Hiking Ptarmigan Ridge, Mount Baker Washington

Hello from the flanagan homestead we’re Not uh working today we are going hiking That’s what i like to do up in the Mountains We’re uh mount baker now uh park and uh Behind me is mount shukus We’re gonna be heading the other Direction Going four and a half miles to some Lakes Up on tarmigan ridge All right we’re one mile in we were on Chain lakes trail And at one mile in we get to tarmigan Ridge trail so my wife and i are just Turned up that maybe 20 yards ago And Just loving the view everywhere There’s hot mama coming up the trail Just taking pictures of wildflowers We’re about one and a half Uh 1.7 miles into the hike We’ve got some wonderful wildflowers Here we’ve had to walk in some snowpack Not a ton We’re at right at three miles we came up The trail here we just cleared this Ridge This has been our view Most of the time since we were on this Side of the ridge there’s shut this Again And now we have finally got to the point That we have opened up the view of mount

Baker [Music] And my wife beat me to the beef jerky It’s been good to have our trekking Poles handy To give us a little more stability when We’re crossing All this snow We are four miles up tarmagan ridge Trail It continues up that way And around over here There’s mount baker [Music] But my wife has decided We want to eat lunch down there At that lake so we’re going to hike down There have some lunch Probably return home after that But it’s a beautiful day There were a fair amount of people on The trail as we start pretty popular Trail But as you get out here farther You get away from people which is kind Of nice we’re We’re only four and a half miles out but We don’t see anyone anymore So we will relax for a minute kick our Feet up and eat some lunch and then We’ll head on back So we’re back at the parking lot we’ve Finished our hike we did a little over Nine miles out and back

Probably a little under 2000 feet Elevation gain total Uh six hours with visiting and sitting Out and eating lunch and enjoying it but Uh Tarmacan ridge tarmagan ridge trail On up towards mountain baker Good times Thanks for joining me on the flanigan Homestead where christmas trees are my Business teaching including horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects For outdoor hiking is my passion hope to See you again soon be blessed

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