Forcing a Tree Against the Lean

Forcing a Tree Against the Lean. how to pull a leaning tree against the lean

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[Music] [Music] I'm okay this is the first tree we're Here to worry about you can see it's got A little bit of lean back that way but It's not a huge tree and there's not any Like big limbs hanging off that way so I Think that's going to help make it an Easier pull you can see if we let it go The way it wants it would take out this Fence section here and probably hit a Little building that he's got over here So we've got a cable around the trunk About 15 to 20 ft up Okay so we've got The cable on the truck right here Running up to that point on the tree There's a little bit of interference Here that if it falls the way we want it To the top of the tree is going to hit The top of this one a little bit but I Shouldn't hang it [Music] Up [Music] [Music] A [Music] I And that is how gravity [Music] Works [Music] I'm sure the question will be where's Your grapple I took it apart took the

Hydraulic hoses off of it and I was in The middle of fixing them up for the Mini skid Steer and decided not to mess with it This morning the forks will do it [Music] Here you Go [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] A [Applause] So this tree is quite a bit bigger than The last one but it has no lean Whatsoever which should make it pretty Straightforward to just make a tradition Cut and wedge it that way it does have a Big hole in the bottom and when you look In there it's pretty rotten so I want to Find out how rotten it is I'm going to Make a plunge cut into it About this High because I'm going to cut The tree fairly High I'm just going to Make a plunge cut and find out how Rotten it is I make that plunge cut Perpendicular to where I'm going to put My face cut and it doesn't affect the The rest of the cut in any Way [Music] So all that was is a diagnostic if it's

Hollow I just want to know it and that Those chips were coming out [Music] Clean [Music] Yeah [Music] A [Music] The [Music] [Music] All [Music] Did something go flying yeah you one of Your wedges I have no idea where it I Thought I saw out the corner of my eye It went that way and that boys is how It's done there is a trash can over There and I landed that wedge right in The trash can [Music] [Music] Can [Music] A I thought I was going to be taking two Loads of logs today but the rest of the Logs the reason this is such a small Load is my tractor could not pick up any Of the other logs this is all I could Haul so it's going to be a more Complicated job getting all the rest of That wood home I didn't want to cut it

In half cuz I want to use it for saw Logs For anyone who hasn't done it I'd tell You that takes a lot more work to go get Logs even if someone says they have free Logs for you there's nothing free about It you're going to invest a lot of your Time and Fuel and equipment and Everything else to get those logs home It's still worth doing to me it's worth Doing because of my unique situation It's worth doing just to help Larry out But I couldn't tell you if it's worth it On a dollars and cents term I'm going to Do a video where I cut down a tree and I Time every part of it and no fluff no in Between just cut down the tree Buck it Up turn it into firewood how long did I Spend on the whole thing and was it Worth it but I didn't do it that way Today I'll be going back within a week Or two and getting those other logs I Appreciate you taking time to watch this Video I'll put links on the screen a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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