Flail Mower Mulcher/ Farm Grade Baumalight FMP260 for Compact Tractors

Hey welcome back to the channel today We’re going to be showing you where we Demonstrated the mamalite fmp 260 flail More this flail mower is probably the Heaviest duty flail mower that i’ve ever Seen built For say a subcompact tractor or compact Tractor this thing is built like a tank Full transparency we are demonstrating This flail more and like everything else That we demonstrate on our channel we Are not told what to say And we don’t tell you to buy it we just Work it as hard as we can Probably harder than most And show you the results We’d like to thank bomalite for placing Trust in us to demonstrate it and also Placing faith in their own product By putting it on our channel without any Stipulations as to what we can say about It that’s pretty bold For our first test of many to come we Used it to mulch up this corn if you’ve Never mowed corn before it’s a pretty Tough crop to mow but before we get too Far down that road let’s talk about how It came in the flail more come in a nice Crate and we took it out of the crate And immediately start doing our Maintenance checks per the manual on Board There was a little bit of confusion on My part but i didn’t realize that there

Was a plug and they had removed the Grease fittings uh and put them in and Stowed them away and then you when you Want to grease it you pull the grease Fittings back out and put it in there That way you’re not beating the grease Fittings off as you back into something I have knocked off a few grease fittings Already on some of my other implements This flail mower has two options for Cutters it has a traditional type hammer And these type of y-cutters as you see Here These are not like the most of them most Y-cutters are really light duty these Are heavy steel i mean very heavy steel And you’ll be surprised just as i was Later on in the video where we run over Some pretty good size uh Vlogs i don’t want to see logs but Big sticks for sure Now let’s get back to that first test as I said in the past the corn is a really Hard Crop to mow Using a rotary cutter or Flail more or any other type of mower I’ve seen people even try to mulch it up With finish mowers I thought this mower did really well With the corn and wasn’t very much left I’d like to know what you think if you Wouldn’t mind leave me a comment in the Comment section below

Tell me how you think it does now i’m Gonna tell you up front i thought it did Pretty good But i’m gonna sit back be quiet and let You watch it for a little bit and you Tell me what you think [Music] [Music] This was the first time we just mowed Grass with it and it’s not really great Grass it’s probably as much weeds as it Is grass and it’s really dry not that High this is not an impressive mowing However we did take the flail mower into A pasture and we show that later on in This video so if you’ll stick around for That i think that probably is a better Showing [Music] [Music] [Applause] All things considered i think it did Pretty well on this dry grass I mean weeds [Music] [Applause] The fmp 260 i would consider to be Farm grade this is something that you’re Going to be able to use like for the Rest of your life it’s built much Heavier than most Uh implements that you find at your box Stores or just most implements in General

This thing is made to do this every year For the rest of your life As with any wooded area you’re going to Have to Either get off your tractor and pick up Some sticks and limbs but in this case We use the flail more mulcher And you don’t have to get off of it for These size sticks and limbs you just Mulch them up into little toothpaste So [Music] [Music] I backed the tractor off into the woods And as you can see from the left there’s A pile of sticks that pile of sticks Went all the way across Uh unfortunately tonya tried to video it But it was so dusty and then if a fog Bank of dust came up you couldn’t see it So i can only show you the results [Music] Is where we took it over into the little Pasture it has a lot better quality Grass and Even though it’s still pretty poor we Hadn’t had rain in like 40 days I’m really excited to get some rain and Also to see how it cuts wet grass Because dry grass is very hard to cut But all things consider it looks almost Like a finish more Stay tuned to the end of this video Tanya got the drone out was flying

Around showing us mo with this thing and It gives it a neat perspective looking At it from above she got pretty close-up Shots too better it’s easier to follow It Once you get it dialed in you can really Uh move on with this thing i was mowing In mid-range and i was probably going Five six miles an hour it was it was It could go faster if the ground was Smooth [Music] I’m roaring stone [Music] Gone [Music] Pouring rain Wanna hear that train There she goes Just get home [Music] Watch the trees [Music] Hey thank you for watching our channel Hope this video has been uh entertaining And informative we’ll be doing a lot More testing with this flow more in the Future god bless and have a great [Music] One day tree

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