Hardwood blueberry cuttings, how they look after nine months

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead I’m kneeling between two sheds Where we keep our blueberry cuttings Uh shaded and stored and anyway uh this Is an update on our blueberry Propagation project that we did with a Horticulture class so Uh I did winter hardwood cutting so I’m Not saying this is the best way to do it But it’s pretty simple and I’ve had a Fairly good amount of success rate and So I want to show you what what we did And uh show you the results it is now October 4th and so we got a bunch of Cuttings uh when we do our winter Pruning of blueberries so we just had The waste anyway we took them I had my Students cut off ranches and try to Stick them in there I have a video on That I’ll put a link in the description Of if you want to see how and when these Uh blueberries were actually planted and Anyway I have a mess here and I intensely left The whole mess because I’m going to show You what we did and did not do and uh And see if you can learn something on How you might want to propagate Blueberries so again these were These cuttings were replaced by my Students in January it’s now October so It’s been about 10 months Um and I will say this not to throw my Students under the bus but uh I’ve had a

Lot of plants that I thought anybody can Grow and there’s a certain percentage That the students kill uh so I mean some Of the students do great but some aren’t So this this is a project it was started By a lot of kids so I’ve got uh uh Here’s a quick look at some of these uh We we did various size pots uh this size Pot seemed to be pretty successful it Had enough depth to keep moisture in it We did uh fur bark fine fur bark and put It out here we tried some of these Really small trays so this is a triple Cell and you can see there’s weeds in Here but there’s also a small blueberry Bush that’s going here I’m going to pull This out in a minute and see how much Root it actually has I’m gonna Move back here and let you see on the Camera uh We just stuck these in the ground uh Right here you can see the sprinkler on The ground it’s between these two sheds And you can tell that it’s a bright Sunny day if you look up in the Background so it is shaded most the time Uh we had in the back here we had Wheelbarrows so when the sun came across Here it shaded that earlier in the year But now that it’s later in the year it’s Not that important you will see I have The sprinkler right here here’s the Sprinkler that I had sitting in here

Just sitting on the ground uh right in The midst of the blueberries it comes up And just kind of sprays the light uh Drops all over the place this is what Kept the blueberries alive during the Summer we weren’t paying much attention To them I do have the ability to put Them on a cut this on a timer and it Went I believe four or five minutes Um at a time and it was set to go three Times a day so it was like early in the Morning uh middle of the afternoon and Then late in the evening so it kept the Fur bark moist and we just left the Blueberries there and they just kept uh Growing and hopefully put down some Roots As you take a look at a lot of these a Little bit closer up you can see I have A lot of weeds in here uh You know when you first have the Blueberry canes uh it’s just stuck in There they have no roots and they’re Going to pull out easily and so if There’s if we get to the weeds quickly We’ll try to pull them out otherwise we Just let them grow in there and Sometimes snip them off and so that We’re not disturbing the the canes but As they’re trying to set down Roots but You can see in this pot we’ve got a few Different uh Canes that are cuttings that are have Produced this is

Growing a little bit this is one of the Larger canes this is when it’s bigger Than a pencil usually we have difficulty Getting it usually the smaller cuttings Do better like this one but uh this is One of the times that you know I told The kids we gotta just go ahead and cut It stick it in see what happens and so It this one doesn’t have a ton of growth Actually it has this Branch right here And right here and this is definitely Larger than a pencil diameter so we’re Doing pretty well there All right Again I’ve got a lot of weeds Now I’m going to pull out some of those Trying to be careful what am I going to Do with these pots right now so it’s Going into the dormant season I’m I’m Just going to leave them in the pots uh For this winter and maybe transplant Them right before they start growing Next spring and put them in a bigger pot And then get them ready to grow up Another year in pots and then we’ll move Them out into the garden I use the fine Fur bark because it’s an inert medium Not a lot of nutrient in there to Encourage bacteria or fungal growth After about six or seven months when I Was pretty confident that they were Putting out roots and I wanted them to Go ahead and be able to pick up some Nutrients I did start fertilizing

Probably In August I would say I started putting Some a little bit of fertilizer in here So it’s August and September they’re Getting some fertilizer so before they Go complete uh completely dormant and Even lose their leaves they’re going to Pick up a little bit more nutrient to be Ready to take off next year This is the one that’s most surprising To me uh That they actually have decent growth Like I said these were left these are Little three different cells on this Tiny pot there’s no depth but just Because I kept a sprinkler on them and Kept some moisture in it you can see There’s Uh of the three cells there’s a cane in Each cell I’ve got growth on two of These and uh none on this one so uh I would think that being left outside we Had a hot summer we had over 30 days of 90 degrees so and Obviously keeping in the shade and Having a sprinkler running keeping Moisture in there allowed these to Survive a little bit I’m gonna go ahead And pull one of these out right now and See What we got I think you can see there’s a Significant amount of root growth I Shouldn’t say significant but there is

You can see these white fibers in here It is growing some decent roots and it’s Going to be ready to take off I’m going To go ahead and put this in some since I Pulled this out I’m going to put this in Some potting soil and let it sit that Way over the winter I’ll probably do This with a few of them just to compare The ones that I leave in the fur bar During the winter and the ones that I Put in the potting soil and again do Another experiment to see which ones Come out better it appears I have quite A few that look kind of like this uh Here’s what was stuck into the uh soil And it’s got a little bit of a leaf Growing here and I have a bunch of what Looks like it’s growing off of this same Cane but it’s underneath the soil so as We if we take this apart I’m sorry I gotta keep this up on the Camera Being careful here So we do have some white Roots here that Are Some of these are blueberries somewhere With some of the weeds in here but you Can see that it set off a new start Uh right here and this was actually Underneath the soil the soil level was Right here so it sent this out from a Node the sleeve that’s up here but most Of the leaf and the new growth actually On this one came from a node that was

About an inch underneath the soil and Then it came up so anyway I’m going to Stick this in some potting soil as well And let it over winter in that here’s a Couple Champions that we had here’s a New growth completely new growth up here So this is goodness 18 inches long and It’s not coming off of a Cane this Visible there’s this was stuck in for The cutting and it has branched out Laterally a lot of places and then this Similar to the other one grew from under Underneath attached to it and sent out 18 inches of New Growth so we’re excited About that one Here’s another one that did similar The the cane that was stuck in the Ground Just sent out a few leaves laterally and Then from underneath ground this grow This we got a new growth that’s over a Foot tall on this one so it’s it’s doing Really well as well All right let’s get a closer look at This one And then I’ll re repot it What do we got Gently break this up It’s all tied together pretty well I Don’t know if It’s not a lot of weed in here and There’s a lot of root around the side I Don’t know if I want to break this up Much

Nope this is blueberry root I’m going to Go ahead and stick this back in the In potting soil And there’s a lot of fine roots Tying this all together So there you have it we have blueberry Hardwood cuttings that seem to be Successful uh even with uh it being done By a lot of students that tend to kill Things but for me I tend to do it this Way hardwood cuttings probably if you’re Talking to a propagation expert is not The best way to do it but I’m pruning my Blueberries in January every year anyway So take the cuttings stick them in some Medium keep some water on them keep them In a shady spot so they don’t dry out And have yourself some blue free Blueberry bushes Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects are my Passion hope to see you again soon be Blessed

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