Genius Invention To Move Trailers: Only For Smart People #tractor

Check this thing out brand new Product ssqa trailer mover just goes Right on one of the plates now normally You have a handle here to lock it on but I've got a hydraulic one so just shift It in place there you lock that Through throw in your 2in Receiver and of course pin that into Place and then you're moving trailers You can see it right through the front Window how cool is that I know what You're thinking isn't this going to Torque my loader tip my tra over well Yeah I just figured most of my viewers Had common sense but if you don't have Common sense don't buy this product okay Got to use it responsibly like anything For the right folks it's the perfect Application convenient lightweight small Cheap all the above made in America Small business up in Minnesota we're Selling these we ship them to you Goodworkstractors decom they'll come UPSR hard to beat

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