Hot Rod Chainsaws – Is Porting a Saw Worth It?

stock chainsaw vs modified chainsaw. Echo 310 chainsaw review

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[Music] Normally I'm real politically correct About everything and blah blah blah but That saw just Sucks it saw sucks hey it's Brock here With Rock Hill Farms and we've spent an Entire day doing chainsaw comparisons Today we've had six or seven saws up to 92cc and some of those saws were stock And some were modified so today we've Been talking a lot about the difference How much difference does it really make To go to the trouble to modify your saw And it's hard to compare that between Two different saws but for this video we Have two identical saws or they used to Be identical but one of them has been Modified so you want to tell them what These saws are and what's been done to This one absolutely so this saw right Here both of these are the echo cs310 Commonly purchased at Big Box store Home Depot uh in particular and this is their Base model saw these are comparable to The steel MS 170 in price and capability Now as a stock saw the saw is extremely Reliable but it is pretty slow it runs Very well and it's a good saw to be able To clean up your brush and your trim or Your fence lines but it's not very fun To run and this right here is the exact Opposite it's the same saw but it has Been modified ported by someone that is A viewer of my channel and it

Is it's night and day difference and so I'm looking forward to having Brock run This and see if he finds the same thing So I haven't ran either of the these Saws yet but I've we started them and Just listening to the sound it was Incredible how much better that saw Sounds this is a pretty cool saw for Comparison because like he said it's Your inexpensive saw at a Home Depot This saw is only like $200 I'm not Excited about running a small saw after My 500 eye but I do have a little bit of A point of reference because I've got a Steel 194t which is a 32cc saw and this is a 30cc saw so I'll have a little bit of Idea in my mind of how this is going to Cut and and hang tight this saw is very Underwhelming initially but when this Saw comes on it's it's different yeah It's [Applause] [Music] Different [Music] I [Music] It saw Sucks Now if you just have a yard in town and You just once a year you trim some limbs Off it's perfect but you're this is not A firewood saw that's for sure oh this

Is the exact same saw but this is the Hot rod version and even if you Personally are not interested in a cs310 The concept is going to translate of how Much improvement it Makes you can hear the difference for [Music] Sure This feels like a completely different Saw it does not seem like the same saw With a little Modification just seems dramatically Better and we'll check the times on it And see how long the cut difference was But I've got another saw from steel that Is the same size saw these are 30C this One's 32 so we're going to compare that One real quick so our main topic today Was about whether porting helps us saw Or not but I just want to get a Generalized feel for how those two saws Compare to a steel saw it's the same Size this is 32c those are 30cc and we'll just get a quick Comparison [Applause] For The steel saw took about 40 seconds to Make this cut the stock Echo saw took About 40 seconds to make that cut both Of those times are terribly slow for This little bitty log now the modified Echo saw cut it in 21 seconds so that's A pretty dramatic difference now you see

My friend Joe from the OK Woodsman YouTube channel making the same Cuts With the same saws and coming up with The same results I Did I want to say thank you to Joe for Coming up and recording with me and you Guys if you're into chainsaws or tree Felling or firewood or anything like That you should go check his channel out Lot of good stuff there those are Inexpensive saws 200 maybe 250 this is a $600 saw It's not a $600 saw because it does $600 Or three times as much cutting it's for The design I guess it's that top handle Design that makes them cost more Conclusively from this you can say that Porting this Saw made a huge difference Yeah and you've got two other saws that Are souped up M and you find that just In general that because the decision you Make is you can either just buy a big Saw bigger saw or you can get one of These and and get it tuned up but then You got something that's still Lightweight exactly yeah you're there's Always a balance of of how much does it Cost how heavy it is and how much Performance can you get out of it right Because you can get a smaller saw for Cheaper all the time but if you can take A saw like this and get that kind of Performance this was done as a hobby at One of my viewers but it absolutely

Makes this saw useful I want to go out And run this all now where that other One it's like you know it's a good truck Saw if there's something down in the Middle of the road but this is actually A saw I actually go out and work with Now so to me I would really like to get My 500i tuned up by somebody who knows What they're doing I think that'd be Pretty sweet but I think this pretty Well demonstrated the difference it Makes I appreciate you taking time to Watch the video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos I'll see you next time

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