Gate Installation Video! How to Install a Gate Correct no Concrete

There's technically a front to a gate Good morning and welcome back to the Channel we are out here to attend to a Problem that's not really a problem yet But we're going to hit it off before it Becomes one we are coming up upon Hunting season and people will tend to Want to open or Venture into open Trails Without permission so today we're going To put up a a 12 foot cattle gate here Using a wood post and fast 2K have a lot Of people ask me can you use fast 2K to Hold up a gate and the answer is yes We're going to prove it So the the first post for the game That's it right here right across from The this is going to be where it's Mounted though right it's got to be Mounted here okay and then we'll come Across 12 foot and then we'll have a the Other post for people to walk through Right here so it'll be a three foot Opening just for people walk that's to Keep people from getting ATVs and trucks Whatever yeah they're not gonna We want our friends to walk through but Not to drive their ATVs and stuff so Walking trail walking trail Let me walk around that side over there Okay So we can even go a little bit further No I like it here I don't want to go in Too far Overall right here

Okay so we need to go Over further Because that's where your the gate's Gonna start so you're putting all that Stuff there so well I'm just marking the Spot okay so then the actual post hole Is gonna go right here Gizmo do not walk over that walk over Buddy He's already stepping on it Just walked over the gate man what's Wrong with you we met somebody who Really was really a big fan of you you Know that Very little good My way You're probably gonna ride in lots of Rooms probably Good but it looks kind of leaning this Way Too far over hang on I got this hey I got this side you got That I know but I just want to make sure Second pair of eyes We go There are the roofs big old roof right Off the bat Go for a little bit No you're good Job kids now Um lucky You're good Yeah Shouldn't let it dig I guess

It's not going anywhere Go back before I think you're on the Road I think you're on the route Okay go back now Right there Hang on let me see That's deep enough Yeah Come over here buddy I don't know I think you'll be okay let me be okay It's tall enough oh no of course it's Tall enough I just did with the because The weight's gonna be hanging over It's got to be able to uh it's gonna be In the ground at least at least four Foot yeah but it looks like it's going To hold up it looks pretty strong it's Oh yeah it's gonna hold yeah All right sure we've got this post a Little over A little over three foot in the ground Which is going to leave uh five foot out Give or take Put a level on it and we're going to Start putting fast 2K in That's what's so great but we're in the Woods here and we don't have water in Yeah I don't have water I don't have any Way to mix fast too I mean concrete So I get this a lot now We are big fast 2K fans and I don't even Try to hide that look at their post set

Level by itself how about that Can we put the post in the ground and Now I gotta answer a couple questions These are the same questions I get over And over again and a lot of people are Kind of snarky because They don't understand 20 years ago when you bought a post like This it would have formaldehyde in it And it would also have like creosote in It and then some an antimicrobial which Would keep the microbes from eating the Wood well nowadays because we found out That that stuff leaches out into the Ground and causes the to get into water Source around around us we'll keep you Know we only used a a very light grade Anti-micro wheel if you put concrete Around the post it will Wick water to The post and cause it to rot though It'll actually leech the the Antimicrobial out of the post and then It'll rot within four to five years you Will lose a post like this in four to Five years these are expensive and these Are investment so that's one of the Reasons that we use the fast 2K and then The other thing I'll get is well fast 2K Is just not strong that's definitely not The case If you put a bag of concrete in the Ground around this post and you say put Two bags of 80 pounds 160 pounds of Concrete it goes in the hole

You have a 160 pound anchor in the Ground well with fast 2K it goes into The hole and expands out with pressure Into every pore of the earth it also Expands inwards and puts fills every Pore of the post up and makes the post Waterproof so therefore the post can't Get water in to leech the Anti-microbial out So we we did a a little test a few a few Months back and we put a chain around The post and put a put the loader up on The big tractor and tried to pull the 4×4 post out 2100 pounds of pressure and It wouldn't pull the post out of the Ground it the chain literally cut the Post in half it literally Twisted the Post in half With concrete you have only a and that Specific case 180 pounds worth of weight In the hole that's all you have is an Anchor uh another another benefit of Fast 2K is because it is a foam it has a Little bit of give left and right not Much it's it but it always comes back to Center with concrete There there is no give the sheer point Is right exactly at the ground where the Concrete wherever the concrete ends That's the sheer point so there are so Many benefits and I get this yes fast UK Costs more but not in the long run Because if you have to replace your Fence every five years this should last

Me a lifetime I would imagine because uh sprung this Hole out That it's going to be Um I'll say probably Four bags because I I really dug a hole Yeah I accidentally over dug that hole Look here we got this nice area for you To do your my shoe shine method shoe Shine method Ready Shoe shine me Make some chemicals Makes part A with Part B using the shoe Shine mix 30 seconds Keep the product kind of warm Put it in your truck car and keep it Warm and then that's what I like about The faster case because okay yeah Foreign We just poured the second batch in you Got to wait five minutes And then also you'll start bowling up I find this part mesmerizing I got this side There we go come on get out There you go Here we go this bag's gonna take a Little bit more because I accidentally Over dug this hole We got wallered out a little bit But it's still worth it

All right so we're going to come Straight across And we'll end up having two more post Holes I still think one would be enough Well we can always go get some more logs And just stack this way to keep people From driving the ATVs around it and People can walk around that side That's what I don't want people to be Able to to easily get an ATV in here I Want it to be they have to like know Their they have to really go out of Their way to trespass Is my what do you think about all this Buddy Huh what do you think so right here is 12 foot So we want the post To be So it's a six foot it's a six inch post So when you come over Three more inches so right there is Going to be the Where the next post go Sh You had it Right there You don't want to be there Uh you gotta go back a little let me get It started first okay You're good too much Wow that ground's hard Concrete

Black the clay is like concrete That is hard Foreign Good morning and welcome back to day two We could have done this job easily in One day but because life got in the way We had to divert our time we got the Post set yesterday today we're going to Actually show you how to set this little This little gate so whether you're using Uh our Gate's going to be 12 foot or if You're using a four foot gate the Principles are pretty much the same so We'll walk you through it step by step So there's a couple of measurements you Need to know you need to know how low The post is below your first pin so this Gate is roughly it's going to be roughly Uh six inches below The first pin so we know that if we put A pin here the gate's gonna fall down Six inches further And we want we want a little bit of Leadway so we'll probably go ahead and Put the first pin eight inches up and Then we'll we'll work our way up from There so you may want to run your gate a Little closer to the ground depending on If you're like using it for livestock uh In our case we're gonna we're gonna Probably end up putting some gravel Across here at some point in time But right now we're just wanting to Curtail our uninvited guests they uh

We've had a few people that have Self-invited themselves into our trails And so we're putting some do not Trespass signs and and a gate and Hopefully that will deter that Let's hope so Let's hope so let's hope so that's right So we're going to basically just come Down As we level this out a little bit here Because this is up raised just a bit Still going to come up about I'll go nine let's go nine inches That'll put the posts or the gate right Here somewhere I'm going to put it in the center This drill and bit is definitely Overkill You want to get your bit as level as you Can Because you don't want it to uh screw The the hinge in crooked Some of these will have a a nut on the Other side in that case you would go all The way through and then run the nut and Washer up on the other side in this Particular case all we need to do is Just screw this in with a basically a Crescent wrench I think will get us done I mean the wall that hole out a little Bit I think your hole is too small well We want we don't want it too Too big because then it'll pull out real Easy

That's another way how you use a Crescent wrench yeah this is the proper Proper use of the crescent wrench That looks a lot like like manual labor Again a lot like work Foreign Now we've got the most important part of The hinge put on into the first one so It's in we we can still adjust then in And out to help level the gate but the Next thing we're going to do is measure From the bottom Of this Hinge on the gate which is welded the Bottom one's welded the top one is Adjustable So we're going to come up And we'll put the top of the next pin About 35 inches up now that's going to Be dependent upon your gate so we'll go Up 35 inches and then we'll put the next Pin And then we'll be able to loosen this up And slide it up and down and that's how You get it exactly onto the gate we'll Show a little bit more of that in just a Minute So the bottom of the gate you can see This is where there's a little lip Around here and this is where the bottom Of the gate hinge sets so that's where You're going to measure from And we said we're going to go 35 When I say 35 again it's going to be to

The Roughly to the bottom Of this flat portion So if it's 35 it's to the bottom of the Flat portion Pretty much You want to go just about 34 and a half For the make up the distance of the boat Will make us a little Mark air And now we know now I'm going to go back Over to my gate and I'm going to do a Double check 35 was where I want the bottom of that Hinge to be Feel pretty good about that And again we'll take us another Measurement because we can do this Twice measure it twice and know that we Got it right so there's 35 if I put this At 35 the flat spot at 35 we know that That puts the boat head about A quarter of an inch down or so so That's pretty much right on And again this you've got quite a bit of Leadway here I'm just being really Really Um accurate as I can All right again we're going to try to Get this as Center as we can And make this the this drill bit again Is way Overkill it's just something I Had handy but we're gonna we want it to Be as level level This way

And then also Plumb this way It gives you not an ideal of how deep we Are in if I go just a little bit further Foreign So we're good to go So what we do here is pull this around This Straight up and down And then here's a little trick I picked up years ago I don't even know Where it's at where I learned it but you Can take your just as a rough start Take your two pins And put a level from pin to pin and that Can kind of get you a ballpark of how Level the gate is going to be and that Again is also depending on totally upon How well your gate is built and most Gates now are built on jigs so they're Pretty they're pretty level they're Pretty pretty reasonably accurate so We're we're riding the ballpark we can Always fine tune this just a little bit Later It's pretty good So now what I'm going to do is I'm just Going to loosen this clamp on this top Hinge and then we'll Just enough so it'll let it move freely Up and down I won't say we're going to need a can of Black spray paint after this Touch everything up because it looks

Like they sprayed this with the hinge in Place That's not that big of a deal All right feel pretty good about that There's technically a front to a gate We're actually putting the gate in Backwards just because the way we want It to hang but it really doesn't matter Okay hold up So I'm gonna go ahead and grab that one All right raise your end up A little bit more A little bit more Apple down up Okay So it should There you go pretty good I'm good What do you think is Mal you like the Gates That'll win this one I haven't tightened this up yet it's Just tight enough to hold it in place But what I'm going to do now is take my Level And set it on top of the gate Again this is not rocket science If you want your gate to swing closed Automatically you can you can have it Downhill just a little bit and it'll It'll it'll tend to want to swing back To the closed position and if you want Your gate just to kind of stay obviously Windy days is going to be different but If you got you want your gate just to

Stay wherever you put it and you want it Is perfectly level as you can get right Now we're a little bit downhill so that Means this top hinge needs to be screwed In a little bit further So we'll take this back off and do one More turn Let me get your end to pick up a little Bit Then we'll come around here And turn this one more complete turn Okay can you fold it out just a little Bit there All right the bottoms in all right raise Yours up a little bit He raises up a little bit more I can Because you got the chain on there no Sorry Ready All right so now we're going to set this Thing back on get the bottom one on All right Tanya if you can raise yours Up just a little bit a little bit more So close Okay I'm gonna tighten this down just a Little bit because It'll be a little Slack I don't want to be a little tighter now Upper tools guys I got my crescent Wrench here I can fix anything with this Thing Okay that's not completely tight All right now we'll take the level You can you can just hold it there

Straight My goodness that's close That is very close For a gate Yeah I'm I'm gonna call that's good That's good all right so what I'm going To do now is go ahead and Tighten this Hinge nut down Yeah I'm gonna let go Excuse me was guarding me it smells Guarding the gate he's guarding me yeah I'll wait till you get over there to All right so what I'm gonna do now is go Ahead and tighten my hinge clamp all the Way down Good and snug And because this was kind of leaned out Just a little bit it's going to pick up That end just a tiny bit so it's going To play to our favor Okay I'm getting sidetracked with the colors And everything of the trees nothing new Babe All right so now we have this post at The proper height we're going to go Ahead and use it as an example and go Ahead and cut the other posts off and We're good to go sounds like a plan you Know what else it looks good yeah we're Gonna put a couple solar lights on this It's going to be handsome Makes a great place to take pictures too

But look at this this is so pretty back There it's just so beautiful with all The colors I just love it Foreign Nature the final frontier Your daddy Size town you go ahead and move that big One out of there and replace it with a Small one and put the big one up there On the other side so it doesn't look so Out of balance and I think it's gonna Look cool unless you can place it sit Down too that's amazing Foreign Just like that we've got our gate put up We went ahead and put this little or This big log here so it's easy to walk Around it for our friends and our family That wants to walk back here but we'll Put a lock on this gate to keep people With their ATVs and stuff out run a nice Little line of logs down either side so It's going to be harder to get in the Woods Anybody that's determined to get back There can until we get a good fence up But you know just having a sign up here Will deter a lot of people I think it turned out great this is how Easy it can be to put up a post we're Using some fast 2K it absolutely fast 2K Is very strong you can actually put the Post in the ground and hang the gate 30

Minutes later we would have done that Yesterday but we had Life Listen guys I really appreciate you Watching our Channel hope this was Helpful got any comments leave it in the Comments section below I'd love to hear It if you got any advice leave it in the Comment section God bless have a great day what are we Seeing buddy Is there boogers in the woods hmm Because they boogers out there he said I Hear something Everybody go home Let's do it

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