Growing Flowers – Pulling Last Year’s Ground Cover

Hey guys welcome back to Wood Street Farm we are starting to think about Flower season for 2023 and this is Something that we put off last year Because it was a pain in the neck to get This black tarp up with all the plants Growing through it we tried using the Mower we tried just pulling plants by Hand we tried cutting them and Eventually we just got busy and we just Kind of left it which means for this uh Preparing this plot over the winter we Didn't get any cover crop down which I Wanted to do because we want to continue To build the soil over here and Um but we kind of discovered maybe That's for the better because now these Plants are all dried out and crusty They're a lot easier to remove so Hudson's hacking an atom with a stick I Was kicking at him with my feet I'll Show you what we do here but it's a lot Easier now that everything's all dried Out so maybe we learned something here Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

[Music] Foreign [Music] Right about an hour into it right now we Got five of our ten rows rolled up so it Looks like this is going to be a two Hour job I guess it's worth it uh you Guys tell me what you do if you use Ground cover do you just leave it down Just pull the plants out and try to Replant in it or do you pull it up every Year or what I don't know this is our First time using it we really like what It did for weed control and how neat and Organized it made everything look when It was planted but this part of the Process is a chore and I'm not enjoying It but the you know the time savings That we had not weeding this year more Than makes up for this this is just you Know something I didn't think about when We put this down Foreign [Music] So it took us about an hour and 40 Minutes to get that all cleaned up and Like I said it was a bit of a chore but What we're going to do next here is Spread some annual rye grass seed you Can see what that looks like there uh I Don't know for sure if this is gonna Grow but this seed's cheap enough we Have like a big 50 pound bag of it so This is supposed to germinate down to

Like 45 degrees it's 55 out today all Next week we'll get kind of a mix of Temperatures from the 30s all the way up To or actually from the 20s overnight up Into the 60s during the day so we'll see What happens and as we get into March we Can spread some more of this for an Early season cover crop but I'm just Going to spread it with a bag spreader Stacy's going to come behind with the Tractor and just kind of drive over the Field to try to pack some of the seed Down into the soft soil and driving over It with a tractor will also help break Up some of the larger branches and you Know plant matter that's out in the Field right now so we'll knock that out Real quick and we'll talk a little bit More about what we're planning on doing Maybe a little bit different for this Upcoming flower season [Music] [Music] [Music] All right so you can probably see now Tire tracks all over this whole field Hopefully that packs in some of that Seed and as soon as it's warm enough That seed will germinate and we'll have A nice early spring green manure crop And then we have some buckwheat and some Clover that we can plant as well but uh Probably a little is not probably Definitely early for the buckwheat and

The Clover we can Frost seed as we get Closer to Spring but we'll kind of wait And see what this does and if this Doesn't germinate much by you know mid Late March then we'll put some more of This seed down too so that's the plan With that We are going to shift around this plot Just a little bit I know we had rows That all those tarps that we pulled up All the ground cover we pulled up we're Going up and downhill this way and last Year we had some sunflowers across the Back that way I think this year we're Going to just change the layout a bit Change where our aisles were change the Width in between each of the flower rows As I talked in a previous video about How the flowers were growing over the Rose they were just way too close Together so we want to redo all the Spacing redo the layout and hopefully Make it an even better plot this year Than it was last year that's the plan so You guys let me know how you think we're Doing out here you got any feedback Anything like that I'm always open to Hearing what you guys have to say if You've got any questions obviously leave Those down below as well and until next Time hope you guys have a good one I'll See on the next video bye-bye Foreign [Music]

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