Getting Started On Our Garden | Trimming Out the Master Bedroom Of Our Off Grid Cabin | Cabin Build

If you are a fan of sustainable living, gardening, and DIY cabin projects, then you are in for a treat! In this blog post, we will be discussing two exciting projects – getting started on our garden and trimming out the master bedroom of our off-grid cabin. Join us as we share tips and tricks on gardening and cabin building, as well as our personal experiences and insights. Let’s get started!

Getting Started On Our Garden | Trimming Out the Master Bedroom Of Our Off Grid Cabin | Cabin Build


Building an off-grid cabin from scratch is an adventurous and fulfilling experience. The journey of building such a cabin is filled with numerous activities such as creating a garden to growing healthy vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, the process of designing and trimming the interior of the cabin is also equally important. This article chronicles the experiences of a couple who builds an off-grid cabin in the Canadian wilderness. The article covers the couple’s activities as they work on their garden and the interior of their cabin. The article ends with frequently asked questions about cabin building.

Getting Started On Our Garden

The couple planned to plant tomatoes, onions, beans, and pumpkins in their garden. Before they started working on their garden, the couple spent considerable time analyzing the soil. They knew that rocky soil was prevalent in the Canadian wilderness where they were building their cabin. The couple added compost to the rocky soil to enrich it and create a fertile environment for the plants.

They were fortunate to have a chicken coop whose shade was covered with a tarp. Their chickens enjoyed the shade while still maintaining the natural and free-range environment. As part of the garden preparation, the couple tilled the soil with a tiller they bought from Princess Auto.

Trimming Out the Master Bedroom Of Our Off Grid Cabin

The couple’s cabin was starting to take shape, and they wanted to start working on the interior. Since the couple preferred a woodsy rustic theme, they looked around and found something perfect for their trim. The couple visited Princess Auto to buy wooden planks to use for creating the cabin’s interior. The wooden planks are easy to work with and create beautiful rustic trim.

The couple worked on the trim of their master bedroom. They explored adding cornerstones to create a focal point and break the monotony of the design. They found that wooden planks from Princess Auto were the perfect building blocks for their chosen design.

The hard corner of the plank was irrelevant as it could be sanded and chiseled to form the correct shape.


  1. Can one build an off-grid cabin anywhere?
  • It is crucial to reach out and research your local authority before building any off-grid cabin. Some areas may have regulations that are essential to observe.
  1. Is it necessary to add compost to rocky soil?
  • Yes, it is necessary to add compost to rocky soil to enrich it and create a fertile environment for the plants.
  1. Is it essential to cover the chicken coop?
  • It is necessary to cover the chicken coop with a tarp to provide shade and maintain a natural and free-range environment for the chickens.
  1. Can one buy building materials from Princess Auto?
  • Yes, Princess Auto provides a wide range of building materials, including wooden planks for trimming.
  1. Is trimming the interior of an off-grid cabin necessary?
  • Trimming the interior of an off-grid cabin enhances the aesthetics of the cabin and creates a cozy and homely environment.


Building an off-grid cabin is an exciting and adventurous journey. As the couple in this article, building a garden, trimming the interior, and enhancing the cabin’s aesthetics are of utmost importance. Utilizing building materials such as wooden planks from Princess Auto can create a beautiful rustic trim that completes the theme of an off-grid cabin.

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