Greenhouse Build in 5 mins Timelapse

Hey welcome back to the channel we have Finished our Greenhouse Bill yep and we Are going to take you guys Along on our Time lapse from start to finish and I Want you to make sure that you stick Through to the end of the video we're Going to put a bunch of pictures of the Completed Greenhouse done maybe some of Along the way so make sure you watch all The way then Tanya and I cut this white oak off of a Portion of our property where our house Is going to go Because this is a time lapse that's Going to race through this video but if You want to see the full length video I'll leave a link at the end of this Video to the playlist Foreign Post If you're not familiar with it it is a Foam alternative to concrete so much Easier to work with It's a little more expensive but it does Protect the wood where concrete causes It to rot Everything Everything Thank you Thank you Don't forget I'm going to leave a link At the end of this video and you can get Some really good detail on the full Length video

Foreign Together Foreign Foreign Foreign We hope you enjoyed this video and if You like more videos like this click Right here

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