Frontier OS18 Sawmill Setup and First Cut

Setting up a Frontier OS18 sawmill can be an exciting yet daunting task for first-time users. It requires careful attention to detail and a good grasp of the machine’s features to achieve the best results. However, with proper guidance and knowledge, the first cut can be a satisfying experience. In this blog post, the steps to set up a Frontier OS18 sawmill and the necessary preparations for the first cut will be discussed in detail.


There’s something special about a do-it-yourself attitude, and that’s exactly what Tony and his entourage exemplify. In the recently released video, “Frontier OS18 Sawmill Setup and First Cut,” Tony and his friend get their hands on the OS18 Frontier Sawmill. This video provides a unique look as they set up the sawmill and make their first cut.

The video is not only informative but also engaging and entertaining. As Tony and his crew show us what they can do with the OS18 Frontier Sawmill, they also share their passion for creating their own lumber.

Setting up the sawmill

The video begins with Tony and his partner unboxing the Frontier OS18 Sawmill and setting it up in their workshop. The setup process is shown in detail, giving viewers an idea of what they can expect when setting up their own sawmill.

Tony goes through the setup process step by step while his friend records the process. They show the proper way to level, adjust the blade, and align the rails. The process is made simple enough that any DIY enthusiast can understand it.

After setting up the sawmill, Tony and his friend are ready to make the first cut.

First cut

The First Cut is always exciting, and Tony and his crew captured every moment of it. After making adjustments to the sawmill, they were ready to tackle the lumber pile. They had several logs to choose from, and they decided to cut a log that had been drying for almost a year.

The process of cutting that log is filmed beautifully to showcase the saw’s power and efficiency. In the first cut, you can see that the Frontier OS18 Sawmill cuts through the log like a hot knife through butter. Overall, the first cut executed by the sawmill left Tony and his crew impressed.

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Supporting the channel

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Affiliation Disclaimer

While the opinions and viewpoints in the video are solely of Tony’s Tractor Adventure, it’s essential to note that “Inspired Videography, LLC” owns and operates the channel. They are affiliated with various organizations and individuals. It’s essential to keep this information in mind if watching any more created videos of the channel.


Overall, the “Frontier OS18 Sawmill Setup and First Cut” video is an excellent resource for anyone interested in sawmills. Tony and his crew provide great value and tips for setting up and operating the sawmill. The video showcases the power of the sawmill and how it can help transform logs into valuable pieces of wood. It’s highly recommended for anyone considering purchasing their sawmill.


  1. Are there any safety concerns when operating the Frontier OS18 Sawmill?
    Yes, safety is of utmost importance when operating a sawmill. Tony mentions various safety tips during the video. It’s recommended that you read all safety manuals and instructions provided before operating the sawmill.

  2. How long does it take to set up the Frontier OS18 Sawmill?
    The setup process can vary depending on skill level, but Tony and his partner were able to set up the sawmill in under four hours.

  3. What type of logs can be cut using the Frontier OS18 Sawmill?
    The Frontier OS18 Sawmill can cut logs up to 18 inches in diameter. The sawmill is versatile enough to handle almost any type of wood.

  4. Does the sawmill come with a warranty?
    Yes, the sawmill comes with a one-year warranty. Be sure to read the full list of warranty agreements before purchasing.

  5. Can I use my own blades with the Frontier OS18 Sawmill?
    Yes, you can use your own blades with the sawmill. Ensure the blades are the right length and width.

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