Fixing My Grapple and Cutting Firewood

using an orifice to adjust hydraulic flow rate on a Baumalight 620D mini skid steer

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People are too lazy to mess it up if you Make it harder where they have to take That apart and drill a hole to mess it Up they'll mess it up every day if you Can just turn a [Music] Knob Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I want to try to solve a Problem with this mini skid steer using This grapple and it relates to the Hydraulic flow rate now I'm specifically Addressing that with this attachment on This machine but I actually think it Could be helpful in a lot of different Applications with hydraulics or even Pneumatics I'm also going to cut up a Little bit of firewood and I want to Talk about about some misconceptions the Viewers seem to have about this machine And why I wanted it all the comments on This machine or a lot of them have been Kind of negative and I think that's Because I haven't done a good job of Explaining the best use cases of the Machine so first let's get the grapple Working we'll get to the rest of that Later and I guess before we fix it I Should show you the Problem So as you can see right there it's it Was slamming pretty hard but then also I Closed it really slowly and under Control and that's a function of the the

Way the lever works and the fact that This is a continuous flow hydraulic Circuit meant to run something like a Stump grinder or a trencher or a brush Cutter or a front mount augur all of the Wide range of cool attachments that you Can put on one of these those need high Flow this doesn't the joystick has A a range of motion but it's it's kind Of a short range of motion and to move That that slowly you have to really ease Into it and it takes some patience and Concentration to open and close the Grapple Slowly and clearly I can operate it Slowly but I want to be working and not Thinking about that I just want to push The lever and it moves at the correct Speed so the way we're going to do that Is put flow controls right here on top Of that cylinder the hos is stay with The grapple so I'm not changing anything On the machine this won't have to be Adjusted for every attachment the flow Control will be on the one Implement That I want to slow down so the way I Discovered this problem is I was out Here doing some different work making a Video talking about these attachments And I fired it up and it slammed too Hard and I asked you guys in that video I'm like you know what what would you Guys do about this and I got a lot of Suggestions but I'm not going with the

Most common suggestion and I'll give you Two reasons why one's long- winded And maybe not even accurate and the Other one's just straight facts I think Apply to everybody so the first answer Is kind of anecdotal and it relates to My time as a factory worker and I ran Machines that had tons of air cylinders On them Pneumatic and those all were fired off Of a switch they'd come in and do their Job pick something up move it over here And they a lot of them had adjustable Flow controls on them and those Adjustable Points in my mind became a big hassle And it was a lesson that my dad taught Me that I didn't agree with at first That you think man if you can adjust That easily you can fine-tune it to what You're doing and it'll be better well The case was when there was something Wrong with the machine especially people Would try to compensate with that air Pressure and it was something you were Constantly fighting with and if that had Been working at a certain flow rate and Then it quit working you had another Problem and sometimes it was better to Not have that adjustability on a machine If we had a set of problems that were Constantly being tinkered with and this Shift makes one adjustment and adjusts Something else to compensate for that

And the other shift tries to redo it Their way it was a constant battle Messing with that and I know I'm the Only one who's going to be using this Machine but I think there's something to be said for A set it and forget it you get it right And then you just leave it alone and if At some point that isn't working there's Another reason because of that my first Thought was orifices why not use an Orifice the way we would do that on Those air cylinders is usually those Would go into like some to type of a Pipe thread fitting we would thread the Inside of those run a set screw down in It then drill a hole in the set screw And that would set our air flow rate and Then it would always be like that and Dad would say people are too lazy to Mess it up if you make it harder where They have to take that apart and drill a Hole to mess it up they'll mess it up Every day if you can just turn a knob And so that was more of a funny little Story than anything but here's the Fitting that lets oil through into the Cylinder and here is an Orifice you can see a dramatic Difference in the size of the hole that Lets the oil through so I think I'm Going to put this fitting back in and Continue using it to give us that little Bit of an angle and because it's got a

Rubber seal where this goes into the Cylinder so we'll put that back in I Just basically took it out for Demonstration now the second part of This story is if you think I don't Really care about what you're saying I'd Rather have it where I can adjust it That's nothing wrong with that but the Second problem is cost and you may be Able to find a lower cost Supplier but I was leaning towards Getting orifices I went into a hydraulic Shop and I said I want to either get Orifices or an adjustable flow control And he said well we got the flow Controls in stock and they're right here And he went and got one off the Shelf said or I can order the orifices For you I said well I kind of leaning Towards orifices but what are your Opinion he said for that application He'd probably use an orifice but either Will work fine and then he said probably The re Main reason he would use an Orifice was the cost for two flow Controls for this because you need one For each line and then an adapter to go To that and it looked like a really Simple just little rectangle box with a Knob on it it was going to be over $200 I got the two orifices For $37 or something like that so I have A hard time imagining myself spending $200 to reduce this flow now if you were

Using these hoses on 10 different Attachments and each one needed a Different amount of flow you would Definitely get the flow Control but I need this for one Application now the Counterpoint is if You get the wrong size you're going to Buy them twice and I'm just guessing Along with the hydraulic guy at the size We need these orifices are 0.0062 diameter and I looked at Ken's Bolton hooks because one of the viewers Suggested Ken's bolt-on hooks has this Exact kind of orifice And the ones he sells he says are for Giving you more precise control over the Adjustment of your top and tilt kit and The orifices he sells are a 031 so half the flow rate of this and at First I was like oh man I probably got Them too big it's still going to slam And I thought wait a minute when you're Doing a hydraulic tilt you're only Moving a tiny little bit right and this We still we don't want to sit and wait On it to close so hopefully that 062 is Is a good Rate all right so if someone was asking Me for this exact combination I have That machine and this grapple what size Orifice would I I say that's 062 I'd probably go with the 04 50 maybe just a little bit smaller but

When you saw this close and open pretty Fast that was just full on on the lever That was not trying to slow it down at All and on every time when you saw it Before even when it slammed open and Slammed closed I was still trying to Ease into it so that's a dramatic Improvement now let's go down there and Use it just a little bit and then I'm Going to talk about while why I wanted To have this machine here and first I Want to get rid of your fears that I'm Going to turn into an all mini skidsteer YouTube channel that's not what's going To happen I'm going to use this but I'm Also going to use tractors an awful lot Too [Music] [Music] D [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] A [Music] [Music] For I try to tell myself if I'm going to Split firewood at all I want to do at Least one full tote and I only did about 2/3 of this one but I've got some other Work that needs to get done today to Prep for

Tomorrow right now I'm going to head to Home Depot but while I was fixing that Grapple bucking up the log splitting This firewood it's been about an hour Since I recorded the intro and in the Intro I said I was going to talk about The advantages to that machine and I've Realized that deserves its own video I'm Going to make a separate video about why Someone would want that machine instead Of a compact tractor but there are a List of reasons but also for me that Having one of those would never mean I Didn't need a tractor I'm always going To have a tractor I'm not brush hogging Fields with that machine that moves 3 Mil an hour and has a attachments on it That are only 4ot wide it's just not Going to happen but that doesn't mean It's not a great tool that for some People and some applications that might Be better than a tractor and we're going To go all the way into that On another video so I appreciate you Taking time to watch this video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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