders and you don't there's no easy Way or quick way to switch from a loader To a blower and back and forth and that Kind of thing still trying to figure out New new place for us here still trying To figure out the optimal way to clear The snow got the big kind of parking pad And everything up there by the garages And uh I don't know there's not a well there's There's just a big that's a big surface Area you got a lot of area to clear There and uh tried blowing the snow away From the garage without pushing anything Today and working great for a while Until we get to the outer edges of the Concrete pad where the blower can only Blow so far and so you've got the Original Snow and then all the blown Snow there and it kind of packed it down And made it almost like a snowman like You're trying to blow a Snowman and Essentially it just clogged up Everything there and I know that you Guys have experienced that too so that Was kind of a pain in the butt to to Clear that out but once we got that Figured out I just pushed the rest of The snow for that section then got to The driveway now I'll tell you I'm Having I'm having some fits with these markers

These driveway markers this year all Those orange fiberglass Stakes you know Kind of a pain to put them in you guys Had some great pointers for that and Gonna try some different things next Year but Um they've been in the ground two or Three weeks now and I think four or five Of them have already been hit and Disappeared from uh delivery drivers and Whatnot I think I took one out today With with the snow blower or with the Tractor at least up near the the parking Pad in the garage and then lo and behold I thought I heard something kind of Clicking and clacking in the blower but I didn't see anything flying out Um for for a while and then I pulled my Blower up and then drive I start to Drive backwards and do another pass and I see shards orange fiberglass showers All over the driveway one of those Markers that had been knocked down Recently Must have got buried in the snow and It's not with us anymore and so this was A unique kind of snow because again it Was really really windy and so it was Blowing and the the snow was not Fluffy it was kind of packed wherever it It sat you know there were certain areas That were really thin didn't have a lot Of snow but the areas that had it it Kind of like

It was just it was hard packed snow in There and so different conditions than Than we normally have around here so it Was a good challenge for it today Handled it really well I mean it's nice To have a pusher on the front because You just can't blow every area and so Some of the cleanup passes and some of The Odd areas where it's maybe by a house or Buy cars or Or wherever it is you know you just Can't blow the snow all over whatever You want You can at least have an option to push It there and stack it up somewhere Nicely so a little bit about the setup That we're working with today in case You guys aren't familiar and so Summit The tx25 a new model a new tractor Manufacturer that's out there going to Be sold at Mass retail go to their Website and you'll find out all the Retailers that you can get this at but It's set up in a in a really good way Especially for pushing snow I love these R14 tires that are on here the Goodyear Titans and the something that I had Actually put on a couple of my other Tractors previously and these come Standard on the summit tractor also Standard inside here is the rim guard Liquid ballast which gives you ballast Weight for for safety but for traction

As well and this is a really good Application for where you need traction Right so the combination of the two the Tire tread pattern and the liquid Ballast in here are just a really great Setup right out of the gate and these Tires they're actually a hybrid of three Different tread patterns so if you take A Turf Tire an R4 industrial and an AG Tire and you kind of mix them all Together and get the best property out Of all of them that's when you wind up With the R14 so while there is a rear Hydraulic remote on the summit tx25 as Standard I didn't have that set up out Here at my at my barn and at my house Right now I had a electric Chute Rotation on here that I I swapped over From another machine so we're using an Electric rotation today it comes with a Little controller really easy you'll see That in action just anytime you see that Shoot move from one way to the other I'm Using that controller to do it 54 inch Wide blower a really good fit actually This tractor is about 52 inches wide I Think it is so we got a an inch you know It looks like maybe an inch and a half Or so of overhang on either side Um so a good fit for it 60 inch Pusher Up front too so again a little bit of Overlap or extra coverage I should say Compared to the width of the tractor [Music]

[Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Now [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] So that was 1200 feet of driveway and Landing paths and all that kind of stuff Cleared out Primarily with the blower a little bit With a push or two But we're not done yet so if you want to See the rest of this we're going to Tackle all of our dravel dravel dravel We're going to tackle our dravel or dirt In our gravel I'm just shortening things So if you want to see the rest again we Have at least the same amount maybe more Of gravel and dirt Lane that we're going To do we're going to tackle it with a Rear blade I'm going to turn that in Reverse and use it the opposite way I Guess and see how that does and even a Landscape rake it seems crazy but we've Had some folks suggest that they've done

It they've had success not on pavement But on gravel so we're gonna give that a Shot too now if you're in the market for A snow blower a snow Pusher maybe a Pallet Forks a grapple you name it check Out good works we sell and Ship all over the country every day of The week I want to thank you for taking Time out of your day to stop by and Until next time stay safe we'll see you Soon [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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