Harbor Freight Sand Blaster Review #shorts

I want to give a quick review on this Inexpensive Harbor Freight portable Sandblaster so first we'll watch it work And then I'll give you my thoughts on it The spot you see me working on right now Has already had the majority of the rust Removed with a wire wheel on a grinder And that's faster for that part but this Gets a little bit more of a deep clean Now I'm working on this antique hay Wagon with no prior prep and it does a Great job and this sandblaster is Inexpensive it was easy to set up but The negatives to it are that it's pretty Slow honestly took me maybe five minutes To do this little bit right here and you Need a good size air compressor to run It mine puts out 15 cubic feet per Minute blasting media could also get Expensive if you like equipment videos Or working on stuff follow the channel We put full length versions on YouTube And Facebook

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