Oh Oh yeah that's refreshing folks you're Going to want to pay attention because We are going to be giving away a product A little bit later in this video one Lucky winner is gonna win we're gonna Tell you how to win what you're winning A little bit later on folks how we doing Welcome to Good Works tractors no this Is not an effect it's actually snowing And blowing right now and it's that time Of year it's time to start shopping for Christmas presents and if you own a Tractor or know somebody that does well This video is for you and the theme this Year are gifts that fit under or around The tree we all know tractor stuff is Typically pretty big and heavy you can't Just pick it up with two hands and move It around so I went through all the Stuff that I sell and the partners that I work with and kind of narrowed it down Trimmed it down to a fun list of Products that are useful for pretty much Every tractor owner that are out there They'll fit in a in a gift bag in a box Under the tree around the tree you can Transport it to Grandma's house whatever You're doing let's get to it and don't Worry we've got all the links to this Stuff in the description Down Below on Our website we made a whole article About it the gifts for Christmas so you Can click on hyperlinks there and go

Right to the product that you want to Look at the first item on our list are Going to be the GWT hitch hangers so if You own a quick hitch it could be a John Deere eye match it could be the spico Quick hitch both very popular we have a Hitch hanger for you they mount onto the Quick hitch and you can hang suitcase Weights on there so you can get a whole Bundle if you want to and that's going To be a little bit heavier but if you Just need the hitch hangers you already Have suitcase weights you get these you Put them on there as extra ballast Weight extra counterweight for safety And efficiency and also down pressure Too for certain attachments like a rear Blade plow and snow maybe a plow going Through the ground digging it up all Sorts of uses for those a good gift to Pair along with that is the spico quick Hitch it is the number one selling Product that we offer we sell them and Ship them all over the country every day Of the week pack them up in a cardboard Box they are one of the heavier items on This list they're about 70 pounds you Can do some rest with that get your Workout in but it'll easily fit Underneath the tree or at least around The tree for sure and a great match for The hitchhangers a quick hitch just sits On the back of your tractor it makes Connection and disconnection a lot

Easier for three-point attachments takes A lot of that pain out of the process Another great item that pairs along with The first two we mentioned is going to Be the Versa bracket and this is kind of As the name suggests a versatile bracket You can put weights on there again for Safety and efficiency but it's going to Have a two inch receiver so if you're Looking for a trailer mover it has that Capability on there it's got chain hooks On there and a shelf to tie down a Toolbox to carry along and even a chain Slot holder hey you viewer pay attention Down below for five seconds A really good tool very lightweight Actually but it packs a lot of punch is Going to be the dethatcher rake that we Offer again goes right into three-point Hitch 60 inches wide Comes in a nice cardboard box takes About an hour to assemble but you can Use this for dethatching your lawn Scarifying your lawn raking up leaves Grading out a gravel drive Trail Maintenance all sorts of applications For it's a very very handy attachment And one of the cheaper tractor tools to Get into now you may not need this so Much this time of year but come spring And summer you're going to want one the Rhino hide canopy get that from it is nearly Indestructible okay it's made out of

Like that bed liner material in your Truck that you would drop down in there The HDPE very tough and durable you know But so we actually bought Rhino hide Canopy from the original owner Don's an Awesome guy he actually did a couple of Tests he shot it with a shotgun he was Whacking it with a sledgehammer you know A couple of years ago in a really frigid Day we took it out in the parking lot And compared it to some other materials And ran over it and dropped big old bags Of stuff on it and it was the only one That didn't break but it's also very Lightweight so it's easy to take off if You need to fit it inside your garage or For transportation Rhino hide canopy get You one another really cool plastic Product believe it or not that works Great on tractors is going to be uhmw And this is the complicated way of Saying a plastic Edge so if you are Plowing snow pushing snow have a snow Blower want to move snow with your Bucket maybe even a rear blade uhmw sell It right on our website it's a hard Plastic material sum it up to say it Cuts like steel but protects like rubber So if you have an asphalt driveway Concrete decorative dry food whatever That is it's a great solution to to cut Way better through that packed snow Compared to rubber but it's not going to Cause damage or leave rust streaks like

A steel Edge would do so it's a really Good alternative a lot of folks are Going to this easy to install just uses Regular standard Hardware you can use The tools that you have at home if you Can cut lumber at home and drill it out You can do the same thing with this Product too okay now pay attention There's an extra bonus discount you can Get with the rest of these items through Our discount club which is just an Affectionate way of of kind of calling This collection of vendors that we Partner with so we don't carry these Products but they're manufacturers that You go to their site buy directly from Them enter code GWT you're going to save At least five percent off of the order They'll pack it up and ship it out to You directly the 511 Grille Guards are An awesome solution they're they're Serving two purposes one is just to make Your tractor look cool and dress it up If you like to do that the second one is Functional to protect the front end of Your tractor from maybe you're using a Grapple or or a bucket and you're kind Of in a hairy situation in the woods or In a pile of branches and everything Else it doesn't take much for one stick To find its way sneaking through go Through your radiator screen and cause a Lot of damage maybe break a headlight Whatever else a grill guard can prevent

That from happening so folks if you are Still with us the 511 grille guard is What's going to be given away Justin the Owner of 511 Grille Guards is going to Give somebody a very Merry Christmas They make grill guards for John Deere Tractors for Kubota Tractors a few for Coyote one of you is going to be a lucky Winner and let me tell you how you win Okay all you have to do is leave a Comment Down Below in this video alright So you do it your husband your wife your Mother your father your son your Daughter whoever it is you can all leave A comment we're going to select one Lucky winner from all those comments you Gotta post the comment on YouTube tube Only WE Post these videos other places Too but YouTube only Monday November 28 2022 the drawing closes at 12 noon Eastern time we're gonna do the drawing Shortly after that we will reply to your Comment on there we'll post it on the YouTube Community tab as well do not Reply do not acknowledge I got a Snowflake any text me on telegram or Anything to do with telegram comments They are scammers they are running Rampant on YouTube ignore them report Them that is not us you do have to be a Resident of the lower 48 states of the U.S so once we verify your authenticity After being selected the winner we will Transfer you over to Justin he'll get

You hooked up oh and don't let that hold You up from buying a grill guard because If you happen to buy one in the meantime And you are selected as the winner well Guess what you're going to be refunded Your purchase price and you just got Yourself a free grill guard so Merry Christmas from Good Works tractors and 511 designs the bucket brackets by ju Fabworks you know he started out making These for the John Deere buckets and and Well I made a video called fixing John Deere's bad bucket design but it helps To reinforce the top rail of those John Deere buckets but also adds versatility So again I like these products that Solve a problem and add another function It's pretty cool small business here in Michigan just like 511 is as well great Guys that are doing really good stuff But they make brackets now for other Tractor Brands as well like Kubota they Make a universal bracket a lot of Different options there you can get a Two inch receiver on top of your bucket Too if you want check them out folks we are proud to be Sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping

Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at We're double dipping here with 511 Because not only do they offer the grill Guards but they're really building out Their product line and now they offer a Product that a lot of folks want which Are going to be magnetic mirrors these Mount to the side of your loader armor If you can find another location on your Tractor they'll work right there too There are some mirrors out there that Will bolt onto some John Deere loaders But a lot of folks don't have a John Deere right and so these are a solution For the rest of you guys out there check Out those magnetic mirrors at income next one is a Newcomer to the discount Club that's Going to be the easy wheel this is a Really cool product in effect last Winter I had kind of featured some some Homemade designs you know uh from folks That were out there and then I started Getting some folks that would email me With their own homemade versions that

They did too well finally there's a Production version that'll fit like the 1025r the 3 Series there's a Kubota Series it'll fit too and he's going to Come up with more of them as well but It's just a fun way an easier way to Spin that top link to make adjustments On the fly with a box blade or a rake or If you need to connect to an attachment It just makes moving that top link a lot Easier and if you're looking for a fun Way to set your tractor apart it's a Good option to consider every tractor Owner needs a grease gun every tractor Owner probably has a grease gun and most Of them probably hate them because They're leaking down on the floor It's a pain to keep them primed it's a Pain to change cartridges they're just They're just not fun to use but most Tractor owners need to be greasing their Machine on a constant basis a loader Needs to be greased every 10 hours of Use on top of mower decks the axle Fittings other other joints anything That's got a joint needs to be greased And if it's a pain in the butt to use You're probably not going to get it done So get yourself a loop shuttle they Change the greasing game way easier to Use self-priming cartridges super easy To screw in a screw out recyclable Refillable if you have a big Fleet and Do a lot of greasing or maybe you have

Arthritis there is an electric grease Gun option as well it's German Engineered and in fact now they even Offer a build your own kit so you can Completely customize the way that you Want to have it set up for you John Deere owners out there We just got one ourselves we're actually I got to put it together sometime really Soon but you can get yourself a John Deere stool for your shop or your barn Your garage whatever it is now we got Ours from 247 they are a Member they can they can help with not Just these gift ideas but if you need an Oil change kit or you need a new Accessory for your tractor a new light Whatever it is they can help out they Ship all over the country 247 See what they have to offer Outback wrap Makes a really cool host cover that's Going to protect your hoses it's going To organize them and it's going to Identify them and get in all sorts of Different colors different sizes if you Need to bundle your hoses together or You just want to know which hose does What and goes where you can identify it By color that way too this one here is Probably one of the well this is almost A stocking stuffer it's it's so small You kind of cram it in wherever Depending on how much you get I suppose Get yours at Outback if you're

Looking to completely take the pain out Of hooking up to those three-point Attachments with a PTO shaft well you Get that speaker quick hitch but you Still have to deal with the PTO shaft Itself you know they're often dirty Dried up hard to slide side the shaft on And off get yourself a PTO link from it moves that Connection point out turns it into a Plate where you just twist instead of Having to line up all the splines and Get it greased up and cleaned off and on There and everything else so again great For folks that hate dealing with those PTO shafts just makes life a little bit Simpler and a lot of you folks are Owning a John Deere 1025r and some of The other John Deere compacts muds Customs offers all sorts of accessories To trick those tractors out you can get Steps you can get grab handles tie down Points mirror extension brackets a lot Of different goodies that are fun to Have even even custom backhoe buckets if You want if you want to have like a Small trenching bucket or a really wide Smooth bottom bucket a lot of different Options there to consider now if none of These items happen to be what you're Looking for and you need something big Or you want to you want to get that Tiller for next spring or a flail more Or whatever it is and it just won't fit

Underneath the tree well then we offer Gift cards too so you can get them a Gift card on our website and let them Get their own attachment when they're Ready when the time is right and they Can make their own decision at that Point that'll wrap it up for us today if You enjoyed today's video we'd love to Have you tag along hit that subscribe Button right down below and you know Where to go for your tractor attachments Goodworks I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We'll see you soon

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