Has Christmas tree sales moved to earlier in the year due to shortage of trees?

Hello rob here from the flanigan Homestead and esport christmas tree Farms uh we just finished up our sales Season for the year this uh the first Weekend in december just ended uh inside Warming up by the fire now i’ve got my Christmas tree up not decorated yet Got a noble fur this year instead of Nordman’s because i’m out of nordman’s But are mostly out of norman’s but this Season brought a question to mind and That is simply this has The number one sales week of the year Changed and so This is my perception for years and i’ve Taken stats i’m a stats guy i’ve taken Stats on how many trees are sold every Day types of trees and everything so i Know what the trends are but for years The first weekend in december and just Judging by weekends Those are the biggest sales days uh the First weekend in december has always Been by far the largest sales dave uh For us and But over the last and so i took a Four-year average i just looked at the Stats earlier today a four-year average Because some years are higher and lower But to average out starting in 2010 to 2014 My first week into december was almost Exactly Or slightly more than twice as much as

My thanksgiving weekend and then the Next weekend in december was close to The thanksgiving weekend but slightly Higher than that so the first week in December has always been The biggest and it’s my perception uh Starting the last couple years when the Christmas tree shortage is hitting Christmas tree shortage I think in the last couple years Thanksgiving weekend has become bigger Or at least caught up and so i i like i Said i’m a stats guy and i like to keep Stats but i don’t have statistics on This that i can share with you because I i haven’t had enough trees to have Full sales i’ve had to close and not Have be open Through both weekends completely the Last couple years because i’ve sold out Which i’m i’m thankful that i could sell All my trees so if you have stats i Would hope i would love for you to share With me i don’t want just and i would Love for you to share in the comments Anecdotal evidence but if you have Statistics i’d like that even more on if It’s changed for you so it is My anecdotal evidence that it has Changed to thanksgiving weekend and i Know uh and My thought is is it because of The christmas tree shortage and the word Of it i know the last couple years

Everyone’s like oh there’s a christmas Tree shortage if you want a good tree Get out there early the papers even said Get out there early and get it and so Most of the farms around here that have Historically opened the day after Thanksgiving several of the larger farms Have opened up the week before Thanksgiving and actually done quite Quite well in sales when we’ve done our Thanksgiving weekend it’s been really Hit hard and shopped hard that’s great So is it due to the shortage of Christmas trees and everybody’s wanting To make sure they got a tree before it’s Thinned out and they don’t want the Leftovers or i’ve also noticed and People have commented for years that People are decorating earlier and Earlier in marketing for christmas Earlier and earlier and so the Decorations are going up so You know maybe Maybe it’s due to the christmas tree Shortage maybe it’s just due to the fact That people are trying to decorate Earlier but or maybe it’s not even Happening at all so i’d love to hear Your comments uh Has the number one sales weekend gone From december 1st or has it been that Way for historically has it moved to Thanksgiving weekend or are you still Doing well deep into december so please

Let me know One of my other thoughts is uh with this Wanting to decorate earlier and earlier It may end up pushing more and more People to fake christmas trees because They’re not going to dry out they can Put a tree up you know a fake tree up Right after Halloween and let it keep going That’s that’s a topic maybe for another Day but Let me know if you have especially if You have stats let me know what you Think and i’d love to hear from you and As always thanks for joining me on the Flanigan homestead where christmas trees Are my business teaching cleaning Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion and have a very Merry christmas

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