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What did one wall say to the other Meet you at the corner You're welcome I now anoint you Lady Ashley This video is brought to you by Established titles no it really is Official I am lady Ashley from this day Forward And I can actually use that title uh if I was to fly somewhere on a ticket I Could put it on my dating app What I don't have a dating app but if You have a dating app and you get the Title lady or Lord you can put it on Your dating app So established titles is a fun way to Preserve the natural Woodlands of Scotland and Jeremy has a Scottish Background so that's pretty cool that We're helping to preserve The woodlands in Scotland so it's Actually a historic Scottish custom that Land owners are referred to as Lord or Lady so each title pack gives you at Least one square foot of dedicated land With a unique plot Number see mine's Right here that's my actual plot number I can look it up online and see the Actual plot of land that I own and what They do when you buy the Plata plant is They plant a tree how nice is that so They work with global Charities one tree Planted and trees for the future those

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Massive Black Friday sale right now plus If you use the code mbf off grid you get An additional 10 off so go to Establisheshadows.com mbf off grid to Get your gifts now and help support the Channel Just want to use everything we have so It'll add a little bit extra crack Filling but Whatever we're just gonna do it anyway Because we don't want to waste the stuff So we're going to use this On the inside of this wall here so then We can just kind of privatize the Bathroom get a door for it and we kind Of have the bathroom usable Hide in there So These four pieces will work For this so we're going to throw that up Quick Get It overweight so we're gonna Start insulating the ceiling here Is my straight edge to cut we actually Do have a t-square it's just hanging Right beside the door on the way up the Garage I keep forgetting All right just realized he didn't pick Up another tube Acoustics here so We actually need a cube too so set that In there and we'll do it when we get All right Got the insulate hose back on yeah I'm trying to touch the face deeper So itchy

That'd be a good idea before you move Anything over there Just do the walls And then it's done on that side that's What I was thinking Yeah you really need to get that Acoustic seal though so we can yeah Because then you can throw that on there Because you really should be putting That on and then steepling up to it Right yeah At the same time just put the insulation And no no Vapor Barrier right yet Because we're gonna go grab it anyway Do you have a spot for one molar Be the last of this package I honestly Could use a bunch of halves yeah I got a Half over here Thank you Foreign It's almost better just restart yeah You shooting yeah Because there's not enough there and I Gotta get rid of that yeah When she brought the wall up higher Made sure to then that might work That's the kitchen dining room yep nice All right since we don't have anything On this side of the room at the moment And the ceiling's down we're gonna start On the walls that way it's just all done On one side and then we can Shuffle some Stuff over there and work on the next Side got a lot of stuff everywhere

Because we got to cut out headers we got The two by eights large pieces we got Plywood just got stuff everywhere it's All going to be used up really quickly Though yeah and the wood seals going on The other side over there so yeah we're Gonna leave this top open anyways over There Yeah so he doesn't have to cut through Insulation or anything yeah makes sense Yeah All right we're gonna wait on the vapor Barrier because we don't have the Acoustic seal still so once you get the Acoustic seal And we'll put the very very on on the Walls we just have nails on here where We nailed the siding on so we can't just Slide up let's get inside and get caught On it you just do all the top ones and I'll do the bottom this one's awkward Because there's a piece of thing there And I'm kind of short to even see The top Easier There's something here yep Is it okay no no The ships Side is a little lighting Just kind of looks like it's right just Because the cut yeah Yeah That one has to be cut so Yeah

We're doing this because right here okay I'm gonna hold it Oh I was going for this That's what I measured for yeah I know There's a c on this oh I knew you were Measuring for that There before we shove anything in there Foreign Foreign Foreign There's a link to that The only nail in her yeah I think so All right yeah that's wrong It's the only one on that side of the Board I can guarantee you that Nice Two for one it's nice using up this Stuff yeah we literally bought it for This purpose yeah we just use it for Other purposes on the way yeah That's why we use the that size planks Yeah exactly And I'm gonna have to come with the shop Back one day You're ready You should want the shop back water yeah Remember that yes it is we did the Extension then the roof was not on yeah You guys will never believe it So today we looked on the line on uh Online and Jeremy's seen that there was Supposed to be some thunderstorms and Like just a little bit of rain so he

Went out fishing with his cousin because We weren't able to do anything the metal Has just arrived it's really really hot Like 37 degrees and we just uh his Cousin's here he's gonna help us with The metal and they just couldn't get to It today So they went out fishing wow now he's Gone this is the worst rain we have had Yet on this deck I can't even believe it I'm out here every 30 seconds I'm sure I'm using the I'm emptying this vacuum Because it's full just full of water Then you don't know where to be found I Was fishing yeah What happens In these tiny little short pieces Got the gun handed here no but I can So I'm not sure oh there it is Hate me You're welcome It's gonna be fun nailing the headers Eventually yeah all right You go ahead I'll just push it back Thank you Mm-hmm Oh over Five and eight Thirty one half 31. So I'm gonna need some 31 now This cat will be inside the cabinet yeah Yeah so it doesn't have to be like Super pretty

And a little bigger because you get These two on the top three inch Decent size hole Let's see yeah Maybe it works maybe it doesn't Matter Oh that looks good oh The only thing I didn't want to do was Have this cut in there but I already cut It now yeah I want to do the factory Edge in there all right that's too late Yeah we can see as I did here yeah just To make that not as much crack fill but What else It is now nothing a little crack Bill Can't fit We're a lot of cracker Glad there was enough Yeah we're gonna use every little piece Of it this is nice Um Nice Oh that's pretty right there That's pretty good I probably could have Took that piece of stuff off Just oh well I feel like there's paper In the wall It's not our problem right now I have to Deal with it later That's pretty good right yeah So like how we were this Lux kind of Weird here Hey Brady's gonna throw another two by four

In and we'll put a 30 inch door here We kind of just scrapped the bathroom Together a little bit it's all good Don't do what we do Well it's still working Out yeah we just do it in random order It doesn't mean we don't know what we're Doing we just don't care what we're Doing Keep that money yeah It'll all work out It always does If you wanted to do it like Fully properly like or not properly but Like have a lot of common this door Probably would have been over here a Little bit you'd see you'd have room for Your trim to go around it and everything Yeah so we'll still have that a two by Four here To make this door build out properly and Yeah if you were doing a normal bathroom A lot of times you would have like came Out here and then that would have went That way a bit just so you can throw a Trimmer on it but we're gonna We like to Keep it uh totally unique yeah yeah It'll be all good when we're done it's One of the kind bathroom right there Yeah yeah it'll be it'll look cool we're Done I guarantee it Just like the Do it in random steps sometimes Should we just uh we just don't care

Because you know how to work it don't Stress about little things like doing it The way everybody else does okay yeah Our way it keeps it fine yeah doesn't Mean you're wrong no I took all this Crap I took all this like 20 years ago All the Freeman and all that Sorry we have half of what we're doing But it's okay to change things up a bit Long as it says insulated You can take a poop privately shower Privately It'll look pretty good when you're done Yeah okay that's the main thing yeah If you're doing it with a crew and Everything you'd never be deep in doing These steps at this point yeah But you do what works for you whatever Okay So that hurts pretty simple Look at that earthships and stuff they Built stuff out of tires and all kinds Of random stuff eh yeah I think you can Change regular Uh stick Framing and drywall Wood around a bit be all right as long As you do all your dimensional strength Stuff right Oh and the ceiling here we're thinking We're probably going to throw a cedar on The ceiling So Cedar can be in here no problem and It'll give like a cool smell Cedar Smells good it'll smell good in the

Bathroom yeah it's a little Cedar seal And so that's what we're thinking for The ceiling and then just green board on The walls And then like a moisture free click Flooring on the floor in that toilet we Can just pop it up slide underneath and Be all good in the shower we'll just Kind of have to cut around and copy it But it'll uh A little long workout It'd be cool Yeah now Feels like a room Dark room yeah Yeah So acoustic scene around here Uh when we get to it we're kind of just Like you said jumping around we want to Have a serviceable bathroom So Well it's actually that doesn't have to Be done right away but look who's sealer On that and green board here Cedar that Put the shower in but the other two Things you said are probably happen to Later shower's going in soon as you get The wood stove in like the next few days Maybe we'll put the shower in vanity Right there Okay we'll throw a door on it at least Be able to use it and then we'll get the Other stuff as mentioned later How did the very very impressive all

Right now we're going to jump back over Here where she just finished insulating We threw the header in and we're going To throw the Acoustics not a good seal The uh oh yeah we got to put acoustic on And then we're gonna wrap That throw the wrap on paperberry paper Barrier man right throw the baby across That so we're not having an exposed Insulation to us and all that stuff so That's what we're gonna do right now Foreign Okay Nice Foreign Kitchen dining room Bathroom Yep all insulated yep and wrapped yeah Gonna do some more because you seal Around the windows and stuff like that Obviously there's lots more to do yeah But it's pretty good yes sir bathroom's Almost privatized it's gonna grab a door For it basically now okay yeah And I'm starving so we're gonna roll out Yeah call it good yes that's good for Now all right you're gonna roll out Let's see we'll see you in the next one So thank you to established titles for Sponsoring this video head on over to Established titles the links are in the Description below use our discount code Be one of the first 200 people so your Plot can be next to my plot and we can

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