Flail Mower Vs Brush Hog #shorts #flailmower #bushhog #brushcutter #farmlife #homestead #maschio

Foreign I'm going to attempt to give you a Comparison between a Flail Mower and a Traditional rotary cutter in under a Minute the most obvious difference is That a Flail Mower gives you a very fine Finished cut almost like after you've Mowed your lawn it mulches the material Whereas a rotary cutter just chops it Off and leaves it laying on the ground Flail mowers are more Compact and Therefore more maneuverable and on most Models you have the ability to offset or Even angle the mower but obviously it's Not all positive a Flail Mower is much More expensive than a traditional rotary Cutter it's also heavier it has more Blades to sharpen when they need to be Sharpened so not ideal for really Rocky Ground or if there are a lot of Hazards You could hit now let's take a look at Those blades and see how they held up to The first couple jobs on first glance Here those look pretty good