Hardwood blueberry propagation update. Greenhouse or not?

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead I'm just about to go inside The greenhouse and check on our Blueberry provocation project anyway we Do hardwood cuttings here at the school And I do them at home as well and we've Had a lot of success and people are Asking well what's it looking like now How's it moving along so we're going to Go look at the hardwood cuttings from Last year it is now March 27th right now These were hardwood cuttings in January Of last year they were in pots All Summer Long outside being water watered Kept in the shade I transplanted them I Left them to go dormant in the winter And then I took some of them These fresh cuttings that were only a Year old and in on February 12th put a Few of them inside the greenhouse and Then I left some outside to see the Difference in the growth rate and so We're going to compare the differences Right now some people would not Recommend moving them into the Greenhouse They want they want to do it more Natural but the purpose of the Greenhouse is extending the growing Season so this is kind of a test that I'm running to see uh how well they're Doing I will I'll keep you updated as The summer goes on and so at the end of The growing season when they've all had

Sunlight and go are the ones that start In the greenhouse a couple months Earlier or butted out a little bit Earlier are they well in advance both on The canes and in The Roots inside the Pot or did it all kind of equal out in The end either way I'll leave them Outside for the winter for a while and So they get a true dormant period and Then bring some inside a little bit Early and make a comparison Here on this sheet of plywood sitting Outside are some Legacy and Liberty uh Varieties of blueberries that we've Again left outside the whole time the Reason there's still leaves on these the Legacy keeps their leaves and when the New leaves come out this year they will Lose their old ones but you can see the Buds are starting to swell They're not quite opened up yet this is March 27th but uh it won't be long and We'll have new Buds and maybe even some Blooms although we don't want blooms on Our new blueberries And here we are with the blueberry Bushes that we brought in six weeks ago To see if we can jump start them you can See that there is plenty of fresh new Green growth on the plants they've Already taken off you can also see that There's a number of them with buds on it Which we really don't want the flowering Buds so we're going to cut these off we

Don't want them putting energy At all into trying to produce fruit Right now we just want energy To go into the canes and in the root System So I will take all the rest of these Buds off As you take a closer look at this Actually there's I left a lot of these Buds on because I I didn't have my Camera and I wanted to show it and it's Been a couple weeks and now you can see Right here where some of the blooms have Already been pollinated and the berries Are trying to get started same thing Over here on this little tiny Bush I'm Going to cut most of this fruit off but You know what just for the sake of Experiment and seeing if it tastes good I'm going to leave a couple on All right so there you go there's my Quick update on blueberry propagation Project and uh trying to jump start him In the greenhouse compared to being Outside I'll keep you updated on many Things blueberry throughout the year Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects are my Passion hope to see you again soon be Blessed everyone

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