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If you've ever wanted to split firewood Sitting in a heated and air conditioned Cab you might look into Halverson's Firewood processors the model that you See here is one of their biggest units That can handle logs up to 22in diameter And over 30 ft long you'll probably want To run the bigger units off of a skid Steer but if you've got a tractor and You'd like to do the same thing they do Have models that fit that depending on What Tractor Model you have and what Your hydraulic flow is you may need an Auxiliary hydraulic pump that runs off Your PTO but they have those as well Another really nice tool that they offer Is called a grapple saw and it looks Like a narrow log grapple but it just Has a hydraulic saw on the side which Lets you cut your rounds to length when You need another log you can easily pick Them up off the pile with the custom Forks on the front and drive the whole Thing over to where you're splitting

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