Getting The Flower Patch Ready For U-Pick Season

Hey guys welcome back to wood street Farm i’m phil and today we’re getting Ready for our flower picking season and We’re gonna do some prep work here in The flower patch a little bit of weeding Uh we’re gonna set up some photo ops we Gotta build a photo op that we want to Set up so we’re gonna cover that in Today’s video but i wanted to talk to You briefly about footwear because i got Sent a free pair of boots from a company Called rock rooster i’m gonna try their Boots out do i know anything about work Boots Not really and i’m not going to give you Any extended feedback on these boots for Several weeks i want to wear them and Really break them in and put them Through the test but they’re a Good-looking pair of boots they’re about Thirty dollars retail in the us uh they Gave me a code that you guys can use to Get a discount on any of the boots from Their website which is pretty cool and I’ll have that in this video’s Description but the boots that i’m Trying out today are a pair of six inch Wedge style boot with a steel toe Because i do a bunch of firewood and Other stuff around here and i wanted a Steel toe but like i said we’re going to Kind of put them through the paces here And i’m not really going to share Anything else about the boots until a

Couple weeks from now where i can really Give some honest feedback after like Really using them for an extended period Of time so anyway let’s get into today’s Video and start working on the flower Patch Mm-hmm [Music] Is [Music] Foreign [Music] Hey [Music] Okay [Music] You got it Ah perfect So it’s coming along you can see with The rose here tilled or the aisle ways Tilled cleans up all of that weed litter That we saw there in the beginning and Over the next week and a half until we Open hopefully get a rain or two this Will all pack down and i’ve already Driven the tractor over it several times So that’s packed it down a bit but the Little bit of tire marks and whatnot That we see here should all level out Before we open so the photo props are Awesome i think We haven’t had this many photo props out In the flower field before so we’ve got What was our hot chocolate stand we

Repurposed for flowers we painted it red We had some leftover red paint so i Think that’s going to look good that is Staked into the ground here so i’m Hoping that we don’t have to move it While we’re open i think these flowers That are around it should continue to Bloom the entire time that we’re open And then the little fence that we made There with little chairs that’s going to Look great that was right here in the Area where uh the flowers that we had Planted here died so we just roll up Rolled up the uh the ground cover Staked it down behind the Little fence there’s room behind the Fence if somebody wants to stand behind It for their photo or whatever but That’s gonna look perfect we’re gonna Put a little bit of mulch down right Here in front of it just so it looks Finished and that’ll be good to go and Then up the hill you can see just up There that was a Consignment store fine for us that is an Old wooden door they had already Installed the mirrors in it so it looked Awesome it’s got this little table on The front let’s go take a closer look So i think this is going to look good we Painted it that color and i think it Just really stands out in the field here Got that little table on there though That table top we realized after it

Rained yesterday is made out of mdf so If that gets through the whole season That’ll be amazing we’ll figure out what To do with this next season the door no Doubt will hold up just fine with good Quality exterior paint all over that so We’ll definitely continue to use the Door in the future years but the table We’ll see we’ve got the magenta colored Bench over there we’ve also got a white Bench in both of the benches we’ll put Out in the field wherever is kind of the Best place for them based on whatever’s Blooming the weekend that we’re open so Uh the only other thing that we’re going To end up putting down here is our old Blue tractor is going to be situated Somewhere on one of these wide aisle Ways probably right about where i’m Standing now this is kind of a junction So we’ve got A wide aisle way that goes out there Someone can go out behind all of our big Sunflowers that way We’ve got the wide aisle way right here You can exit downhill that way so right Around this junction between That long isle way and the one that i’m Standing on here there’s plenty of room To park the old blue tractor here maybe With a couple hay bales around it so People can sit with some flowers all Around them and i think that’ll look Pretty good okay guys let me know what

You think the photo props i think turned Out pretty well The flower patch itself Is pretty much meeting expectations i’ll Cover on another video i think some of The challenges that we’ve had i’ve Talked about some of this in previous Videos but uh we’ve got some soil down Here it’s just not great and as a result I’ve got Some areas where sunflowers are not Coming up that we’re expecting them to Come up so i kind of feeling like my Inventory is going to be short on Sunflowers and I’m kind of worried that’s going to be a Problem with some people but At this point it’s late in the game There’s not much i can do so it’s just Going to have to be whatever it is for This season and you know lesson learned For next year and over the fall and into Next spring we’ll try to improve the Soil over here where we’re having some Challenges but that’s going to wrap it Up for today let me know what you guys Think in the comments Until next time hope you have a good one I’ll see on the next video bye-bye

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