Forestry Skidding Winch! #tractor

And we're going to tell you more about This wallenstein firewood processor in a Future video look at this thing tow it Right down the road they have three Different sizes we can ship these all Over the country but I want to tell you About the the skitting Wich right now Too now we have an Fx85 all right but they're going to have Models from to fit small tractors up to Big tractors too okay this is the right Way to do it if you're doing a lot of Log and pulling stuff out of swamps and Hillsides and other hard-to-reach areas Get one of these bad boys get those logs Out of there safely PTO powered all Right they're going to hook right up to Your three-point hitch you can see that One two and then three up here got the Safety cage up there they've got Different accessories you can get along With Them but you can go to goodwork we ship them Nationwide Wallenstein knows forestry Products all Right I mean between skidding wiches the Processors the conveyors the other the Other the Splitters the other equipment That they have this is just kind of Their wheelhouse so they're up in Canada

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