Happy New Year! MBF Live!

Foreign [Music] Yeah that we our usual Saying here yeah we could just say no no Maybe yeah this is really so how's it Going yeah Happy New Year to everyone yay it's Literally where we are it's New Year's In about 20 minutes yeah we're probably Ahead of quite a few people because We're on Atlantic time Yeah I actually don't know where it's at Yeah I can't find it we usually should I Just tell them what it is Yeah it's kind of weird eh yeah and it's Not a it's meant we haven't when was the Last time we went live on here no it's Been a really long time all right yeah We usually have Bruce Buffer saying We what our lives From mapleberry Farm Arena out of the Blue Corner Mr mapleberry and out of the Black Corner Mrs mapleberry Let's see here I can say all that [Music] We are It's not really the same one yeah but You get the point anybody who's used to Be in here well it took us like 10 Minutes to get it yeah there you go We're good to go you Um But I can't see what that says Um

Okay anyway Rick hello Happy New Year From Iowa Adam says hello and Raymond oh yeah here We go yeah it's down there all right so Hey we actually Are uh do you want me to pop this out Yeah sure we don't watch ourselves do we No we don't usually see ourselves do we I don't know man we haven't done a live Stream in a while but we used to be like Freaking live stream Masters I know Right we'll get her sorted out this is What we do right here and then they Start talking to you all right so right Off the top might as well tell them what We do we read all the comments so we've Always done so if we get behind It's just going to happen if we miss you Thought on purpose if we haven't got to You well then we will yeah eventually so All right Rick Happy New Year from Iowa Adam hello Ramon happy New Year Ben Happy New Year From Alberta Rebecca hi Roger happy New Year Happy New Year What happened there Um Secret age man happy premature New Year We're 19 minutes away here yeah we're Gonna be doing a countdown here Terry Hello and happy New Year we're oh we're At The Farmhouse yes so anybody doesn't Know we're living at this Farmhouse when We sold it last place we bought this one

So we had our money invested here and Then we're living here instead of the Camper this time while we build our new Place yeah yeah so that's what's going On that's where we're at if you're Wondering like man the cabin looks Pretty good right now yeah it's because We're at the fairness that we're living In while we build it we build that yeah The tree looks nice hey get the Cool Vibe it's all dressed up yeah we're Super fancy oh yeah it's like you've Never seen this before let's probably Have what the title should have been Probably shouldn't yeah well we think About it after because it's on the Fly We're literally home alone with just Ourselves all dressed up yeah and our Kids she's up in bed sleeping yeah but So she took the picture she did yeah Yeah Uh we're gonna leave Rebecca Roger Secret Agent Terry hello and happy New Year hello Packman's Mountain Mabel Happy New Year Hi happy New Year lucky happy New Year Joseph hi kids happy New Year that's Joseph padone ah of course Loretta Happy New Year to you both Gerald Happy New Year from Las Vegas Las Vegas is what's Happening there mark Happy New Year's Eve from Michigan happy New Year William Happy New Year Rick again happy New Year Jerry hi from Phoenix Karen happiest New

Year 2012 from Bristol Virginia Pamela hello from North Carolina hello Hello Rebecca tell Sam her gift is going To be late we've had a tough three weeks My son Stephen lost his grandmother to a Massive stroke and passed with hospice Oh my land oh it's not and we're No worries at all yeah I mean that's Awful yeah yeah hope that You guys get on as Michigan you know Todd happy uh happy New Year everyone Scott Happy New Years guys TC happy New Year Rebecca I won't make it to our New York I won't make it to our New York The New York time one maybe all right You get to celebrate with us so we're Doing it yeah so that's good I guess for A lot of people yeah Don Happy New Year From Kelowna the best 2023 for you both You too you too family Happy New Year uh Eggy happy New Year looking spiffy Thanks so you already brought the New Year in yes we actually watched with Sam Sydney Australia's um fireworks Fireworks yeah she wanted to watch a few Sets of fireworks before she went to bed So we did London England and then we did Sydney Australia yeah it was pretty cool Yeah We realized that there was some about an Hour from here like uh probably the Biggest city in New Brunswick yeah we Missed it and we were like oh crap I Guess we didn't plan that out well yeah

Yeah this year yeah we haven't like Yeah we just never thought about it Honestly Uh Rebecca you both look great thank you Gary Happy New Year love all your videos Having you for my Ohio Grinch hap Junior happy New Year Ashton Jeremy Patrick Junior Matthew happening Here from Florida Mike uh from blizzard Beaten West New York is it I hope it's all Right there Gene Happy New Year from Brazil Have you already celebrated I don't Think so no not yet no they would now Derek OMG you two look amazing thank you Happy New Year from Queensland Australia Lovely summer day here on the first of January 30 degrees Al Martinez Happy New Years to the best Couples and from San Francisco happy New Year oh so you're about a few hours from Doing it Grinch Happy New Year's from The Four Corners USA Charles Happy New Year from North Carolina happy New Year Ted hey you all Look nice thank you Joseph 60 degrees in Light rain here in Philly working in the Morning so no party for me no well you Just get to party with us yeah New Year's here 16 minutes and yeah like you Did yeah Gary happy New Year Rebecca our New Year I'll just celebrate yours that sounds

Good yeah I totally do that yeah Ted uh Happy New Year from South Carolina happy Wayne G happy New Year guys Happy New Year yeah Thomas uh Happy New Year you Guys look great thank you Antonio happy New Year Junior you both looking nice Thank you Marty Fleury Happy New Year From Manitoba guys nice tree thanks we Got that tree Like after Christmas last year was it Yeah it was on clearance we waited until After so we didn't actually get to enjoy It last year this is our first year with It yeah There's a sandbag holding it down yeah Because the cat's just totally go right At it we have five cats so when we first Put it up pretty much all of them were In it and then we started using the Spray bottle and now they don't no it's Not too bad yes it helped a lot they do Swap the stuff under it and stuff yeah Whatever that's the joys of having cats Right yeah they're fun though yeah oh Dude and they of course like as soon as We sit here they all have to swarm this Area yeah that's the old cat here yeah We figured out she's been over 13 Different years with us yeah She was Black's friend who's dead It's already a damper on it her her Sister that we got when they were both Babies that one passed last year yeah so She's still kicking healthy though Tony

Happy New Year from Ohio happy New Year Loretta you both are going to have a new Year before me from Ontario it's 10 43 Yeah it's 11 well 11 46 now here Gary Happy New Years from Texas Happy New Year uh jtr Happy New Years from Washington Mountain Marin or off-grade Alaska hat Thai fancy you know right Yeah happy New Year midnight mad what we Had on a little Frank Sinatra earlier in A little dance by the by the Yeah tree Oh my goodness like all the cats are Here the big boss lady over here kind of Keeps them away though The old one the on your side at least a Couple of them Scissors Um Midnight Madness happened here from South Jersey oh my man they're super Hyper yeah he's gonna like launch across Our face at any moment I think so are Ready to cross the other Furniture It looks like there's a husky over there Yeah oh All right oh look at this one look That's cute Um hello Joseph I'll party with you Anytime yeah yeah Bob Galbraith or Galbraith Uh Happy New Year from Winter Garden Florida like all your videos give all The good work thank you awesome Chris Hello and welcome to 2023 from Australia

What's it like in 2023 tell me all the Details yeah what happened yeah what Happens it's like uh yeah hey we gotta Go back yeah Uh Chris hello and welcome to do this Oops Tony Happy New Year's been watching Guys from the start amazing uh amazing Of things you've been blessed with by The way Jeremy trade his Canadian tuxedo For a suit yeah Good luck I'm very Dapper hey hey happy New Year guys the very best haul Happy New Year to you too thank you uh JT Happy holidays and happy New Year guys From Toronto area yeah Yeah Steve I guys have been here from Forest City North Carolina hello Loretta The cabin's looking amazing keep up the Great work you were all doing good thank You how are you all doing yeah the decay In happy to hear from Jeff and Vicki From Maple Wisconsin must be Maple nice Yeah Eric's jalopy shop Happy New Year From Alabama Cool mark from Thunder Bay Ontario from Brazil uh rogerio say that right from Brazil love you hello Antonio looking great partying for the New year yeah Marie Don Phil happy New Year Ashton Jeremy happy Fernando I just gonna say happy new year I think That's Spanish yeah cool Chris happy New Year from Weston Missouri

Midnight Man is love you guys yeah Uh how about a New Year's joke Bae uh oh I've seen one wish I could remember it I'm gonna think what you think of one Why do cows wear Bells Because their horns don't work that's Like his go-to joke yeah I know it's Because I've watched Rocky a million Times and that's his go-to joke yeah Yeah Hey Junior thank you very much You're amazing you're amazing Much appreciated Cheers to 2023. Yeah here's cheers my super classy water Bottle Gatorade I shouldn't even show That I got water in a in a classy Um glass mason jar well whatever at Least a glass yeah yeah I know I don't Know I have to drink at a glass yeah I Don't mind the plastic they're eating Coffees drinks anything at all I remember when I was on the military Base in Shiloh and it's a Combat base against an army base but Anyways they're mess hall I don't know what was going on if They're having problems with people Obviously they're having problems with People breaking glass but they were Gonna go to I don't know the plastic or whatever in The thing there was almost like a full Mutiny remember when they said that like

I freaking like it was all hell broke Loose oh yeah like if it happened to Drink it imagine ordering a beer and It's not it's in a like a I think you're At a ball game to-go cup or something Right and then yeah it was pretty uh It didn't go over well I don't know what Ever happened of it now obviously that Was a long time ago but I'm sure they've Got to be I can't imagine going into a frigates a Nice place too yeah I was like oh yeah Here it's out of a freaking uh solo can Solo Cup Nick happy New Year from Nevada I love The channel Happy New Year Joseph Happy New Year to you and your family have a Good one thank you you too Bob happy New Year in Virginia happy New Year Grandma Trades I've been hearing blessings for Super 2023. thank you Fred Excuse me hi from Saratoga New York cool Karen happy news from Wisconsin happy New Year Graham's New York Texas New York Texas is where She's out Uh Antonio from Pensacola Florida hello Message retracted Grandville trades you All look beautiful Thank you Joseph we need champagne and Fireworks yeah I know right we should Have had fireworks we should have Planned it out better and then we could Good to have you guys live and you can

See the fireworks we actually mentioned It on the our other channel Ashley Jeremy or kind of our side channel that We were going to do we never ever said It on here we actually ran a poll who Wanted to go on there we don't have what Like it's a fraction of the amount of People that are over on that channel so Yeah anyways there was like 81 percent That said yeah so here we are on not Even that channel yeah so hopefully I Think it's all the same people pretty Much like mostly I don't know totally But mostly yeah I could be wondering Where we were yeah I know right on the Wrong Channel yeah Uh Joseph oh yeah again Junior thanks You're amazing that's super cool thank You Mike uh Happy New Year from Courtney BC happy New Year Junior cheers to you Pal yeah I hope your new year is awesome yeah Jackie you guys look Look pretty tonight thank you Raymond Happy New Years guys Ted what's in the glass uh water in one Of them and the other one's a 12 year Old McAllen Scotch just a little taste Help him sleep No help me to be festive you get seven Minutes yeah I guess I gotta make sure That we can get the little Ticker on Here view his analog

Right yeah okay and then how do I see That Oh maybe there oh it'll be right like That all right I just want to make sure We're good to go yeah I guess so like When we I gotta change that to digital Now I can't see it beyond the on our Watch it'll be on here I'll do it right There yeah because it'll be right beside It yeah Um Where'd I leave Daniel happy New Year Happy New Year come back at you here's Joseph back seven years Joseph EXO Thomas cheers from petticodiak New Brunswick Cheers another New Brunswick here yep You're on the same time zone yeah Is that lead Gibson Nice threads thanks Max XO Joseph smile and Jackie Happy New Year From Fort Walton Beach Florida another 2.5 zero hours oh you central time is it Half an hour midnight when do you expect To move in the cabin well we're actually Kind of have some plans going on about It now a little bit yeah so Wait I mean it's not a higher plan it's Just a plan but uh like Like a written on loose leaf yeah There's actually not a hard plan at all We didn't even go that far yeah like uh This year yeah

Yeah probably this year We need that place the cabin livable Yeah right for sure so I mean we could Live in it now but you know I mean we Want to finish that so the cabin's good To go and then we're going to live in That while we build we've said this Before if anybody remembers we're going To live in that one while we build A big one or not a big huge one better Main one with like a basement and stuff But we're going to do it on that Property obviously because that's going To be our full-time place but we're Going to live in the cabin where we do That right there it must be bigger house Yeah yeah and we're gonna possibly do Log Cabin kit that time we're going to Look at it we'll see so there's Different options but that would make Because when we do that you get to Finish exterior all the same time and It'll be a whole new build and we want To do for a while so we'll see how the Prices and everything go yeah yeah the First one we wanted was to get like he Said that cabin fully done so we're not Working around And we also want to get a garage up so We can store a bunch of stuff in it yeah There's absolutely no storage in that Cabin is Tiny it's like 600 square feet So I mean once you can only move in what You need and everything else would be

Outside in the snow so at least get the Walls and the roof on a garage throw our Stuff in there yeah in the garage yeah For sure so that's kind of a a pretty Loose answer but decent answer to that Yeah Um Where did you say that all right there Jim uh I'm assuming that's Army gym not Amy gym In Maryland right uh Happy New Year 2022 And 23. happy new Year Jackie yes Central Time right on Douglas you should Let your wife speak where she is a great Narrator go ahead no I'm good I'm good He's just reading Douglas hasn't been Here long enough in the live stream Right Yeah this is kind of how they roll and Then we just kind of talk over each Other yeah well mostly I talk over you But you could you could answer all these Yeah now she's gonna need glasses and Like right up to the screen yeah because I'm not wearing Yeah or else you could be like up close To my face and you know yeah yeah this Is just how we roll them yeah yeah Tom Happy New Years you guys Happy New Year Peggy what plans goals you ever this Year especially for your channel I think We just answer that yeah Yeah we got so that that would obviously Like

A lot going on in the channel right if We're doing all that Cool yeah for sure three minutes Junior 52 degrees and raining oh wow you Know what like what it might be like the Same weather here it's super warm right Now I think it's seven tonight like Celsius no but like what's that uh in Their Fahrenheit let's see here It was decent eight okay 46. wow we're Pretty close and raining yeah yeah 46 and raining so there you go okay what Happened I don't know did you close the Stream is it gone there it is Okay there we go all right we're back Um Junior you're at gave us the weather Wayne happy New Year Douglas her sing I don't know yes and okay is boring oh Dragon just leaves then bro you know Like oh I'll tell you yeah there's not Really much for me to say Hmm okay keep reading yeah um Midnight what was Santa good to you guys Uh yeah yeah Yeah yeah and this dude's freaking hot We had a good we had a good Christmas Sort of damn yeah Um Where are we at here Robert happy New Year hey guys enjoy the videos located In Kentucky USA awesome Jamie saludos Hello Phil Happy New Year from Cincinnati Ohio

Jackie7 sees his 39. Douglas the day you were sick and she Insulated half the cabin was awesome Question question okay Douglas just sounds like a great human He doesn't he just wants to hear me Actually I don't want to hear me please Let her go it was it would be just like Blank yeah And then just me so alive Jay uh junior Hey I am not no you the you are I just Noticed that too it's because we're on Mbf off grid You probably were the moderator on Farmers they can never go on this one Yeah now you're now you're the moderator On here too we've been live on Ashley Jeremy And not live on here right yeah in over A year but there hey Junior he said he Was going to hit Douglas in the head Junior you got the power back yeah Uh Jackie are you not back you got it Here too yeah Uh Oh shoot Happy New Year [Music] Happy New Year We got a speeding comments yeah Oh dear okay well there you go yeah we Could I wish there was like fireworks You could make come up on the screen Yeah I know it probably could on like Another kind of a thing yeah I need to

Flick the the light or something do you Want me to do that really quick no it's All right that was fun yeah Anti-climatic New Year yeah okay Come and celebrate with us and then We're just gonna like miss it That's zero zero on the computer so We're still good We made it yeah So tell us a joke somebody said I I have Me one sec I'll get caught up here then yeah Junior Hammond uh Jackie it's 65 here in Florida nice uh J-r-b-p-a 57 Happy New Year to you all Enjoy watching your builds Christmas Eve We had minus 37 wind chill I thought we Should send that weather back to Canada Oh yeah that's that's We haven't had uh we don't get real cold Here anyway It where we're at we just get hammered With snow I mean it'll be Like the coldest day be minus 25 with The wind chill it could get into minus 30s But usually we're we're not too cold Here again minus You know what I said really but that's Like the coldest days here and then uh But snow we get a lot of snow so we get Pelted January February March usually Just for a few months but get a lot in

Those few minutes Here's a joke okay well on my picture Here it's two people I don't know if That matters do you want me to say the Other half maybe all right who's gonna Say I only need that right I don't think Which what do you want me to say What are we It's kind of funny all right what's this Okay I can't see it so I'll say this and you say those two Perks all right Here's a joke ready Thursdays are so depressing if you think Thursdays are bad wait two more days It will be a Saturday You like that you're welcome there you Go first joke of the new year yeah I was Like waiting for the year welcome you're Like you like that oh yeah oh gee can't Get anything right Uh junior I was gonna hit Douglas in the Head oh it's nice Uh junior uh Brian a live kiss yeah yeah We just did one we did um There uh dust off 14 and join the Channel what was the coldest it got over The last week the best to you and your 2023 Thanksgiving but last week I don't Know maybe mine is eight or something Maybe that night yeah pretty warm that Celsius so not that cold Angelic hearts Uh Midnight Man is when the next video

Tomorrow or Monday yeah for sure one of The two that's we try to go Sunday or Monday Uh Rich hello from St Louis Missouri Happy New Year happy New Year Junior oh Okay Uh Mike snakes don't have iron bits Derek Ash is the eye candy Jeremy is the Mouthpiece Yeah right you get it Bob tell us a joke We just did John I wish you both Happiness good afternoon 2023. you too Everybody yeah even Douglas yeah Bob tell us a joke a lot of people Wanted a joke now I think I'm reading The same thing over again okay Excuse me John uh Howie looks like you Guys cut the head off the Christmas tree Angel happy New Years guys maybe because It's lit up or something it does look Like that though so we definitely did Not cut her head off yeah Uh she's a martyr yeah Oh my goodness imagine yeah KS fix it Man game and happy New Year from Kansas Happy New Year happy New Year Junior Live out loud that's Happy New Year Junior happy New Year Fred another hour For the new year here in Michigan yeah I Know right you're Eastern John Happy New Year's happy New Year Happy New Year Jackie okay I was under The impression that zero was hour 32 so Each above number was one more like 30

To 39 no you know an easy way to do it On top of your head but as soon as you Get below it doesn't work anymore say It's 15 Celsius If you double that And then add 15 it'd be no that's not Right this is okay this isn't an easy One no you add 15 and double it yeah so 15 so 30. 30 times by 260. that in your You'll be within a degree or two That that works so yeah so five add Fifteen twenty double at 40. yeah that's That's like a close way to do it you'll Be within a degree or two just do it on Top of your head that way yeah but as Soon as it goes below zero it doesn't Work because eventually they match Once you get below zero like minus 20 Yeah like it's the same right yeah Kentucky Bluegrass living happy New Year Wishing you all good health happy New Year much happiness success and all you Do you too yeah Howie here in Madison Indiana we have an hour to go before New Year's oh Well happy early New Year yeah Rich St Louis Missouri says hello hello Peggy do You still have your chickens when the Cabin is finished do you still have Plans to use land for hunting or bring Groups of people to come and stay in Hunt or do you or do more Homestead and Stuff Um we're getting chickens over there

Again we don't have them when it flooded We they a lady took them to her place And they just became hers yeah which Makes sense anyway and We will get them there and we'll go We'll still be We're not gonna bring People in but we're going to continue With hunting lots of deer over there Yeah and bear bears over there both on The trail cams already and they've only Been there a year and a half I guess Yeah and Not even a year and a half and so we're Gonna do the hunting right and we plan To have some animals like chickens and Stuff so probably try pigs again with a Better pen just uh We'll see but we got I was even thinking Like a cow we buy our cow right now yeah Half a cow which is a really good deal How we do it with a farmer not far from Here we've actually been using the same One even at the last place yeah we were Driving and getting it so But we may do that like we get set up Yeah I think we're gonna do syrup so Maple syrup and all that right yes we Will Garden I like to get do a better Garden yeah yeah definitely a better Garden really good so yeah so I'm Setting stuff yeah Uh junior deleted something so that's Good He's on the ball for us

Oh he was just young guy just said hello Worst joke ever your kitty is cute Ashley keep Jeremy in life yeah oh dear Um Mountain Mariner Oscar Alaska a Roman Walks into a bar he sits down and holds Up two fingers and says Five beers please yeah yeah nice you get It yeah the Roman numerals you know what He's doing this yeah Uh Jing is your second chair yes hello From Queens New York 51 raining oh Douglas my comments were only positive It's hard to place Inflection via text I look forward to Your videos daily only wish the best you Guys thanks all right on yeah I know It's hard to tell what somebody's saying Anyway we never really know we don't Have a glow yeah so it's all good yeah Cheers to you and Happy New Year Happy New Year That was a big sigh I made it to Midnight so yeah I mean that's a pretty Big deal Mary Alice happy New Year Howie She can kiss that frog all she wants Never gonna be a prince and he said Joking yeah it's all good I'm still Guessing her okay that's the joke you're Pushing the thing right here oops sorry Love is showing him now That's one of the kitties we have twin Kitties so him and his brother are twins And they're I think they're four months Old now and we got them when they were

About four weeks old because we were Fostering kitties at the time and him And his uh mom and siblings came in well Him and the twin we kept came in first Oh yeah I forgot she was up there Hello Timmy Hmm Anyway his name's Tiny Tim because he's Really little he's having the he's not Really he hasn't really like grown as Much as his brother no he's a little Fella yeah the baby the rent of the Litter he was She's That that that's wolf are you sure I Don't know no I think it's Tim oh no I Should put that away How do we turn that off I don't know Yeah somebody randomly drank calling us Yeah what's this here oh Mary Alice Thanks Thank you very much I don't know if you Like put that a bit ago and I missed it But thank you very much it's much Appreciated thank you Happy New Years to You every time I take a drink that's a Very bad idea yeah we need more sorry I Just picked the table again Thank you Mary Alice much appreciated Uh Mary ellis happy New Year is that Where I left off oh no I left off at Howie you call me a frog Kentucky Bluegrass living Jeremy do you Know what you get when a Canadian

Trucker in America leaves the truck stop Two parking places It's all right we love Canadians when a Cane Checker in America leaves the Trucks out two burglars Man what what I'm what am I missing Hey Ashley She's gone right now she could explain It to me I can't sit here and think Sean happy to Hear from Ohio let me know what that Means Sly happy New Year everyone you're Probably laughing more now as I don't Know JG hey guys let's see a prop see a Properly kissed well she's gone now My new Acres uh Happy New Years Happy New Year Sly from around the corner New Brunswick Happy New Year John happy New Year just Stopping by to wish you all a bright and Prosperous year you too Happy New Year Junior why does a golfer bring Oh shoot Where'd I go Junior why does a golfer bring two pairs Of socks to the golf course he used to Get the hole in one yeah I know that one My new double and add 30 yeah that's That's it hey my new how's it going Hello Mark Happy New Year from Australia Happy New Year Larry uh Happy New Years from Derby Connecticut is how it is or Colorado you're looking good Ashley love That fur on your shoulder oops it's a

Cat my bad well Happy New Year yeah Dennis is this what Dennis Denise we've Gone over a million times it's late We're saying probably it's Dennis Sam's In bed yeah Uh she stayed up to 11 though with us She wanted to stay up till midnight but She was pretty tired and she's on Antibiotics right now for her yeah like I think you should go to bed yeah she Used to get she got her second one Though oh my goodness she got right Hyper it was funny though it's pretty Funny she's crazy yeah Pamela Happy New Year from Missouri oh By the way thanks You for your sacrifice you made during Your military years into your family Thank thank you mm-hmm Jose mbf Happy New Year from Texas Friars dubs when are you listing the Farm home Um sometime this year maybe not sure Yeah probably yeah most likely but yeah Yeah yeah well uh we just One day at a time yeah and Happy New Year yes Mike pop squat These yeah do squats right now yeah Right now not for good Alaska wife Accused me of stealing Her thesaurus I'd say I'm lost for words But I'd be lying yeah nice Now we'll have a loud fryers uh Bay the

Moose in the woods behind the cabin Wishes you a very happy New Year yeah Yeah BD you look great Ashley where's Your hubby where did you find the good Looking fella with the tie yeah I know Right At streets Jeremy's not here stream Wouldn't work yeah My wife told me we will be here till Next year waiting on my balls to drop Don't know how to take that one that's How he said oh that's funny uh Patriot Happy New Year Bill happy New Year for Barry Ontario happy New Year Pamela hi Mary Alice thank you uh-oh yeah thank You I'm Yani Dark flemage I know you've been here a Million times but it's only 10 p.m here In Wisconsin but anyway have a great 2023 you too you too Um did I say that more you both look Great tonight happy New Year thank you Uh to you and say hi to Sam we will Douglas thank you I'll always watch Progress I love you guys thanks Doug Howie they know I love them or I Wouldn't joke around yeah yeah younger Come on guys hit the like button hey That's a good idea Pamela the way they Park oh they Park like over two spaces It was a joke while you're going to Truckers like when they leave you get Two spaces or something Canadian truck Drivers oh okay cool yeah I can see that

Um Kentucky they can't drive so good yeah Yeah Bill I think that he means the Game Checkers don't know how to park yeah Very funny uh yeah Bill uh I think that He means again Happy happy to all of you happy New Year Our two Happy New Year love watching you Guys awesome Anthony hey from St John New Brunswick James Happy New Year we enjoy your shows And listening to your accent hey it's Awesome Crystal Happy New Years Howie I admit the Frog thing was a Little low but remember that Kermit got All the ladies I know right Cameron Always had a pig [Laughter] Yeah man that was Longer than the Frog I brought this out now Mauricio hippie new year I haven't hear From I'm married to Georgia thanks happy New Year Rebecca did you hear the FedEx And Ops are merging UPS emerging the new Name is I'd be fed up yeah yeah yeah Right Jared Happy New Year from Is that Ru away Northern New Zealand Wishing you health and happiness guys Thanks for sharing your journey with us And best of luck with more personal Endeavors thanks Yeah it wouldn't be nothing but nobody

Here Wendy Happy New Year from New Zealand Another one from New Zealand Dennis Happy New Year from that's Dennis or Denise Dennis right Happy New Year's in Michigan that's another one yeah Brian Letty in Scotland good pure Souls Thank you Mine yeah mine not the beer yeah yeah She's in Black for a reason oh yeah yeah That's her wedding dress oh yeah right It was not Envy guy Avenue from Bathurst Kevin Happy New Year Okay stay safe and warm too okay hi from Mount Pleasant Michigan Miguel Costa happy New Year greetings From Uruguay 74 or Texas Tony oh my goodness wait He's getting tired Texas Tony holy freak Everything's attack hey Jose padoni yeah Where's Joseph he's gone maybe happy New Year Junior that's a good one bags Joe Happy New Year from Phoenix Happy New Year Rebecca hey Junior A a wall outdoors I got a question okay Shoot Douglas I grew up in Maine lots of Snow how many feet do you get in the Great white North there I think we Average 75 yeah I don't know I think the Average is 15 to 20 or something isn't It like in that area yeah I don't know Um Junior Avenue Air Max Brooke happy news from

Iowa USA AWOL Outdoors when are you guys Going to bend over for the thumbnails Laugh out loud I'll bend over the next One yes there you go yeah he will be Right on that yeah you're welcome Uh Chris okay I'm ready for a joke Nobody already told one I don't have Another one yeah we gave one that was a Solid joke yeah and he gave two because You said hey well sweet good to go Ceramic from Iowa USA liver Channel Thanks For that we're caught up hurry shut it Down yeah I'm good I'm good all right We're gonna roll out yeah yeah the Princess here is going to pass out the Black princess or the lady lady Ashley Yeah that's right that's true yeah the Black exactly she's gonna get bad now go To sleep I'm going yeah yeah What'd you say yeah Where are we at here AWOL I'm a fellow And B you're gonna Razzie but yeah right On cool where are you at Um I could not touch that eh um any baby News not yet Kentucky Bluegrass said Hopefully soon yeah Jackie oh I can't wait for Jerry to bend Over for the thumbnails yeah Hey well I like the veg keep them up Sounds like cats are trash in the place They really are Howie thanks guys Happy New Years many more happy New Year's Friends Rebecca cheers Junior AWOL uh

Rusegonis where's that must be North Keith Happy New Year love the opening Joke sweet somebody who likes them Somebody who says they love it wow we Don't get that often usually it's like That sucks and I wish you would stop or Up and die because it's like you've just Killed my hearing Oh no you're a piece Of crap The jokes Junior all the best guys season 23. Leon Happy New Year from spokanee Washington Happy Uh lady in Scotland wife's gone to bed As it's 2023. love the outfits but lose The cat big man Jerry here legendary Well I had it Off but Then I had it on Do you not wearing it yeah Strange he has no hair and then put the Ball cap on with the suit but why would You do it with the hair just wanted to Hide your hair no but when I have hair Or donut hair either way I wear it well Yeah I know but you're wearing a suit Getting ready to suit with a Bass Pro Shop hat No suits at best Bro Look our channel is What it is yeah And if you want to shop a Bass Pro right You turn around it's like it's like this Is actually that's bad yeah there you go Real quick ad for Bass Pro it's an

Outdoors outdoors and stuff like that Outdoors maybe I do maybe 2023 is this Yes this is 2023 is a hat there you go And what are you talking about people's Poor hats you ever watch The Godfather For example they wore a hat all the time A ball cap hey I'm telling you right now Here's the problem let me go through the Problem I need the problem fedoras are Popular then right yes that's different Right though yes then yes Fedora is now No somebody wearing a floor now they're Trying too hard well you should wear the Odd people in my life I know that go and Wear it or do little things like that Look like a tool bag walking down the Street it doesn't look right maybe you All right it doesn't matter if I look Foolish I'm just saying yeah but what I'm saying is the Fedora was popular Then and be before then but then you Know who came along do you know okay I Don't know you're gonna tell me Tom Selleck came along Magnum P.I started Wearing a ball cap with a suit Maybe I don't know forget the suit but My point is he made ball cast popular so Then Right yes Fedoras aren't so popular anymore now People wear baseball hats that's that's The new Fedora baseball that's a new Fedora oh there you go guys now you know So

You know who comes along 2023 now Mr Mapleberry I do I turn the hat around oh And wear it with a suit you know what I Am I'm a social media influencer you are Your Transit and this is this is now the Thing to do yes you can wait till you See any more people do it now you know What I'm gonna do I'm gonna wear a ball Cap with this beautiful gown next time You would probably look good oh yeah try It classy Classy trashy classy trashy it would Look good I would actually like it I Like it you probably would kind of a Bunk girl yeah Okay well that's a problem Anyways now that we've totally buried Thanks yeah Whoever started that Um All right where are we at here let me See where this could all right AWOL Oh just beside normal man it just Through I don't know remember here in That place 15 minutes between Freddie Norma all right on Keith Little Rock Arkansas Kentucky Beautiful Christmas tree thanks thank You Ronald what's up guys is it thanks Aggie yeah Yeah I feel like that much appreciated I Feel like from Aggie I should almost go Get snacks yeah and you know what eggy There's tim tams in our grocery store

Now there is that's so cool I couldn't Believe it and you saw it you can do a Tim Tam slam every day of the week here If you want if you want it there's not Vegemite and all that other stuff but There is tim tams at the grocery store Now I feel like molasses could almost Takes like Vegemite Okay do you eat molasses eggy yeah and How do you feel She said do it I'll grab those 10 days We're gonna you know what on Ashley Jeremy we'll go buy tim tams and We'll do it on that channel now this one The other one we'll go get tim tams yeah And show you them in the grocery store Here yes they'll do that and we'll Take that donation and get him yeah yeah Thanks that's awesome yeah Uh Darth that's the kind of look that Should included trash bags for luggage When traveling Yeah yeah Terrible yeah Howie must be a red green Moment yeah right yeah yeah big and more He still wears a hat because his head Hurts from the hammer fall yeah right You never know what's gonna happen here Keith by the way I'm living the dream Through your channel awesome thanks Keith I'm glad to hear that Kentucky What you need is some Kentucky moonshine Hey man this is McAllen 12 year old Scotch this is pretty good you need some

Kentucky Fried Chicken Mm-hmm You probably couldn't get it across the Border yeah Maybe we'll come down to Kentucky oh Yeah Oh yeah Andy love the show Awesome Edward hello great job hello More Naf happy New Year hello Friar dubs heck with the cap you are a Kilt guy Jeremy yeah yeah he should have A kill that's Sean in Alaska he's the Kill guy yeah John Happy New Year Dark you could always wear a night cap That's a kneecap I don't know me a Nightcap for him and I don't know sounds Like a drink like Brian your Hat's cool As your cabin wife is hot as my own Thanks for making us laugh all right Laugh excuse me and enjoy that Douglas Magnum P I wore shorts too you Gonna get up here yeah you should eh Maybe they will this tougher Tough shorts with that suit hat shorts Bent over holy mackerel you're welcome Welcome to the new India yeah 2000 This whole new audience Thanks again Aggie yeah that's awesome Tim tams Ashley Jeremy coming soon yeah Jim uh Army gym Ashley you would look Great in a sack what what's that what Does that mean like like my body's in a Second there's like a mafia movie I don't know how to take that yeah I

Don't know either Yeah yeah grab the gym Tam's gonna Ronald or gals uh Rosa hello beautiful Couple OMG you both look so beautiful Happy New Years thank you Happy New Year Happy New Year Ronald I'm sorry I have a Stroke oh I hope but you actually have a Stroke if you do like I hope you're Doing all right yeah gee uh Johnston D I Was just watching the last video was the Child being prepared for a sibling Sam Was the child being being prepared no The joke was literally just a joke no no Sam's not being prepared are you getting A new litter of hobbies neither one just Yoga yeah just a terrible joke yeah Sean About your Facebook post Yeah we actually didn't even announce we Were going on there we didn't even share It yeah we put a question out on Ashley Jeremy and then went and then went live In here so You know that's how it goes I guess yeah David happy New Years guys Happy New Year Maryland what are tim tams I don't Know if we have them in Nebraska is There a cookie and they're really Basically yeah and they're uh they're an Australian cookie and Aggie You see here on here Agnes Takis did I Pronounce that right anyway she's been With us for years yeah but she sent uh Australian snacks to us a couple of

Times yeah and we've tried them all out And it's fine trying different things From around the world so we just share Us going through the box or whatever and Uh anyways it was super fun but tim tams Are in it at the time we couldn't get Them and they never had them and all This now they showed up here and we can Get another store which is so cool so That's Very yummy cookie Um Sean Happy New Years guys Happy New Year Walter Happy New Year I really Enjoy your videos Happy New Year Ross Happy New Year to you guys from Prince Albert Saskatchewan thanks Dennis I Haven't missed a video since the hammer Incident nice it's over two years now Good for you Joseph goodnight kids I'm Not making it to midnight well you made It with us yeah Yeah it is really yeah that's the main I Mean this is where New Year's is at yeah JT where's the proper kiss we already Left them [Music] Okay it's like right out of a movie yeah Like that Super romantic romantic Howie killed Ben Over blind my eyes Dave dog I still got my car hurts on man That happy New Year nice Great world living Happy New Year Laugh out loud the hammer incident

Uh p i what's that p man P-i-r-i-e 55 Happy New Year love all Your vids thank you Happy New Year Ronald I'm doing amazing But I can't talk but it's fine one day At a time all right on we'll be praying For you yeah yeah I definitely hope you You know you get on all right with that Jeff happy New Years guys Happy New Year Justin good evening happy New Year good Evening Johnson Do you have a carpentry background or Soft taught I actually joined the Carpenters Union uh when I was 18. and I I did I was in the carpets unit for 10 Years so I did a lot of scaffolding actually in The union but I did do I framed I framed A few houses I took uh like I got frame And course I took in the union and Different things like that so I had some Experience but then I was in the Army For Eight years before I got mad release so In that time would I build a shed or Something Um yeah maybe didn't do a bunch of me Build some boxes to sell but it wasn't Doing much then so I had it so I had to Kind of get back into swing of things When we did the other one yeah so but I Had done some so and now that we're back In it just I don't know we've been kind Of doing it for the last little while

Yeah Uh where are we there yet Brian uh Watching from Argyle Scotland you guys Are becoming Legends happy New Year and Keep doing it lots of love happy New Year GT viffs I don't know what that is Um Wayne g kiss her again no that's Enough now like I'm tired It's time for bed yeah Tim happy New Year I've been a viewer Before The hammer nice before they ever Jag the Hammer's actually in the next video yeah Because we were talking about yeah yeah You jump in here at the wrong time yeah I know right Jackie you should do a sexy Kilt thumbnail every time yeah I gotta Get a kill yes I'm Scottish my Background so yeah uh junior but if you Want to see hey Sean Sexy time freaking kill time you want to Grow the channel sexy Kilt time yeah There you go Sean Alaska and anybody Head over and check him out check Sean Alaska he's building anybody want to Check him out and he'll give you a sexy Thumbnails yeah Sexy something else doing like this is Like almost killed up a little bit oh Gee that's what you gotta do just just Uh just uh putting the headers in Yeah

These headers are so hard oh goodness Gracious All right I just want to give you some Point though Sean yeah just I can see The channel really taken off is your New Year's present Sean Alaska go check them out yeah Junior hang in there Ron yeah for sure Sean hey that's my thing I knew it was Um Michael is that the new look Jeremy suit And cap I like it nice thanks yes John Alaska laughing Howie level loud Tubular Wow where are we at here Lost it was We was popping uh firecrackers and I Missed y'all Happy New Year All good yeah Douglas all hail Scotland [Music] Darth sexy Kilt chopping wood shirtless Drive the girls wild yeah I know right John I'm gonna do that pull up the Kilt Zoom in on a tattoo that says Jeremy [Music] Yeah yeah you can't steal her well yeah That'd be kind of weird yeah You're welcome [Laughter] Yeah All right we're gonna get out of here Before the channel gets banned yeah Jaggy level hey Happy New Year to Everybody yeah thanks for being here yes

Check out Sean Alaska sexy Kilt time on YouTube here Thanks Junior Sean Rebecca everybody Uh Aggie Ronald Gary Jackie Darth Douglas towie even if we didn't start Off right Douglas and misunderstanding Yeah Michael Jackie Tim Wayne Brian Johnson Justin Jeff Ronald 55 great Rural living Keith Douglas hey thanks Everybody it was fun yeah we're gonna Roll out uh-huh it was fun it's been a While it sure has we do go live in Ashley Jeremy once every six months so There's if you want to go to I think It's youtube.com But I don't know yeah yeah you can check That out there's probably a link for it Somewhere on our Channel we don't Promote it barely at all so yeah anyways We're also going to check the tim tams Out there uh thanks for being here Thanks everybody thanks everybody it was Fun Yeah yeah happy New Year yeah Yeah I'm gonna turn it off okay Bye Mino take care now take care now see Ya

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