If you’re a long time viewer, you definitely have heard my views on backhoes. They have their place, but it’s a tiny place. I almost always prefer a mini-excavator. But today I put a backhoe to use digging a hole to bury a propane tank to heat the barn. We got to use the Mini Dump again, and boy am I liking it! We were cautious about overfilling the bed, but we didn’t get anywhere close to straining the lift. Can’t wait to keep testing it!

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Folks we put in an underground propane Tank below ground under I guess it's Underground yeah and uh just just about Done with this project and had a chance To use a cabota backo to dig out this Hole it was four 14 ft long 6t wide and A little over 4T deep all right and Unfortunately I was not able to reuse All of the stuff that I dug out had too Many rocks in it not a lot but they Really don't want rocks pressing up Against the tank and all the other stuff So so I had to get a bunch of clean fill To bring in and put around it but uh We'll show you the whole project it was It was a lot of fun using that back ho But I don't know I had some problems With it in the beginning and that was Either operator air or the controls are A little bit different than what I'm Used to but man I tell you that curl Roll function I had that totally Backwards programmed backwards in my Head and it took me a good half hour to Like rewire my brain to use that thing Correctly but once I got that figured Out super easy to to do and so knowing That we were going to have to haul away A lot of this dirt anyways we used our Farm support vehicle the mini dump which Has a really nice beted on there and This was a good chance to test that out And see well I've been known to overload A trailer before and uh I I didn't want

To find out and so I kind of took it Easy on it the first couple of loads to See just how much it would lift and dump And it seemed like no matter how much we Put in there it didn't even strain the Dump bed didn't when we went to dump it And and empty it out so really impressed With that it handled really well uh I Also I mean it's a fairly light machine Right when you're loading well over a Th000 lbs into that bed I didn't know if The front end of it might feel a little Light but it it just carried the load Really normally not on even ground up And down Hills and around this uh this Area here now this ground is pretty easy Soil to work with no big boulders no Stumps or root bals or other Obstructions nothing buried down in here So it was really easy I was actually Kind of curious if I would would find We've got some drains inside the barn And we don't know where they they come Out they they they drain out somewhere And we don't know where I I thought I May hit one of those uh did not hit that Though didn't hit anything else no wires Anything like that we did have Miss did Come out and well we asked them to mark This but there was nothing to Mark so They just gave us a thumbs up that this Area is free and clear which was to be Expected anyway it's the back of our Property all the incoming service comes

From the front of the property and there Wouldn't really be a point for it to be Here now the underground tank was more Expensive than the regular above ground Tank that you get I was fortunate enough To be able to get a used underground Tank at a pretty good PR hey June what you Doing what's going On hi hi Baby Okay Here and gone you know what was I saying Oh yeah I was able to get a an Underground tank that was used so Somehow I just locked into that so I Saved a decent amount of money but our Other tanks that are up front are buried And we had the temporary tank that was Sitting out here and I just I didn't Like it a lot so I wanted the Underground tank it's a 500 gallon still Has a monitor and everything on there so It's just easy to fill up they they come Out when it gets to I think it's like I Don't know 15 20% and they refill it uh Based on your usage we're heating just Our B with it I may put in a water Heater at some point I caught just a Little glimpse of uh the tech when he Was out here setting the tank so they Just have a truck that they bring out Just Little Crane boom on it and set it Right down in there just just one guy

That came out here and did that I've Seen him before he's been out here doing Some service work for us on our other Tanks as well really good guy and I'm Going to let you listen to him for just A second I I turned the the uh the video On right when he started to talk about It but I wanted to let you guys know From a guy who does it what the Difference is between an above ground Tank and a below ground tank so if you Want to make that decision for yourself You have a little bit more information Folks we are proud to be sponsored by Rimgard Solutions a liquid balast weight It goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction to the benefits of rimgard Include being the heaviest allnatural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimgard solutions.com [Music] Hey how you doing good I was hoping to Get a little bit of that video oh me Start over no no no you're good you're

[Music] Good see what your hold digging Abilities are I think this end might be a touch Lower and with the you know the the Connection's different so this has a Riser oh the structure of the tank is The same okay um the big difference is Is that bag on the back of my truck oh That way back that's the Corrosion Protection oh okay so that's a Sacrificial ano B so it's a similar Concept to um the anal rod in your water Heater or an anal on your where does it Go that'll lay right next to the tank um And then it'll get wired to a wire on The structure of the tank huh Interesting okay so essentially we and That's good for the life of the tank It's not um we we have to test those Periodically so every 3 years we have to Test those um and depending on soil Conditions with a sandy soil it'll Probably burn it up a little bit faster Okay um is that going to sit inside the Green riser then no that that bag is Actually going to set that's what I had You clear the spot for we'll set that Right at the base okay um oh so there's A potential though we have to dig a so 4ot hole in the future to if the time Ever comes where that bag is is faulty And it has to be replaced typically what We'll do is we'll just augur a hole with

The post in oh okay and plant a bag next To it okay huh cool all right no but That's why we that's why we we show up Every 3 years like we do on your house Tanks okay and test them oh those have Them too yep oh interesting all right Same thing they probably look like this Then yeah yeah that's the same exact Tank okay cool and so it was really easy Work just kind of back filling this I Had again a whole uh well I think I had 12 yards of sand brought in and that was Just an easy scooping dumping here um I Do have to I kind of kept it a little Loose around that Riser because I want To make sure that's nice and straight on There before it gets buried and set in Place you want that to be slightly above Grade mainly because they've had water If it's right at grade water pull right Down in there and actually stay in that Riser rise all the way to the top of it And freeze and then you can't even fill Your tank in the winter time and so That's a major problem so that's why They want that grade above there or the Riser above there and then you grade it Out you slope it out slightly so that The water runs away not anything to do With being an issue for the tank itself Mainly just for that Riser area this is My first time using one of those cabota Backos the bigger ones I've used the Small ones like on the BX I actually

Found that to be quite capable um still Using a tractor backo is not nearly as Convenient as a miniex you know it's Just so nice when you're on a on a track Machine just to be able to scoot along As you want to with the tractor backhoe It's almost like you're making like a Pie shape right cuz you have that Center Point and you're you're scooping left And right and everything's kind of Angling out from the center point where You're sitting on the back o and I Repositioned a few times but it's kind Of annoying to have to reposition all of The time and in the end this did not Have to be a perfect Hole by any means And it certainly worked out just Fine but I I don't know I will still say This didn't change my mind on loving a Backo in fact I had thought if I didn't Have this particular machine here I was Actually just going to take my skid Steer and scoop out a path right down in Here and just scoop that out I think That honestly would have been even Faster than actually I think it would Have been a lot faster than using the Backhoe uh it's a bigger bucket on there I would have just made a ramp that goes Right down in here And I think I could have knocked that Out super quick um but who knows maybe We'll have another hole to dig at some Point and we'll give that a shot now we

Ship tractors and tractor attachments Nationwide so if you are in the market Give us a shot see what we have to offer At goodworkstractors ccom I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Oh yeah there you [Applause] [Applause] Go [Applause] For

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