How Does Kioti Compare To The John Deere 1025r?

Here is a coyote subcompact tractor the Cs 2520 just installed a third function For a customer on here save 5% with code GWT at Summit Hydraulics ssqa bucket This loader lifts a couple hundred Pounds more than the 1025r so a little over a, pounds Three-point lifts maybe 20 or 30 PBS More not too significant looks more Similar in size to a 1025r than a Kabota BX but they're all subc compact tractors You can put a mid-mount mower belly Mower or a front snowblower it's got the Mid and the rear PTO you Select two range Hydro weighs about 110 lb more 7 GPM Hydraulic system versus 6.3 in the 1025 Hour and they look to be two to three Grand cheaper in the used market so you Can save a decent chunk there same size Tires and all that too but this is the Coyote CS 2520 nice look at a clean subcompact Tractor

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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