Get Jars of THESE on the Shelf RIGHT NOW! (A Mix To Seriously Make Your Life Easier!)

During the holidays there's always a Surprise visitor somebody showing up or Some event that I want to take something To whether it's a Hostess present or a Fresh plate of cookies so this is Something that I like to get into my Pantry right at the beginning of the Season so that I have everything I need Ready to go at a moment's notice it Gives me a lot of peace and reduces a Lot of the holiday scramble so let's Jump in and we're going to be making a Holiday cookie mix Foreign Of my best helpers and they're going to Help me make a cookie mix does it sound Like fun girls yeah okay so let's see This is Rebecca can you say hi hi and This is Hannah hi and this is Elizabeth Hi and we're gonna each make a jar of Our holiday cookie mix now this is a mix That's going to just sit on your shelf It's going to be really pretty so you Can give it as a Hostess gift at the Last minute or you can whip up a batch Of cookies in just a few minutes that Are going to be really cute and really Pretty today we're going to be using Just chocolate M M's plain chocolate M M's if you have the holiday M M's with Just the red and green these turn out Really really cute but when I'm filming This they didn't have them on the Shelf Yet so I couldn't get them so we have to

Do all the colors today okay the other Option is just plain old chocolate chips So let's talk about the different Ingredients that she made for each quart Jar of mix that we're gonna make we're Gonna use one and a half cups of All-purpose flour We're going to use one teaspoon of a Baking powder Half a teaspoon of a baking soda A quarter teaspoon of salt today I'm Using Redmond's Real Salt that's what I Almost always use in the house just make Sure it's a nice fine salt whatever You're using we're going to want about Half a cup of M M's or chocolate chips Your choice and again grab the holiday Colors if you can because that makes it Really fun a third cup of a light brown Sugar And then a half a cup of a regular sugar Now we don't actually have a regular White refined sugar in the house so Today we're just using this raw sugar That we have these are just sugar cane Crystals so you can use just a regular White refined sugar and that'll be just Fine okay are we ready to get started Yeah now you can make up a ton of these Jars right at the beginning of the Season and just keep them in your pantry Until it's time to use them They will last Six months maybe even longer really

Nicely in your pantry girls I'm going to Show you how to do the first one first Of all we're going to put one and a half Cups of flour into our jar and we're Using the funnel so that it can all go Down in there And let's make sure we get it kind of Level it doesn't have to be exact but Close Now after we put each ingredient in we Want to give the jar just a little Shake Just to make it nice and flat in there Okay let's see Rebecca you've got your One and a half cups here's a one cup can You put that in there Try to get it all in the funnel [Music] And Hannah one and a half cups of flour [Music] Okay now pass your funnel down to Lizzy Here we go and give your jar a little Shake so it's nice and flat [Music] [Applause] [Music] You girls are all wearing your aprons That's a great job I should be wearing My apron because I already have flour All over me I have flour on my hands you do That's okay we can wash our hands Afterwards this part's going to be a Little easier because we don't have to Use the funnel for this

You can just put it right on the top but We need one teaspoon of baking powder And we need a half teaspoon of baking Soda Baking soda kind of looks like baking Powder and a quarter teaspoon of salt Those are going to all go right in [Music] Give your jar a little Shake again to Make it real flat not too much we don't Want to stir it too much I think the baby's helping us make our Christmas cookies today Now the fun part now we can't eat any of The M M's yet okay maybe so grab your Funnels so we're gonna put about a half Cup of the M M's in Right in there we just want to layer Them out just a little bit okay [Music] Good okay Now you could add all sorts of other Goodies to these cranberries dried Cranberries would be delicious you could Add nuts in here you could layer all Sorts of really good things just try not To pass about one cup per quart jar of Extra goodies otherwise your cookies Won't have enough dough to hold together And now we've got a third cup of brown Sugar now this is going to go right over The top Foreign [Music]

Cup of just plain white sugar There's some flour in there Oh no Or in this case a raw sugar Right over the top If you had that plain white refined Sugar then this would make another Really pretty layer in the jar Time to shake mine [Music] And then I like to decorate the top of Mine with just another real little layer Of the M MS Did you get that one can you just put a Few in not yet not why we're not why We're cooking we can't eat while we're Cooking [Music] There you go okay now we're all ready You see how easy that was that was a Really simple project so put a lid on And pass it down and then put a band on Down [Music] Good job everybody now we're gonna clean Up and we have our cookie mix all ready For the pantry thank you for your help Are you going to want to eat the cookies When we make them yeah yeah you think so I kind of want to eat some You eat the M M's what do you like about Christmas cookies I like to make the Cookie found Christmas cookies I like to Make

Um Houses for little Um Christmas cookie guys I like to make Gingerbread cookies and we have the Gingerbread the ginger cookie stuff so We can make those hmm those are good too It is important to include a label with Your jars that tell you what to do with Your mix when you are ready to actually Make it now I don't know about your House but if I were to hang this off the Jar it would likely be completely lost Before I ever went to make these cookies So I like to actually print it a little Bit smaller than the lid of the jar and Put it on the inside the directions here Say mix with a half cup of melted butter An eighth cup of milk one beaten egg and One teaspoon of vanilla spoon onto Parchment lined cookie sheets and bake It 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes I Have a sheet of these labels ready for You guys eyes over at the blog post if You want to click the link below and go Grab your sheet of Direction labels so I Like to just drop that right on the Inside and then even if I'm going to use These myself it really makes it fun if They're nice and cute it also makes it Really easy to give these as a last Minute Hostess gift so I've just cut out A piece of red flannel that I thought Was really cute this actually came from An old sheet that we had that was all

Worn out it's nice and fresh and cleanly Washed you can also do this with just Brown paper And then just take a little twine and Tie it right on the top [Music] And look at how cute that is This is ready to sit on your pantry Shelf for up to six months maybe even up To nine months until you get around to Using it so it could just sit there and It's ready for you to grab and go we're All ready to actually make our cookies Are you ready girls yeah okay now let's Go over the ingredients that we're gonna Put into it we're going to put in the Melted butter so half a cup of melted Butter and this is something I Absolutely love about these cookies Because who has room temperature butter All the time on their counter just ready To go for a really quick batch of Cookies I know I don't usually so melted Butter just makes this go so much faster Then we have a teaspoon of vanilla Extract about two tablespoons or an Eighth cup of milk and one egg ready to Go okay Elizabeth can you open the jar And put the cookie mix just dump it all Into the bowl [Music] Oh in there And then I cracked an egg I'm just gonna Beat that up a little bit

Let's see Rebecca can you pour that Melted butter right on into the mix Jar And then the milk and the vanilla Extract can you put those in Now how about this one I think those are the fastest cookies Ever Hannah can you grab the mixer and Blend those all up together for us okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] You girls all have nice clean hands now See yep freshly washed okay I'm gonna Give you a tablespoon No not to eat them but to roll them into A nice Bowl so we can put them onto our Cookie sheet now I've got a Silpat line Cookie sheet you could use a greased Cookie sheet that would work great okay You ready hand out there we go roll it Into a nice ball There we go Oh these are going to be nice and Chocolatey and crunchy crunchy from all The M M's yeah yeah is this really good Enough yep so you want to get them Rolled real well and then we want to Flatten them just a little bit What's your favorite Christmas song Do you know the words to that one kind Of oh [Music] About little Lord Jesus

[Music] Now just for an extra little treat I am Going to pick through these and put some Of the Christmas colors right on the top Did you think I was going to put this Right into your mouth I bet you're gonna Stick them in time now into your mouth I Thought you're gonna eat it Well that would be yummy so we're gonna Have a bunch of non-christmas colors Left maybe we can eat those but here you Go once you pick a couple cookies let's Put some of the here's some Reds and Some greens [Music] Looking good now we're gonna slide these Into the oven at 350 degrees and we're Gonna bake them for eight to ten minutes Or until they're just getting slightly Golden brown on the bottom [Music] Foreign Don't touch it it's really hot okay but Look at that doesn't that look yummy Yeah There's only 12. That's okay Thank you Oh they're smelly on me don't they yeah They look good I think they're kind of a spot right now Let's let them cool down first before we Get one okay that sounds good which one Are you gonna happen wait does all of

Them have flutes in it probably I kind Of want this one that one yeah maybe Which one are you looking at That one with the Reds what about you Becca this one because it has a little Pink on it a little pink on there yeah It does wear kind of the red got a Little dragged through the dough a Little bit I kind of want this one I Like all the red on it you ready you Think it's cool enough to eat yet Um no no okay I'll test mine see Look at that Oh That looks good you guys can grab your Cookies My hair very good Hat Oh Those are so yummy and they're so fast So make sure you go ahead and get a Couple jars of these or 10 or 15 jars of these on your shelf Right now so you have great hostess Gifts and really really easy cookies to Take to a potluck or a party or whatever It is that you have going on or just to Serve your family for a little bit of Holiday cheer this season and hey to Check out some other mixes Check out this video right here Everybody say goodbye